In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, players could collect coins and paper bills to use in Coin Launcher. Coin Launcher gave a interesting concept in collecting trophies and stickers.

Name: Coins

In SSB4, Coins make another appearance. They are earned in the story mode, The Galactic Usurper, in Vs. Mode, in challenges, and in various other game modes.

Gold Coins are worth one coin
Green Coins are worth 5 coins.
Blue Coins are worth 10 coins.
Purple Coins are worth 15 coins.
Red Coins are worth 20 coins.
Silver Coins are worth 25 coins.
White Coins are worth 30 coins.

Name: Rupees

Rupees are currency from the Legend of Zelda series.

In SSb4, Rupees are another type if currency one can collect. It doesn’t differ from any of the other types save for appearance.

Green Rupees are worth one rupee.
Blue Rupees are worth 5 rupees.
Yellow Rupees are worth 10 rupees.
Purple Rupees are worth 15 rupees.
Red Rupees are worth 20 rupees.
White Rupees are worth 25 rupees.
Silver Rupees are worth 30 rupees.

Name: Bells

Bells are currency found in Animal Crossing.  They are usually in increments of 1 to 100 or so.  They come in bags and, apparently, they look like coins inside.

In SSB4, Bells are the same as every other currency and differ only in appearance.

Yellow Bells are worth one bell.
Green Bells are worth 5 bells.
Blue Bells are worth 10 bells.
Orange Bells are worth 15 bells.
Red Bells are worth 20 bells.
Purple Bells are worth 25 bells.
White Bells are worth 30 bells.

My Thoughts

I found it interesting that Sakurai included the use of coins and money in SSBB as not only a way to collect trophies and stickers but to also use in mini-games and such.  I wanted to expand this further by including Nintendo-owned currency such as coins, rupees, and bells.  This will be used in various Game modes that will be updated later.