Item: Hydra

Hydra from Kirb’y Air Ride

Name: Hydra

Universe: Kirby

Debut: Kirby Air Ride

Item Class: Equipment

Rarity: Rare

The Hydra is a super powerful riding machine that has fast speeds but horrible charging times. It is one of the best rides along with the Dragoon.

In SSB4, the Hydra takes the Dragoon’s place however, it has similar characteristics to the previous one. In order to be used, the three parts must be collected. Being hit can cause pieces to fall out from players.

Once all three are collected, a aiming screen is shown. Instead of the fiery red aiming screen as before, the colors are inverted on the outer edges. It gives it a very intense feel.

Once the player presses A, the air ride shoots forward and rams into people.  It is capable of doing a One Hit KO when it hits one or more people.  It deals extremely high vertical knock back.  The player who then rode the Hydra into battle falls back into the stage.

Why did I replace the Dragoon with the Hydra?

I feel the story I created for the new SSB4 game has a more darker and serious tone than before.  Thus, I wanted a more darker and eviler ride machine as opposed to the Dragoon.  the Hydra has a much more darker color scheme and is extremely powerful so I decided to switch them out.  Plus, I wanted some change in the game.