Item:Pilotwing, Ice Flower, and Gust Bellow

Yesterday, I revealed that new alternate colors will be present in SSB4. Today, I will be revealing several new items that will appear in SSb4!

Gust Bellows from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Name: Gust Bellows

Universe: Legend of Zelda

Debut: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011)

Element: Wind

Item Class: Weapon

Rarity: Uncommon

The Gust Bellow comes fromLegend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. In the game, they were used to remove sand and dust to reveal secret items and objects and to blow away light weight enemies. It sucks in air from behind and blows out in front.

In SSB4, the Gust Bellow is a Wind element weapon. By pressing and holding down A, the player can shoot out gusts of air at opponents. While it does no damage, it can push them fairly far distances; especially those who are light weight. Lower percentages do not move as far while higher ones do. Heavy weights like Bowser and Donkey Kong hardly feel the effects of the Gust Bellows unless they are at a very high percentage.

Ice Flower from Super Mario Bros. Wii

Name: Ice Flower

Universe: Super Mario Bros.


Element: Ice

Item Type:

Rarity: Common

The Ice Flower acts much like the Fire Flower. When A is pressed and held, a stream of ice blasts out and slowly freezes the opponent. It doesn’t automatically freeze but gradually while both hurting and slowly down the opponent. When thrown, it deals 6% ice damage.

Pilotwing's Hang-glider from Pilotwings Wii

Name: Pilotwing

Universe: ?


Element: None

Item Type: Equipment

Rarity: Uncommon

The Pilotwing is the hang-glider from the Pilotwing games. Players grab hold of a hang-glider and take off while trying to perform tricks and navigate around obstacles.

In SSB4, players can grab hold of a Pilotwing and, while holding Up on the control pad, will utilize the hang-glider much alike to Pit’s Flight ability. It can only be used once but, unless the player loses or uses it, will stay with the player for 2 minutes. If the player takes enough damage, they will drop the hang-glider and a foe can pick it up instead. If a character, like Pit, picks up the hang-glider; they have a much longer flight time then with out it. Of course, lighter characters like Pikachu and Kirby have a much faster, higher, and longer flight ability then heavy weights like Bowser and Donkey Kong.

My Thoughts
I always wanted a item that allows a flight ability that is not exclusive to characters with wings. My last prediction was the Wing Cap from Super Mario Bros. 64. As for the Ice Flower and Gust Bellows, I felt it was only natural to include these two. The Gust Bellows, though, was originally meant to be included in the Special move set for Link buy I made it an item instead.

I hope you enjoyed this item update. I had fun making it and I really hope all these items make it into the game.