Item: S.M.G.M.A.W.U. (Super Mega Gigantic Mecha Armored Walker Unit)

Name: S.M.G.M.A.W.U. (Super Mega Gigantic Mecha Armored Walker Unit)

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Debut: Super Smash Bros.. 4 (TBA)

Element: Fire, earth, Wind, Water, Lightning, Ice, Dark, Light

Item Class: Equipment

Rarity: Rare

The S.M.G.M.A.W.U. (Super Mega Gigantic Mecha Armored Walker Unit) is a type of mobile armor that players con construct throughout the match. It is much like the Dragoon but much more powerful. In order to construct this towring behemoth, the player must collect 5 of the parts.


Much like the Dragoon and Djinn, collecting a part will go under the percentage section of the player. If you have any Djinn or Dragoon parts, it is wise to not collect the S.M.G.M.A.W.U. unless you want to since collecting a piece will automatically toss out the peices you collected.

The pieces come out randomly from either the sky, from crates or capsules, or given to the person with the lowest score. Grabbing one of the pieces will add it to your inventory and it will begin to shine. This item is so rare that it might not even be conmpleted during a match.

The five pieces that can be collected are:

  1. The Gear Shaft
  2. Thermal Engine
  3. Gyrobrator
  4. Dynamic Core
  5. Ammo Casing

What is the S.M.G.M.A.W.U. (Super Mega Gigantic Mecha Armored Walker Unit)?

The S.M.G.M.A.W.U. (Super Mega Gigantic Mecha Armored Walker Unit) is a heavy mobile armor that is almost perfect in design. It has two modes: mobile and fighter mode. The mobile mode resembles a AT-AT from Star Wars.. The fighter mode resembles a mech-suit from an anime series like Gundam, or Evangelion. It has a brown-gray and dark green color scheme for both modes. Players can switch between the two modes by pressing B.

Mobile Mode

Mobile Mode has a large head with two rocket launchers attached on the sides. In the middle of the head is the plasma gattling gun that can fire 10 rounds per second but overheats after 5 seconds of use. It has a third turrent on the back that can fire motion sensor mines. At times, it will fire a random
Elemental attack from it’s plasma gattling gun. It can’t jump but it can walk and dash quickly.

Mobile Mode Attacks

B – Transform to Fighter Mode
Side B – Rocket Launchers. Typically does 8% Fire damage, has a blast radius, and can be spammed. Firees quickly with little cool down.
Down B – Motion Sensor Bomb. Does 25% Fire damage and does high vertical knock back. One can only appear on the stage at one time.
A – Plasma Gattling Gun. Does 1% Damage for each hit with no knock back. Does 10 hits her second and can be fired for 5 seconds before over-heating. Needs 10 seconds to charge up.
Hold A – Element Cannon. Does 30% damage from a random element. Slow rate of higher and has start up/ending lag. Does very high knock back damage.
Side Analog – Walk
Roll – Dash

Fighter Mode

This mode greatly resembles a mech armor from one of the many Mecha anime series. It has a small robotic head, a strong upper body, long arms, torso, and long legs. It has two wing like appendages that serve as rocket boosters. The two rocket launchers are within it’s shoulders and the gattling gun is found on the left arm. It is constantly holding a red beam saber.

Fighter Mode

B – Transform into Mobile Mode
Side B – Rocket Launcher. Fires rockets from it’s shoulders. Slower rate of fire than before and does 5% Fire damage with below-average knock back.
Down B – Motion Sensor Bomb. Places on a flat surface. Does 10% Fire damage and average vertical knock back. Longer ending lag than before.
– Plasma Gattling Gun. Does 1% damage per hit and does 2 hits per second. Can be fired for 6 seconds before overheating. Takes 9 seconds to recharge.
Hold A – Element Cannon. Does 15% damage from a random element. Average knock back but very low rate of fire.
Dash – A quick saber cut. Does 12% damage.
Tilt A – Saber Stab. Stabs forward with saber beam. Does 14% damage.
Tilt Up – Cuts from down to up. Does 18% damage and high vertical knock back.
Tilt Down – Slashes left and then right. Does 15% damage.
Smash Forward – A charged strong slash attack. Slow start up but little ending lag. Does 30-28% damage.
Smash Up – Stabs beam saber up. Does 25-31% damage and can KO as low as 45%.
Smash Down – Cuts all around the armor near the ground. Does 28-34% damage.
Neutral Aerial – Cuts while spinning in the air.  Does 19% damage.
Fair – Does a horizontal swipe.  Quick.  Does 24% damage.
Dair – Stabs it’s saber down.  Very powerful and almost instant meteor spike.  Does 26% damage.
Bair – Slash backwards.  Does 16% damage.
Uair – Cuts upwards.  Does 22% damage.

It has twin rocket launchers, a gattling plasma gun, lays motion-sensor bombs, and can fire random Element attacks. It is also half resistant to every element in the game and has Super Armor throughout the duration of the game. It can even transform into a more phsyical oriented machine and is armed with a beam saber. The only attack that can destroy the armor is one of the Final Trio. It can seen avoid falling off the stage since, one it gets to boundaries of the stage, it will switch to auto-pilot and return back to the stage. It is a KO machine through and through.

It can KO a number of ways such as the twin rocket launchers which can fire a infinite number of rockets, gattling plasma gun that fires up to 10 shots per second but overheats after 5 seconds of use. It can lay one motion sensor bomb at a time. It can also fire elemental attacks.