Name: Sandbag

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Debut: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Item Class: ?

Rarity: ?

Availability: Starter

Sandbag first appeared through the Home-Run contest in SSBM. He was pummeled and beaten throughly before being launched by the Home-Run Bat. In SSBB, he appeared as a item that can expel stickers and C.D.s when hit as well as a practice partner in the online waiting lobby.

So what is Sandbag’s role in SSB4?

Sandbag appears again as the punching bag of the Home-Run Contest. Additionally, Sandbag appears in a new mode titled “Attack Lab”. Players can attack a hanging Sangbag and practice attacks it tweak damages that are increased by using perks.

Sandbag also serves as an item that, again, expels stickers and C.d’s. It us also rumored he may expel another collectable.

It is also rumored that Sandbag will have a role in the story mode….