Level Exclusive Items

One thing I felt the Super Smash Bros. lacked was a uniqueness to the items. Sure, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, crates and barrels received makeovers depending on the stage it was played on. However, they missed out on something that made a stage unique in terms of core gameplay.

Sure, each stage has it’s own gimmick and appeal but, other than that, they retain the same items, assist trophies, stickers, etc.

Well, in Super Smash Bros. 4, stages now have a certain uniqueness that the other stages do not have: Stage Exclusive Items!


Stage Exclusive Items are just as they appear to be. Every stage has it’s own unique item and/or Assist Trophy. Usually, these items or assist trophies are very powerful or alters the match in some way. They are a one time use unless the match lasts for more than 10 minutes, in which, it will respawn again.

List of the Stage Exclusive Items:

Stage Item
Starhip Mario Spin Drill
Skyloft Groosenator
Castelia City Dowsing MCHN
Lor Starcutter Triple Star
Palace in the Sky Eggplant Curse
Urban Ruins
Sol Sanctum Hover Jade
Gaur Plains
Bowser’s Castle Boo
Katina Plasma Cannon
The Gate Armorslayer
Skytown, Elyssia Seeker Missile
Sunset Shore
Nintendogs Burgertoy
Aeropolis Speed Boost
Yoshi Touch and Go Blimp Fruit
Forest of Hope Candypop Bud
Fated Encounter  Valentine, Kulutues, Omega Sword and Elk Shield

Name: Spin Drill


Debut: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Stage: Starship Mario

Element: None

Item Class: Equipement

The Spin Drill hails from Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Mario is able to drill through dirt and plants with it and uncover previously un-accessible areas.  It was also used to defeat certain enemies and navigate through various obstacles.

In SSB4, the Spin Drill is Starship Mario’s exclusive item.  When grabbed, the player jumps on top of it and immediately begins spinning and drilling.  It doesn’t affect jumping or dashing and retains the normal speed of the character.  However, it can damage any opponent that gets close to it, hitting for 1% damage for each hit.  Additionally, if a opponent is jumped on while the Spin Drill is active, it does 5% damage each hit and constantly pushes the opponent to the ground.  It can be quiet destructive in the right hands.  As a added bonus, it has a slight vacuum affect that draws opponents closer to it.  However, this depends wholly on how close the Spin Drill is.  The duration lasts for 12 seconds and cannot be dropped if attacked.

Name: The Groosenator

Universe:Legend of Zelda

Debut: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011)

Stage: Skyloft

Element: Fire

Item Class: Projectile, Launcher

The Groosenator is a device built by Groose himself to repel The Imprisoned should it escape from it’s seal in The Sealed Grounds.  It catapults bombs where the operator chooses to shoot.  However, it can also throw Link or another player should the chance arise.

In SSB4, The Groosenator acts much like Snake’s Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  However, in order to deliver successful attacks, the player must angle the bombs just right so they hit the opponents.  This is because the bombs arc much like a real catapult.  The player can adjust the catapults track movement by moving left and right and move the angle of the catapult by moving up or down.  Pressing A while fire the catapult and launch a LoZ bomb (Ocarina version) onto the stage.  The bomb has a large blast radius and does between 15-20% damage, depending on the distance from the center of the blast.  It has 6 stocks of ammunition but it has no time limit.  However, not shooting after 10 seconds will result in a immediate launch of the bomb.  The Groosenator itself appears far from the stage which, much like Snake’s Final Smash and Kirby’s Dragoon, allows a full view of the stage.

Name: Dowsing MCHN

Universe: Pokemon

Debut: Pokemon Red and Green (1996) *Item Finder\

Stage: Castelia City

Element: None

Item Class: Equipment

The Dowsing MCHN or Item Finder helping the player in thePokemon games to find and locate hidden items.  When pressed, it would emit a sound or a blip on a screen when a item was hidden and close by.

In SSB4, it does the same thing but altered slightly.  When used by pressing A, it would emit a sound that will become louder the closer you get to an item.  When you walk over the item while holding the Dowsing MCHN, the item was appear from the ground and be given the player and the player will lose the Dowsing MCHN.  It can be knocked out of the players hands but it takes a lot of damage to do so.

Here is a list of items that can be found:

Heart Container
Maxim Tomato
Golden Hammer
Homerun Bat
Cracker Launcher
Poke Balls
Assist Trophy
Vanish Cap,
Remote Control Rocket

Name: Triple Star

Universe: Kirby

Debut: Kirby: Squeak Squad (2006)

Stage: Lor Starcutter

Element: Light

Item Class: Weapon, Projectile, Duration

The Triple Star comes from the game Kirby: Squak Squad.  Kirby gains this ability when he swallows Daraoch and recieves his wand, the Triple Star.  It has the ability to surround Kirby in a barrier of stars and shoot out stars from the wand.

It functions much like in SSB4, allowing the character to surround themselves in stars and shoot them.  The stars will circle around the character and will follow them wherever he or she goes.  The stars does 8% Light damage upon contact and has small knock back.  It also cancels out projectiles but not Final Smashes.  It is possible to still hit the character who is holding the item by attacking right when the stars are not protecting the character.  This is because they circle the character and there are brief points where the character is not fully protected.  The character can also fire one of the stars into the opponent which does 15% Light damage when thrown.  The star that was thrown is replenished by the wand.  The duration lasts for 10 seconds.

Name: Eggplant Curse

Series: Kid Icarus

Debut: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Stage: Palace in the Sky

Element: None

Item Class: Performance

The Eggplant Curse is a Miracle item in Kid Icarus: Uprising.  It allows Pit to change a foes original physical foe into an Eggplant.

In SSB4, the miracle functions almost the same.  When grabbed, like the Lightning Bolt, it transforms everyone into a bouncing eggplant.  The only catch is that when hit, the damage does is 10% more damaging which can allow for easier KO’s.  The duration itself lasts for 13 seconds or until all the opponents are KO’d.

Name: Boo

Universe: Mario

Debut: Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)

Stage: Bowser’s Castle

Element: Dark

Item Class: Performance

Boo is one of the many enemies found in the Super Mario Bros. universe.  It usually cannot be attacked unless Mario isn’t looking at it directly.  In previous games, they are invisible but in later games, they can be defeated in the aforementioned manner.  They also appear in Mario Kart as an item that can steal other character items.

Boo acts much like it did in Mario Kart.  When used, it will hover around an opponent for 20 seconds during which, if a opponent picks up an item (even a Smash Ball), it will steal it and deliver it to the player who used it.  It is quite useful but only affects one character.

Name: Hover Jade

Universe: Golden Sun

Debut: Golden Sun (2003)

Stage: Sol Sanctum

Element: Wind

Item Class: Performance

The Hover Jade allows the character to hover in the air and technically, fly in the air much like how Pit and Metaknight does.  However, the only difference is that they can perform ground, throws, and aerials attacks while hovering.  They can even roll like on the ground.  The player just needs to run or jump to hover higher or crouch to go lower.  The duration lasts for 13 seconds and can be knocked out it the player recieves too much damage.

Name: Plasma Cannon

Universe: Star Fox

Debut: Star Fox: Assault (2005)

Stage: Katina

Item Class: Projectle

Element: Lightning

The Plasma Cannon was one of the most powerful weapons in Star Fox: Assault.  It was capable to delivering very powerful energy blasts but it could only be used while riding a Arwing or Wolfen.

In SSB4, players can use the Plasma Cannon but at their own risk.  It can only shoot 5 rounds and, when fired, it causes 10% damage to the player.  However, if it lands a shot on a opponent, it does 50% damage and very high knock back.  It has one of the largest KO potentials other than the Hammers and Starman.  However, after firing, it recoils thus causing the player to be pushed back so it cannot be fired in succession.  It can be dropped after taking a lot of damage.

Name: Armorslayer

Universe: Fire Emblem

Debut: Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi (1990)

Stage: The Castle Gate

Element: None

Item Class: Battering

The Armorslayer is a powerful weapon in theFire Emblem series that does high damage to heavy armor wearing opponents like Knights and Generals.  It is a heavy sword that deals heavy damage,

In SSB4, the Armorslayer is a powerful sword that has a very slow start up swing, but when connecting, it can do upwards to 45% damage and high knock back.  During the start up lag, the opponent is immune to flinching so it is a particular damaging weapon.  However, it slows down the opponent and, like the Metal Box, reduces jumping fight and increases falling speed.  Armored and heavier opponents like Ike and Knightmare actually receive more damage and knock back when hit compared to lighter characters such as Pikachu and Kirby.  It can be dropped if the player takes enough damage.

Name: Seeker Missile

Universe: Metroid


Stage: Skytown, Elyssia

Element: Lightning

Item Class: Projectile

The Seeker Missile is a missile Samus can use that heat seeks onto various enemies.  It is a common ability and it has been used in most Metroid games and even in Super Smash Bros.

In SSB4, the Seeker Missile is a bit different then before.  It does much more damage to the opponent and it erupts in a shock of lightning when hit.  It can do upwards to 28% Lightning damage.  It is much faster than Samus’ Seeker Missile.  The player who picks up the weapon receives a arm cannon just like Samus (Samus arm cannon stays the same) and can fire 5 missiles in a row.  It targets the closer opponent and will follow them either until it explodes or it’s 15 second time expires in which it will explode.

Name: Burgertoy

Universe: Nintendogs

Debut: Nintendogs + Cats

Stage: Nintendogs

Element: None

Item Class: Projectile, Throwing

The Burgertoy is a unlockable toy that provides hours of fun for the dogs.  It is particularly liked by the electronic dogs.  It oddly smells like burger.

The Burgertoy is one of the most damaging items in SSB4.  When thrown, it does an initial 25% damage and can easily break through shields.  However, once it hits the ground, it will continue to bounce around the stage and hitting opponents for 8% damage.  Once it stops, another player can pick it up and throw it.  Therefore, it is not restrictive to one player.  It lasts approximately 25 seconds and will then disappear.

Name: Speed Boost

Universe: F-Zero

Debut: F-Zero

Stage: Aeropolis

Element: None

Item Class: Performance

Speed Boost, while not neccesarily a item in F-Zero, allows for sudden boosts of speed in the F-Zero series.  The range visually from game to game but they have all the same mechanics.

In SSB4, a Speed Boost is a hovering non-holdable item that a player can jump through.  It resembles a revolving ring of sorts.  When jumped through, it will shoot the player forward.  This can both good and bad since it can possibly KO a player if the Speed Boost is to close to the side or upper boundaries.  As well, it can also aid in escaping an opponent, knocking an opponent into the ring for a KO, aid in recovering to the stage, or in jumping.  It increases a players speed by 50% as it shoots them through the boost.  However, the effect is only temporary and diminishes as soona s the player leaves the ring.

Name: Blimp Fruit

Universe: Yoshi

Debut: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Stage: Yoshi Touch and Go

Element: Wind

Item Class: Performance

The Blimp Fruit, while found in a Mario universe game, it a fruit eaten by Yoshi that transforms himself into a giant balloon.  This allows Mario to float with Yoshi to distant locations.

In SSB4, the Blimp Fruit is a item that can be thrown at an opponent.  Upon contact, it will comically inflate the opponents body and causes them to float to the top of the screen.  While it does no damage, it can still KO an opponent if they reach the very top.  However, struggling will shorten the duration of the blimp fruit.  The blimp fruit lasts roughly 12 seconds but excessive struggling will shorten the time by .5 seconds.  Additionally, if someone is holding the fruit holds it past 5 seconds, they themselves will turn into a blimp so it’s best to throw it as soon as you get it.

Name: Candypop Bud

Universe: Pikmin

Debut: Pikmin (2002)

Stage: Forest of Hope

Element: Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Lightning, Ice, Light, Dark

Item Class: Performance

Candypop Buds come from the Pikmin universe.  They are flowers that will spit out seeds of the same color of the pikmin that was thrown into it by Captain Olimar.

When picked up, a Candypop Bud will change the players element to the color of the Candypop Bud.

Red is fire

Blue is Water

Yellow is Lightning

Brown is Earth

Purple is Wind

Light Blue is Ice

White is Light

Black is Dark

It then strengthens that element by 15% so by doing a elemental attack, it increases the attack power.  If a player with a Fire element Candypop Pod is already a Fire Element, like Bowser or Mario, it will just boost the attack power to 15%.  It can be knocked off if taken enough damage.  The duration lasts around 18 seconds.

Name: Valentine, Kulutues, and Omega Sword and Elk Shield

Universe: Soul Calibur

Debut: Soul Caliber I+II

Stage; Fated Encounter

Element: None, None, None

Item Class: Battering

The three weapons listed: Valentine, Kulutues, and Omega Sword and Elk Shield are from the Soul Caliber series and the respective weapons of the characters Ivy, Astaroth, and Sophita.  All three weapons are symbolic of their wielders and considered their natural weapon type.

In SSB4, any of these three weapons appear in the stage: Fated Encounter.  They each have their own unique style and mechanics.


Valentine is Ivy’s main signature weapon.  It is a far reaching, long distance weapon that can keep opponents at bay.  However, it is the second slowest weapon of the three because it takes time to form an dun-form when used.  It has unique move set when used.

Neutral A – A simple sword strike.  Does 5% damage.

Forward A – A stab.  Does 6% damage.

Dash – A side long slash that extends slightly.  Does 7% damage.

Forward Smash – The blade lashes out and strikes the opponent twice.  It does between 5-6 damage each thus totaling for 10-12% damage.

Forward Smash + A – After performing the Forward Smash, pressing A immediately afterward will cause it to slash again for 3% damage.  Repeatedly hitting A will cause the sword to continue striking from a distance and does 2% damage.

Throw – Does 16% damage.


Kulutues is one of Astaroth’s weapons.  It focuses more on physical damage than distance or speed.  It is the slowest weapon of the three but the most powerful.  It has a moderate long reach but has a high KO potential.

Neutral A – A quick side slash.  Does 8% damage.

Forward A – Does a horizontal chop.  Does 11% damage.

Dash – Slams the handle part into the opponent.  Does 6% damage.

Forward Smash – Player charges and than spins forward while chopping.  It does 3 hits at 5-8% damage each hit thus totaling for 15-24% damage.  Slow lag.

Throw – Does 18% damage.

Omega Sword and Elk Shield

The Omega Sword and Elk Shield is Sophita’s main signature weapon.  It focuses more on speed and close combat than distance or power.  It alternates between sword and shield attacks.  It has moderate KO potential but it’s speed is the fastest of the three.  The two come as a pair however, while they can be separated, if one is grabbed, the other disappears and re-appears in the characters hands.

Neutral A – A shield bash.  Does 4% damage.

Forward A – A quick slash and shield bash.  First hit does 4% damage while the second does 3% damage.  Does 5% damage total.

Dash – A running shield charge bash.  Does 7% damage.  No lag.  Decent knock back.

Forward Smash – A quick shield bash followed by three quick sword strikes.  First hit does 5-7% damage while the three sword strikes does 1-2% damage.  Therefore, it can do between 8% damage to 13% damage with high moderate knock back.

Throw – Shield does 8% damage.  Sword does 14% damage.

My Thoughts

I really wanted stage-exclusive items in SSBB but, alas, they never appeared.  I am hoping, again, that they appear in Super Smash 4.  It would make each level unique besides game play and allow for some interesting match ups with the items.  This took quite a while to create so I hope you enjoy it!