Level Exclusive Items 2

List of the Stage Exclusive Items:

Stage Item
SmashTown Bug Net
Diddy’s Island Magnet
Pokemon Stadium 3 Rare Candy
The Ring Punching Bag
Phazon Hi Jump Boots
The Board Thwomp Candy
Cookie Country Wheelie

Name: Bug Net

Universe: Animal Crossing

Debut: Animal Crossing

Stage: SmashTown

Element: None

Item Class: Equipment

The Bug Net is a item bought in Animal Crossing that allows players to catch bugs and collect them. It is difficult to time the swipe of the net right but, once you do, the reward pays off – especially if it’s a rare bug.

In SSB4, the Bug Net is used to swipe at opponents. Hitting them on the head will cause them to go into a surprised look and they will begin to look around at who hit them in the head. If done in the air, it will cause the opponent to fall to the ground. It deals 5% if a regular hit and 10% if a smash attack.


Universe: Donkey Kong

Debut: Diddy Kong’s Racing

Stage: Diddy’s Island

Element: Lightning

Item Class: Equipment/Duration

The Magnet is a item found in Diddy Kong’s Racing. It is obtained when a yellow balloon is popped. It causes nearby racers to be drawn to the kart using the magnet.

In SSB4, it causes nearby players to be drawn to the character using the magnet. However, players can’t control when to use it since it lasts for 10 seconds. During this period, opponents are drawn to the player no matter where they go. Therefore, if the player holding the magnet is KO’d, so are the opponents.

Name: Rare Candy

Universe: Pokemon

Debut: Pokemon red and Blue

Stage: Pokemon Stadium 3

Element: Light

Item Class: Duration

Rare Candy is a powerful item in the Pokemon franchise that allows Pokemon to skip a level. It was an easy way to skip the time it takes to level up Pokemon but, because of the effects of the candy, players were unable to control moves the Pokemon learned when leveling up.

In SSB4, the Rare Candy is a temporary stat enhancing item that boosts all stats for 5 points. It lasts for 15 seconds but, during this time, it can be hit out of the player and grabbed by the opponent. However, it does not reset the clock so grabbing it only re-starts the timer.

Name: Thwomp Candy

Universe: Pokemon

Debut: Pokemon red and Blue

Stage: Pokemon Stadium 3

Element: Light

Item Class: Duration

The Thwomp Candy changes a players form into that of a giant boulder. When it hits an opponent, it deducts them of coins.

In SSBB, the Thwomp Candy changes everyone into a rock version of themselves. The player can move and jump but they are very restricted in their movements.

Punching Bag

Universe: Punch-Out!!

Debut: Punch-Out!!

Stage: The Ring

Element: None

Item Class: Thrown

The Punching Bag is a piece of training equipment used by all the worlds best boxers.

In SSB4, the Boxing Bag can be punched, kicked, and smashed. This increases it’s damage on the bag. When picked up and thrown, it can do a lot of damage based on how much it was attacked before. It can do between 1% to 101% damage; depending how much damage it has.

High Jump Boots

Universe: Metroid

Debut: Super Metroid

Stage: Phaaze

Element: None

Item Class: Equipment

The High Jump Boots are powerful boots that provide the wearer increased jumping ability.

In SSBB, the wearer can jump even higher than the Bunny Hood and even perform a third jump (one two more jumps for characters like Kirby, Pit, and Charizard). They last for 15 seconds and can be knocked off while the player is wearing them.


Universe: Kirby

Debut: Kirby’s Adventure

Stage: Cookie Country

Element: Dark

Item Class: Thrown

Wheelie is a type of enemy found in the Kirby games. He gives Kirby the Wheel ability and may even assist Kirby in his adventures.

In SSBB, the Wheelie can be picked up and thrown. It does moderate knock back and around 15-22% damage. However, if thrown while it’s wheel is spinning does an additional 10% damage. It will also chase after players and try to attack.