Veteran: Zelda

Inside the castle was all dark. It was as if a thin veil had spread around the castle; cloaking everything in sight and choking it. To Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, it was as if the light was dying. She paced back and forth the throne room in the unsettling darkness. Suddenly, a black blur appeared and Zelda gasped. The black blur or a shadow more like it whisked away the Princess. In the darkening night, she could spot a floating mechanical isle; filled with a unholy light and belching forth dark shadows.

Zelda from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Name: Zelda

Universe: Legend of Zelda

Debut: Legend of Zelda (1986)

Element Alignment: Light

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Peace

Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule. She has appeared in nearly every Zelda game and holds the Triforce of Wisdom. She has always been connected with Link in some way or the other. While not exactly a capable fighter, she had shown herself capable of using magic, swords, and archery to defeat her opponents.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Personally, I main Zelda casually because I love playing as her. However, I feel she should remain the same save for a few changes to her physics. Faster falling speed, less floaty, and a improvements to her approach when fighting opponents. This can be changed to give priority to her dash attacks and longer reach for her magical attacks. One drastic change is the ability to slide while doing the Neutral B, Naryu’s Love. This significantly improves her approach game. As well, the whirling radius of the attack is 2% bigger. As well, Zelda can attack right out of Naryu’s Love faster. Zelda’s smashes all have larger hit boxes. Forward tilt has lesser ending lag. Zelda’s grab is much faster and her back throw does more damage and can KO. Up Tilt has a much higher reach. Zelda’ Neutral Aerial does 3% more damage. The sourspot on her aerial Forward, Back, and Down aerials have received a 2% damage increase. The explosion coming out of Zelda’s Farore’s Wind is 2% more damaging. Din’s Fire no longer puts Zelda in a helpless state when falling. As well, if the player pushes the control stick in a direction right before the explosion, Din’s Fire will suddenly jerk into that direction for an extended blast. Transforming into Shiek has lesser animations.

Zelda`s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Naryu`s Love
  • Side B – Din`s Fire
  • Up B – Farore`s Wind
  • Down B – Transform

Zelda`s Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Light Arrow
  • Final Melee – Loftwing
  • Final Brawl – Power of the Goddess


Light Arrow is Zelda’s Final Smash. It has the same properties as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Zelda waves a magical spell in front of her and the Light Bow appears. She grabs it and arms it with an Light Arrow.

Loftwing is Zelda`s Final Melee. Zelda summons her purple Loftwing and jumps on top of it. The player then can guide the Loftwing to dash and strike at opponents. Pressing A will cause the Loftwing to speed up and smash into opponents. Even the wind from the Loftwing`s wings can push opponents backwards! A normal attack does 20% damage, a A charged attack does 35% damage, and the wing force push does 5% damage. Zelda becomes extremely fast in her Loftwing mode and can dominate battles in the air. If hit in the air with an A attack, i is a meteor smash.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Zelda whistles and a Loftwing’s shriek can be heard in the distance. The Loftwing comes and swoops up to carry Zelda.

Power of the Goddess is Zelda`s Final Brawl. Zelda presses her hands together and they begin to glow with a golden color. She then swipes forward with one hand. A large sword made of light pierces the opponent. She then swings her other hand forward and a second sword of light pierces the opponent from the otherwise. She then swings both hands down and a large, ornate light sword crashes down and strikes the opponent. It then explodes in a million light particles. It does 68-70% Light damage.

Proposed Stage – Skyloft

Proposed New Taunt(s)

  • Right Side – She takes out the Goddess harp and plays a musical tune on it.
  • Up – She faces the camera, does a cute bow and she tilts her head to the side and giggles slightly.

Proposed Stage Entrance

Her purple Loftwing appears and she jumps down from it. The Purple Loftwing then disappears.

Proposed Palette Swaps

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Dark
  • Purple – Based off her Twilight Princess model.

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

Hooded Zelda (from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

  • Attributes: 5% speed increase, 3% shield increase, 8% weight increase, 5% attack power decrease, 2% projectile damage decrease, and 4% Light element attack power decrease.

Zelda`s Current Move set (taken from the SmashWikia)

Changes made in BOLD

Ground Attacks


  • Dash attack – Zelda extends her arms, palms out. Any enemy caught in her path is electrocuted and knocked upwards. Does 12% when close and less damage (about 9%) when at the tip of her hands.
  • Standard attack – Zelda extends one arm. A circular magical spark appears at the end of it, hitting up to three times. Disjointed with decent range. Does 2% per hit for a total of 6%.
  • Forward Tilt – Zelda steps forward and slashes one arm in front of her, with a trail of sparkles. The attack has moderate knockback. Depending on how the opponent is hit, they may end up slightly behind Zelda. This can be directed slightly up or down. Does 11%-13%.
  • Up Tilt – Zelda waves her hand above her head in an arc, starting in front of her to behind her, trailing sparkles like her forward tilt. This move has very high vertical knockback, and makes an excellent finisher. Although it is less reliable and slower than her up smash and requires set ups, her u-tilt is stronger than her u-smash is knockback wise. Does 11%. It has a higher reach than before.
  • Down Tilt – Zelda crouches and stabs one foot forward. This attack can meteor smash an airborne opponent. It also usually trips people on the ground, and easily combos with Zelda’s quick down smash. This move can also combo into itself. Does 7%-8%. This is one of the very few reliable ways for Zelda to land a grab.


  • Forward Smash – Zelda extends her hands with a thrust, and a burst of sparkles appears. If an enemy is hit by this, it expands its animation, shocking them multiple times and then launching them away with high knockback. Quick, with large range. Is very easy to SDI out of. Does 17% (23% when fully charged).
  • Up Smash – Zelda waves her hand back and forth over her head once quickly, trailing a stream of light. If an enemy is caught in this, the animation expands in to more back and forth, hitting and shocking multiple times before launching them away. At low percentages, especially against heavy characters, this can combo several times with itself, and is also easily followed by an up tilt. Fast, with large range. Does 15% (20% when fully charged).
  • Down Smash – Zelda kicks along the ground in front of her and then behind her, appearing to sweep forward and back with her dress. This smash comes out very quickly (the fastest down smash in Brawl start-up lag wise, tied with R.O.B.‘s), and powerfully knocks almost entirely horizontally. Semi-spike with decent range. Zelda is able to hit a bomb in front of her with this move without taking any damage, due to the disjointed hitbox. Does 12-16% damage in front, 10-14% at back. If the first hit takes you into the second one, it will deal 22-30%.


  • Ledge attack- Zelda climbs up and swings her legs in a circular motion, while pulling her self up. Does 6%.
  • 100% ledge attack- Zelda raises up slowly, and after gaining some strength, smacks the enemy with the back of her hand. Does 10%.
  • Floor attack- Zelda swings her legs around, hitting enemies on both sides of herself. Does 6%.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Zelda spins in place, slowly trailing sparkles from her hands. This hits 5 times and sucks people in, dealing a decent amount of damage. The first few hits of this move cannot be DI’d or SDI’s whatsoever. Does 16% if all hits connect.
  • Forward Aerial – Known as the Lightning Kick, Zelda kicks to one side, with a spark at her foot. In the first few frames, if you hit directly with the foot, this attack pauses the opponent in place for a second dramatically, before dealing heavy lightning damage and launching them away with huge knockback. If any other part of this attack hits, or if it hits after the first few frames, it deals only a small amount of damage, with very little knockback. Larger foes tend to be more vulnerable to falling victim to a sweet-spotted hit. Does 20% when sweet-spotted, does 6% when sourspotted.
  • Back Aerial – Identical to Zelda’s forward Aerial, except the opposite direction and faster. Slightly higher knock back than the forward lightning kick. Does 20% when sweet spotted, does 6% when sourspotted.
  • Down Aerial – Zelda sticks one foot out beneath her. Like her Forward and Back aerials, if this hits within the first frame with the foot, it causes a dramatic pause in the opponent’s movement, then deals high damage and meteor smashes the opponent straight downwards very fast. If it hits with any other part or outside this window, it does a very small amount of damage and still knocks downwards, but much slower. If it hits a non-airborne opponent, the sweet spot cannot hit, and it is always the weak hit. The sweet spot itself is slightly smaller than the weak hit and does not actually cover the tip of her foot. Does 16% when sweet-spotted, otherwise 7%.
  • Up Aerial – Zelda holds one hand up, and a small trail of sparkles extends to a point above her where it shortly explodes and launching the enemy upward. This explosion has a smaller hitbox than “Melee Zelda’s” uair, but it is significantly faster and stronger, with great vertical knockback. This is the most powerful uair in the game, knockback wise. Does 15%.

Grabs and Throws

Note:Zelda’s grab has been sped up.

  • Pummel: Discharges magic into them. A very slow pummel. Does 3%.
  • Forward Throw: Telekinetically twirls opponent and throws them forward. Does 12%.
  • Back Throw: Telekinetically twirls opponent behind herself and tosses them. Does 13%. Strongest knockback of all her throws, mediocre KO potential.
  • Up Throw: Telekinetically twirls opponent above her head, then releases them upward. Does 11%.
  • Down Throw: Throws opponent on ground and shocks them repeatedly with magical bursts. The enemy will end up behind Zelda though it is easily DIed away preventing any follow-ups though it has very good follow-ups if the opponent doesn’t. Does 10%.


  • Side: Claps her hands. When she does, a ball of fire appears between her hands, a remodel of one of her victory poses from SSBM.
  • Down: Leans forward and waves, as if to be waving “good bye”.

My Thoughts

I didn`t want to write Zelda on a biased stand point since I like her and enjoy playing as her. However, I feel that while she was fairly buffed up from Melee, she still suffered as much higher opponents. That is why I suggested improving her apprach game, increasing her speed, and her fless floaty. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions regarding the Princess of Hyrule.

I didn`t include her in her Twilight Princess model because Skyward sword is the most recent addition to the Legend of Zelda series. I feel that not inlcuding her in this form, while her TP model is awesome, would do a great injustice to Skyward Sword hence why iadded her model instead of TP Zelda.