Stage: Mario Party

Mario Party from Mario Party 8

Name: Mario Party

Universe: Super Mario Bros.

Debut: Mario Party

Size: Medium

Obstacle Level: 3 (out of 5)

Availability: Starter

Mario Party is a stage based off from the much acclaimed Mario Party series. The Mario Party series challenges players to play through a themed board-like game by hitting die and moving spaces through the board. The player can find or receive coins, find or buy candy, or even win stars through a series of mini-games involving the players. These mini-games can either pit players together, in teams, or everyone against a lone player. If a player lands on a Donkey Kong space, they receive a Star but then it switches to Bowser, in which, the player loses a star.


Mario Party takes on the appearance of a Super Mario Bros. themed board with mushrooms, green pipes, and other Super Mario Bros. The board is fairly simple and straightforward. There are blue squares that gives players 3 coins, bells, or rupees. There are red squares that take away 5 coins, bells, or rupees.  There is a Candy square that will give the players one of four candy (exclusive items). The last two squares is the Daisy square and the Waluigi square. The Daisy square gives the players a Star (amounts to 150 coins, rupees, or bells). The Waluigi square takes away a star or if a Star hasn’t been won, Waluigi takes away 50 coins, rupees, or bells.

The stage itself is an elevated platform that moves along the board. It has a black and white checkered pattern on it. As I mentioned before, the board isn’t too long but if you do a two-minute match, you may not get to the end in time.

Hazards and Obstacles

The stage starts off at the start. A die appears above the stage and if it’s hit, touched, or comes into any contact with a player, it will start rolling. It will land on a number and the stage will then proceed through the board. For example, if a 5 is rolled, it will move 5 spots. As I mentioned earlier, landing on one of the many squares will cause a action to happen. After that, a mini-game will initiate. The mini-games can be found in the section after this one.

After the mini game finishes, the die appears and will roll if the player hits it. If 15 seconds past before being hit, the die will roll automatically. Once the stage reaches the end, it will receive a Star from a treasure chest. The stage will than transport itself via black tradition to the start and begin the process over again.


Chomp Rope (Mario Party 8)
Bob-ombs Away (Mario Party 8)
Winner or Dinner (Mario Party 8)
King of the Thrill (Mario Party 8)
Crops n Robbers (Mario Party 8)
Lava or Leave ‘Em (Mario Party 8)
Moshpit Playroom (Mario Party 8)
Punch-a-Bunch (Mario Party 8)
Goomba Village (Mario Party 9)
Launch Break (Mario Party 9)
Smash Compactor (Mario Party 9)
Upward Mobility (Mario Party 9)
Thwomper Room (Mario Party 9)
Growing Up (Mario Party 9)
Ring Leader (Mario Party 9)
Chain Event (Mario Party 9)

All of the minigames appear as they did in the games Mario Party 8 and 9 but have been altered to fit in with the Super Smash Bros. playing style – specifically the angle of the camera.  Super Smash Bros. is a side scrolling-esque game while Mario Party`s angle is somewhat titled diagonally.  The Minigames in the Mario Party stage has a slightly titled camera angle.  Winning a game will award any player with 50 coins, rupees, or bells.  However, the winner also receives some sort of prize for winning.  The following rewards are:

  1. A Starman
  2. The Superspicy Curry effect
  3. The Watermelon effect
  4. A Hammer
  5. A Cracker Launcher
  6. A Maxim Tomato
  7. A Heart Container
  8. Everyone has Lipstick Flowers
  9. Everyone is shrunk.
  10. Bunny Hood effect
  11. Vanish Hat effect

These wear off as normal items usually do.


Main Theme (Mario Party 9)
Bob-omb Factory (Mario Party 9)
Blooper Beach (Mario Party 9)
Toad Road (Mario Party 9)
Showdown (Mario Party 9)
Choose a Minigame! (Mario Party 8)
Perplex Express (Mario Party 8)
Haunted Hideaway (Mario Party 8)
Tycoon Town (Mario Party 8)
Treetop Temple (Mario Party 8)


Shy Guys

My Thoughts

I felt that Mario Party would be a interesting as a stage becuase of the minigames and the platform following the stage.  I originally thought the platform would be suspended above the board game and would show shy guys or koopas as the characters (mario, Bowser, Wario, Yoshi, etc in the Mario Party games) as they progressed.  I then decided to scrap that idea for a much more interactive and faster-paced stage.  I took the ideas of minigames from wario Ware Inc. and put them into Mario Party.  The last addition was the die block.  I originally thought of it being behind the action and would grow brightly when it decided on how many spaces it would move.  However, I thought how I could make it more interactive and the thought to hit or touch the block to make the stage move.

Overall, I was very pleased with this stage and feel it best represents the Mario Party series as whole.

Chances of Being in SSB4

Honestly, I do not see Mario Party being represented in SSB4.  Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the first time it was represented and that in the form of Ballywhoo and Big Top trophy.  I am unsure if they seires could warrant a stage.  However, I feel with 9 game sunder its belt, it deserves some representation in Ninteno`s celebration of it`s history.


Veteran: Peach

The Mushroom Kingdom wss in ruins. The Toads, once a peaceful race, vanished when the floating mechanical island appeared. Princess Peach sat next to a withered cherry blossom tree and wept. Not even her fearless Mario wasn’t to be seen. Suddenly, above her, a shadow fell above and darkened her ground. From the shadow in the sky dropped a reptile of monstrous girth. Peach, at first recoiled, until Bowser held out his hand in truce. Peach looked at Bowser uncertainly until, in the far of distance, the floating mechanical island was approaching. Bowser, with a distressed growl, grabbed her hand and leapt up to the clown car and took off away from the mechanical island.

Princess Peach from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Peach

Universe: Mario


Element Alignment: Wind

Affinity: Good

Reason for Fighting: Royalty

Peach returns to SSB4 with all her trademark abilities and more! Peach has the ability to float in the air, pick up turnips, and use Toad as an attack against opponents. of course, she resembles her most recent appearance in the Mario series.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

The major change Peach has from SSBB is allowing her to KO more easily. Her Down Smash has been buffed up but not as strong as it was in SSBM. Despite that, it can still KO at mid to high percentages. When she shields, she unfurls her parasol. While weaker, it has a longer shield life then most.Her Peach Bomber also covers more distance allowing Peach to use another recovery move. As well, the chances of Peach pulling a Beam Saber, a Bomb-omb, or Mr. Saturn has increase by .05%. Other than that, Peach hasn`t changed much since SSBB save for more killing potential.

Peach`s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Toad
  • Side B – Peach Bomber
  • Up B – Peach Parasol
  • Down B – Vegetable

The Final Trio

    • Final Smash – Peach Wheel of Moods
    • Final Melee – Peach Blossom
    • Final Brawl – Peach Growth


Peach Wheel of Moods is Peach`s new Final Smash. A game show wheel showing colorful emoticon faces of calm, gloomy, joyful, and angry. The wheel will turn and then slowly stop on one of the moods. Each mood does something different:

Calm restores all of Peach`s health and drains 50% from the opponents. It is a damaging move but it has no knock back and the players are not stunned after the Final Smash finished.

Gloomy causes Peach to cry and rain clouds gather above her. This changes peach`s element to Water. Water will then begin pushing opponents off the stage. It does 10% damage for each hit and does decent knock back damage at lower percentages and can OHKO opponents at higher percentages.

Joyful causes Peach to begin singing. A wind storm whips up and begins pushing opponents across the stage like a cyclone. It does 60-65% damage to any characters caught in the cyclone.

Angry causes Peach to turn on fire and, much like the Mario Finale, launches a fire storm at opponents. However, unlike Mario, the fireballs resemble burning hearts. It does 88-73% damage in all and is her most damaging of the four. Maybe it shows her burning love for Mario?

  • Beginning Cinematic: Peach begins to dance and a wheel of emotions falls down from the sky.

Peach Blossom is Peach’s Final Melee. It has the same properties as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Peach begins to dance as the stage darkens and the spotlight falls only on her. Cherry blossoms begin to fall around her as she dances.

Brawl Princess is Peach`s Final Brawl. Peach walks up the opponent and flings a peach seed at him or her. The peach seed quickly sprouts under the opponent. It then shoots up and entangles the opponent in it’s limbs and branches. Peach places her hand on the trunk of the tree and it instantly explodes into a flurry of peach blossoms. Peach twirls around says “Sweeet!” and holds her parasol. The attack does 58-63% damage and dies high knock back.

Proposed New Stage – ?

Proposed New Taunt(s)

  • Ride Side – Leans forward, puts her hand on her hip, and shakes her finger at the opponent while making a Tsk, tsk, tsk sound.

Proposed New Palette Swap

Turquoise Peach (resembles Rosalina)

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

Athletic Peach (from various Mario Sports Games)

  • Attributes: 5% physical damage increase, 8% speed increase, 3% shield decrease, 3% projectile damage decrease, and 2% weight decrease.

Shadow Peach (from Paper Mario: The thousand Year Door)

  • Attributes: 5% projectile damage increase, 5% Peach Bomber damage increase, element alignment is changed to Dark, 3% jump decrease, and 4% speed decrease.

Peach`s Current Move Set (taken from the SmashWikia)

Ground Attacks

  • Dash Attack – Strikes with both arms extended forward, then quickly spreads her arms out. Deals a two-hit combo. Each hit deals 4% damage, racking up to 8% damage if both hits land. Very little knockback. The first hit has knockback growth and at higher percents it rarely follows into the second hit.
  • Neutral Attack – Double slap. Deals a two-hit combo. Each slap deals 3% damage, racking up to 6% damage if both hits land. Excellent panic move and grab setup due to its speed (comes out in just two frames). The first slap has set knockback, so it will never KO, even at 999%. Interestingly, her second slap is also her most ranged normal move. The move is possibly based on the “Super Slap” move she had in Super Mario RPG.
  • Forward Tilt – A 180 degree high kick. In other games, she is not shown to have flexibility. Can deal up to 13% damage up close, and as low as 7% damage from further away. Capable of seriously juggling heavies at low percents if they lose their second jump. Also has decent knockback up close.
  • Up Tilt – Raises hand up, creating a heart cloud. Very good, disjointed range and high priority. Deals 13% damage.
  • Down Tilt – A downward hand sweep to the ground. Deals 10% damage. Has good vertical knockback, deceptively large range, and can Meteor Smash opponents in the air or hanging on the ledge. Peach’s second highest range move. Moves her forward a little and can be used to pseudo-crawl. Easily leads into a forward smash.
  • Forward Smash – Strikes with either a frying pan from Super Mario RPG, a golf club, or a tennis racket, from the various Mario Tennis and Golf games. Damage and knockback vary with each weapon.
    • Frying Pan – Deals 18-25% damage (19-27% if sweetspotted). Vertical Knockback. Lowest range, but highest knockback of the 3 objects.
    • Golf Club – Deals 15-21% damage. About 45 degrees Knockback. Largest range and good knockback.
    • Tennis Racket – Deals 12-16% damage (13-18% if sweetspotted). Horizontal Knockback. Average range, deals very powerful knockback when sweetspotted, but weak knockback when not sweetspotted.
  • Up Smash – Twirls around with arm raised. Deals 8-11% damage when not sweetspotted, 15-21% when sweetspotted at her palm, and 17-23% damage when sweetspotted at her shoulder, and 12-13% if it connects late into the move. Powerful vertical knockback, if sweetspotted. The attack is sweetspotted when an opponent is hit into the air with her palm or shoulder. Peach’s strongest move when sweetspotted, in terms of knockback (excluding Bob-Omb or sick Turnip), though it has very little horizontal range. Sweetspotting with the shoulder is very difficult to do, but has the highest KO potential of all of Peach’s attacks.
  • Down Smash – Spins dress around like a blade, slashing whoever gets caught in it. Can deal a four-hit combo (although, landing all four hits is hard to manage, even against large and heavy characters.) Each hit deals 5-7% damage, racking up to 20-28% if all four hits land. Usually two or three hits will land. Very low knockback, but can stage-spike an opponent at the edge, and long duration allows it to punish spot dodges.
Other attacks
  • Ledge attack- Lunges onto the stage, hip first. 6% damage.
  • 100% ledge attack- Slowly gets up and swirls her body in a similar fashion to Mario’s down smash, only with less range. 10% damage.
  • Floor attack- Swirls around in a similar fashion to Mario’s down smash. 8% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – Spins around with arms extended. Deals 13% damage when sweetspotted, 10% if hit shortly afterwards and 7% if hit at the end of the attack. Decent knockback. Good for edgeguarding.
  • Forward Air – Strikes with her crown (aka: Crown Slap.) Deals 15% damage. Good knockback, and is often considered her most reliable kill move though still not an extremely reliable KO move and is usually stale. Good for edgeguarding.
  • Back Air – swings her hips out behind her. Quicker than Forward Aerial, surprisingly high knockback when opponent is high percentage. Can kill around 120% if opponent is near the ledge. Very high ending lag in midair, but has almost no landing lag, which can combo into a f-smash or f-tilt. Deals 14% damage when sweetspotted and 7% when sourspotted.
  • Up Air – An upward kick. Deals 13% damage. Good for aerial combos. At low percents, floating Up Aerials will string into each other for a devastating combo.
  • Down Air – A series of four downward kicks. Can deal a four-hit combo. First three kicks deal 3% damage each, with the fourth kick dealing 5% damage, racking up to 14% damage if all four kicks land. Fourth kick has weak vertical knockback. An excellent edgeguarding move against opponents who try to return to the stage at a low angle. Also, due to its long duration, is nearly impossible to air dodge out of. Very good for aerial combos, and for attacking shields.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Kicks the opponents shin. Deals 2% damage per hit.
  • Back Throw – Places opponent behind her and bumps him/her away with rear. Deals 11% damage. Decent horizontal knockback, but not enough to KO.
  • Forward Throw – Slaps opponent away. Deals 10% damage. Decent knockback, the strongest of Peach’s throws, though rarely KOs. Can chaingrab heavies at low percentages provided that one buffers a dash grab.
  • Up Throw – Puts opponent above her, and volleys him/her upward. Despite quick animation, this throw deals two hits. First hit deals 2% damage, while second hit deals 6% damage, racking up to 8% damage in total.
  • Down Throw – Sits on opponent. Deals 7% damage. Great for chain-grabbing heavy characters and fast-fallers at low percentages. Good for follow-ups.


  • Up: Takes her parasol out and spins it, saying “Sweet”.
    Left Side: Sings and dances in a taunting manner (“Ring Around the Rosie”) while holding her dress, while musical notes float around her.
    Down: Spins around, winks, points, bends a little and says “Uh-huh!”. (Same animation as Melee, but with changed sounds)

Stage Entrance

  • Appears spinning out of a shower of hearts, then winks and poses with her parasol saying “Hi!”.

My Thoughts

I thought it was a shame that peach was so nerfed in SSBB as opposed to her SSBM version. However, it`s not too surprising. That is why I chose for a happy medium between the two. I wanted a mix between her SSBM version and her SSBB version. i felt that could help do well in the game as well as improve her tier list standings.

Bowser’s Castle

Bowser's Castle from Super Mario Bros. Wii

Bowser’s Castle from ?

Name: Bowser’s Castle

Universe: Mario

Debut: Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Stage Size: Large

Obstacle Level: 5 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary, Moving

Availability: Starter

Bowser’s Castle has appeared in many iterations of Mario: Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Mario Hoops, Mario Party, Paper Mario, and other game from the Mario franchise. Bowser usually schemes and plots from within the castle walls on ways to thwart Mario and steal Princess Peach from him. It usually has a dark and evil demeanor while surrounded by lava and storms. It is the last level in the Mario games and Bowser is usually fought here.


Bowser’s Castle is fought on one large floating platform that looks much like Final Destination. Underneath it is a pit of lava much like Super Mario 64.

Bowser Battle from Super Mario 64

However, much like in Super Mario 64, the stage will tilt when too many fighters are one side causing other players to slip towards the lava. Items also have an effect on this (crates, barrels, etc helps tilt the stage) as well as heavier assist trophies and Pokemon that stand on the stage. If a player falls into the lava, they receive 5% damage with every hit but no KO. However, is the stage is fully tilted, they are unable to get back onto the stage by grabbing onto the side so they must hop back onto the stage and try not to slide off. This phase lasts a minute and a half.

The second half is fought above the lava on six small stone islands that are directly above the lava. Players must fight on top of these islands. The background features a wide doom with statues of Bower pouring lava out of his mouth and Bowser Jr. Lavafalls come from the top of the screen in the background and fall into the lava pit below. Steam will rise up from the lava and cause heat waves to affect the game. The entire stage is bathed in a red glow. In the background, fiery rocks fall into the lava with great splashes of lava.

Obstacles and Movements

As said before, the stage will tilt depending on how much weight is put on each side. It creates for a very hectic and scrambling fight to not fall into the lava. However, the most dangerous and damaging part is the next phase.

An alert will found off and in 10 seconds, a fiery comet will crash down onto the stage dealing 15% damage against everyone who gets hit by it. Anyone hit dead on will receive 25% damage and high knock back. The stage will then begin to crumble apart and sink into the lava. This creates six small islands that players must fight on. At this point, small Podoboos and Fire Snakes will jump around the stage causing 5% fire damage when hit.

After a minute and a half, the previous platform will begin rising from the lava and the entire process will begin again. This stage can cause a lot of damage because of the lava, meteors, and enemies but it befits Bowser’s violent personality.


Final Battle (Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Bowser Battle (Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Airship (Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Koopaling Battle (Super Mario Bros. Wii)
World 8 (Lava) (Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Underground (Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Bowser’s Road (Super Mario 64)
Bowser’s Lava Lair (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Bowser Jr.’s Fort (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Final Boss (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Bowser’s Castle (Super Mario Bros.)
Bowser’s Warped Orbit (Super Mario Party 8)
Bowser’s Castle (Mario Kart) (Mario Kart Wii)
Grumble Volcano (Mario Kart Wii)
Neo Bowser City (Mario Kart 7)



Fire Snake

My Thoughts

I have wanted a Bowser’s Castle since SSBM and I thought we would get it in SSBB but, it was absent again. Bowser’s Castle has been one of the most used locations from franchise and has appeared in the most spin-off games compared to any other location. It has played host to aboard game, a racetrack, a game of hoops, and many other things so why not fought on. Personally, I would have preferred Bowser’s Castle compared to Luigi’s Mansion (I still like Luigi’s Mansion though!) Let’s hope this stage appears in the next SSB4!

Chances in Being in SSB4

80% – It may seem high but this is a highly requested stage among the Smash community and if Luigi and Peach has their respective stages, why not Bowser. I felt Bowser’s Castle was an almost shoe-in for SSBB and it wasn’t in the game so it’s a possibility it may not be in it but Sakurai will want new ideas for Mario stages and he may (hopefully) look to Bowser’s Castle. It does have competition though from the Airship but I think Bowser’s Castle is the most iconic one.

Starship Mario

Starship Mario from Super Mario Galaxy 2

Name: Starship Mario

Universe: Mario

Debut: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Stage Size: Medium

Type: Moving platform, Stationary Platforms

Obstacle Level: 3 (out of 5)

Availiability: Starter

Starship Mario appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the main hub for Mario as he treks across the galaxy. It is in the shape of Mario`s head and moves from galaxy to galaxy. It will be the first availiable Mario stage in SSB4.


Starship Mario appears as it did in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Every time you play on the stage, a new galaxy appears in the background. Here is a list of galaxies that appear randomly:

Comet Observatory

Good Egg Galaxy

Gusty Garden Galaxy

Toy Time Galaxy

Melty Molten Galaxy

Freezy Flake Galaxy

Space Storm Galaxy

Chompworks Galaxy

Starshine Beach Galaxy

The galaxy will stay there permanently until the game ends. If played on the stage again, a new galaxy will appear. The galaxies have no effect on Starship Mario and only appears as a background for the battle. There is a single platform that hovers above thetop of Mario`s hat and will descend for one minute allowing fighters to fight on top of the hat. The platform reappears and changes to a different side of the face where players will fight.

Top of the hat

Below Starship Mario lies the Engine Room

Starship Mario`s Engine Room

It appears as it did in the game but in SSB4, there is a stationary platform that hovers underneath the glowing blue orb.

Obstacles and Movement

Starship Mario has four phases: stationary phase, movement phase, descent phase, and stationary phase. The first phase: stationary is where fighters fight on a battlefield-esque platform above Mario`s hat. There are no obstacles or hazards at this point. After one minute

The second phase is movement where a warning will sound that the platform will move. It will begin to hover again and in one swift movement, it will whirl to the right or left side of Mario`s face. If a player is caught on the floor at the time of the movement, they are flung out of bounds. High percentages will be KO`d but lower percentages will need to recover back to the stage. There are no hazards here safe for being careful of the warning sign. After 1 minute, the platform sign will flash to rush characters onto the platform. It will hover again and whip back to its orginal position. It will hover there until the next phase, descent.

The third phase happens 40 seconds after the platform returns to its orginal position. A opening will appear underneath the platform and it will descend through mario`s head into the Engine room where the platform will rest. The area has no Star KOs or opening at the top and sides but opponents can be KOd at the bottom. This is the best place to rack up damage. Additionally, the blue orb in the middle can cause 1% damage if touched. When touched, a player will bounce up and must try to get away from the orb before he or she touches it again. This is the main hazard of Starship Mario. After one minute and thirty seconds, the platform will ascend back to its orginal position hovering above Mario`s hat and the entire process will start over again.


Starship Mario (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Sky Station Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
Toy Time Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
Melty Monster Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Freezy Flake Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Space Storm Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Final Bowser Battle (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Cloud Court (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Starshine Beach (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Chompworks Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Comet Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy)


These characters can be seen in the background walking around, hovering, or running:




Hungry Luma

Toad Brigade


Star Bunny


Gold and Silver Gearmo

My Thoughts

I wanted a Mario Galaxy level in SSBB but, instead, we had Delfine Plaza which is a good game! I wanted to make a similar level based off the Super Mario galaxy franchise so I decided to incorporate a sense of movement like Delfino Plaza did on Starship mario. Hence why the stage sometimes changes angles occassionally and descend into the Engine Room. I wanted to players to see a large portion of Starship Mario.

Chances Being in SSB4

80% – We will see soem stage based off the Super Mario Galaxy series. So while it may not be Starship Mario, some other stage representation of the series will be there. A major contender is the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy 1.

Newcomer: Shadow Mario

The small horned beast nodded to his father and descended from the ship. As he fell to the land below him, his flesh began to give way. He became transparent, almost like water. He donned a transparent plumbers hat, overalls, and a strange pair of sunglasses. This shadowy figured landed on the ground and pulled out a paintbrush from his pocket which dripped with paint. The shadowy figure ran off towards the floating mechanical isle in the sky with all speed; leaving a trail of bright orange and red paint.

Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine.

Name: Shadow Mario

Universe: Mario

Debut: Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

Element Alignment: Water

Affinity: Bad

Availability: Starter

Shadow Mario makes his shadowy appearance as a possible transformation for Bowser Jr by using Down B “Shadow Mario”. This works much like how Zelda transforms into Shiek. Shadow Mario is much lighter and faster then his real counterpart as well as Bowser Jr. However, he has access to all Mario’s attacks including B Attacks and Final Smashes.

Shadow Mario`s Stats

  • Power: **
  • Weight: *
  • Defense: **
  • Speed: ****
  • Jump: ****
  • Recovery: ***
  • Element: ***

Shadow Mario’s main strengths lies in his speed and jumping ability given his light frame. However, he trades in Bowser Jr.s power and defense for the speed and jumping ability. Shadow Mario is very floaty when in air and, at times, appears to be gliding when running. His move set is identical to Mario but more faster with less power. He also has all of Mario’s Final Smashes albeit a bit weaker. Shadow Mario also does not talk at all, not even grunts or shouts when fighting. All you hear is whispering of a breeze and paint sounds.

Shadow Mario`s Special B Move Set

    • B – Shadow Fireball
    • Side B – Shadowy Cape
    • Up B – Shadow Jump Punch
    • Down B – Shadow Cloud Mario

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash: Shadow Finale
  • Final Melee: ShadowTornado
  • Final Brawl: Plumber Shadow


Shadow Fireball is much like Mario’s original Fireball but it has more floatiness when it bounces. It burns the opponent with a light blue-clear flame. It does 7% damage.

Shadowy Cape act smuch like Mario’s Cape attack but it appears blue-clear. It ha sno changes to its attributes. It does 8% damage.

Shadow Jump Punch is more lighter and higher than Mario’s Super Jump Punch. Shadow Mario also falls slower than Mario when he returns to the stage. he can also wall jump much like Mario anytime during the jump. It does between 9-12% damage.

Shadow Cloud Mario works much like the original Cloud Mario but the clouds appear dark, like rain clouds. When launched at opponents, they do 10-15% damage depending on the distance of the opponent.

Shadow Finale is Shadow Mario’s Final Smash. It is just like Mario’s Mario Finale but only does 2% damage. However, it travels slower than Marrio’s Mario Finale thus racking up more damage as it travels. It is capable of hitting a opponent 9 times a second. It has a high horizontal knock back and KO potential.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Shadow Mario begins to be covered in a dark energy. It wraps around Shadow mario and than zooms and covers the screen.

Fiery Tornado is Shadow Mario’s Final Melee. It is similar to Mario’s Fiery Tornado, however, instead of fire, it`s shadows. The attack travels slower and is floatier. It deals between 50-63% damage and throws the opponent upwards.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Shadow Mario begins to slowly turn around while shadows wrap around him into it creates a large tornado of shadows.

Plumber Combo is Mario’s Fire Giants Fist. It is exactly similar to Mario’s Final Brawl but it is a bit weaker. It does 55-58% Dark damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Shadow Mario vanishes in a puff of smoke an than appears and punches at the screen.

Proposed Stage: Bowser’s Castle

Proposed Taunts

  • Right Side – Twirls around twice and then thrusts his hand out to give a peace sign.
  • Left Side – Jumps up while thrusting one fist into the air (similar to his openining animation when Mario enters the stage except no pipe).
  • Up – Turns into Super Mario. The way he does it is how he changes in the original Super Mario Bros, what goes up must come down. (Same as in SSB and Melee.)
  • Down – Spins in the air and falls on his back, based on the dying animation from the original Donkey Kong.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Shadow Mario spins around and then does a thumbs down to the camera.
  • Shadow Mario whips out his brush and starts painting the screen until it only appears to be paint.
  • Shadow Mario folds his arm, leans to the side, and starts moving his body slowly up and down.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • Materiaizes from the ground like water and forms into Shadow Mario.

Audience Cheer

  • Shaaaadow Mario, Shaaaaadow Mario. (hushed male/female cheer)

Kirby Hat

  • Shadow Mario`s hat and sunglasses.

Proposed Palette Swaps

  • Dark Blue Shadow Mario
  • Light Green Shadow Mario
  • Dark Purple Shadow Mario
  • Pink Shadow Mario
  • Black Shadow Mario

No Buy-able Costumes for Shadow Mario

Shadow Mario Move Set

All of Shadow Mario’s moves are faster in terms of frame rate and animation than Mario’s moves. However, Mario’s moves are more powerful than Shadow Mario’s.

Ground Moves

  • Neutral Attack – Punches with his left, then his right, and then kicks with his right foot. All are from Super Mario 64. Beneficial in making combos. First hit jab locks character laying on the ground and does 2% damage, second punch does 2%, and kick does 3% for a total of 7%.
  • Forward Tilt -Power Kick- Does a roundhouse kick with his right leg. Has average damage but below average knockback, but has better reach than his other tilts (it is still short). Has some IASA frames. Does 6%.
  • Up Tilt -Uppercut- Delivers an uppercut while spinning. Shadow Mario very slightly floats up during the uppecut frame but floats back down. Similar to a move in Super Mario RPG. Average damage and above-average knockback. An excellent juggler that can be combod into itself, a up smash, and a uair juggle. Deals 10%.
  • Down Tilt -Crouch Kick- Sweeps low to the ground with his leg. Though it has a very fast start-up, it deals very low damage but it has literally no ending lag. Deals 5% if Mario’s foot connects, while hitting with his leg/body deals 6%.
  • Dash Attack – Leg Sweep- Slides forward and kicks with both feet. Also from Super Mario 64. Has low diagonal knockback behind Mario that is difficult to follow up on. (Has IASA frames near the end.) Does 10% if connected with the initial hitbox, does 8%.
  • Side Smash – Shadow Smash- Steps back and then forward, causing a blast of shadows out of his hand. One of Shadow Mario’s best reaching moves (though its reach is only average at best). It has rather fast start-up for a forward smash but it does have punishable ending lag. Damage and knockback is highest when sweetspotted at the flame. Can also be angled up and down. It has low base knockback but its knockback scaling when sweetspotted is very high. This is Shadow Mario’s most powerful attack and can be considered his best finisher. Does 12% if Shadow Mario’s arm connects and 19% if the shadows connects; angling up increases the damage to 17%/18% and angling down decreases it to 14%/15%. If fully charged, deals 19.6% (arm) or 28.3% (dark) (angled up: 21%/25.2%, angled down: 18.2%/22.4%). The sweetspot is a hitbox with transcendent priority.
  • Up Smash – Head Snap- Sends opponents skyward with a headbutt. Has slow start-up lag and its ending lag is rather low as well. It does have good base knockback and knockback scaling, but its KO power is rather average for a up smash. This is Mario’s only other reliable finisher and it is his only attack that can KO vertical under 150%. 12% uncharged and 16% fully charged.
  • Down Smash – Breakdance Kick- Does a breakdance sweep. Like Mario’s other attacks, it has fast start-up and ending lag but short reach. While stronger than his tilts and aerials, it isn’t strong enough to reliably KO under 150%. Another attack from Super Mario 64. The front hit deals 16% damage (22% charged), while the back hit does 8% (10.2% charged). It knocks opponents vertically.
  • Ledge Attack (below 100%) – Does a somersault and then kicks upwards but is fairly laggy, from a laying down position. 9% to those on the stage and 7% to those extremely close by.
  • Ledge Attack (above 100%) – Gets up then does a kick similar to his forward tilt. Does 8%.
  • Floor Attack (faceup) – Gets up then kicks behind him, then in front of him. Does 7%.
  • Floor Attack (facedown) – Gets up then punches behind him, then in front of him. Does 7%.
  • Floor Attack (sitting) – Kicks behind him, then in front of him while getting up. Does 4%.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Air Kick- Performs a Sex Kick kick in the air. Similar to an attack from Super Mario 64. Its almost instantaneous start-up can be used to break certain chainthrows and combos but it has low knockback and short reach. Initially does 8%, then 6% afterwards.
  • Forward Aerial -Meteor Punch-Lowercuts. This is a slow Meteor Smash if it is sweetspotted. It is a very weak meteor smash that is difficult to land, but it does have the benefit of sending opponents on a diagonal trajectory instead of straight down. When sourspotted, it sends opponents on a horizontal trajectory with decent knockback. Does 13% when sweetspotted, does 13% when sourspotted, and 8% if landed with the later hitbox. It can feel rather floaty in comparison to some of Shadow mario`s other moves.
  • Back Aerial -Back Kick- Spins and kicks backward. Similar to Mario`s Fair in the original Super Smash Bros.. Very fast start-up with decent reach and knockback. Can WoP at low to mid percentages and KO at very high percentages (but not below 150% outside of edgeguard situations). Does 11% when the initial hitbox is landed, does 5% if landed with the later hitbox.
  • Up Aerial -Flip Kick- Does a somersault and kicks upward. Very low start-up and ending lag with low knockback, it works very well as a juggler at low to mid percentages. Does 12% with high diagonal knockback.
  • Down Aerial – Mario Tornado. Spins with fists then strikes with both on opposite sides. Like the original move, it looks somewhat like the Spin Jump from various Mario games, such as Super Mario World. Similar to his other aerials, it has almost no start-up with short reach, but it does have some ending lag. The final hit does low vertical knockback. Hits 6 times for 1% each before a final hit of 3% for a total of 9%. Shadow If Mario lands while spinning, nearby opponents receive 1%. Additionally, the move creates a shadow effect that can damage opponents with 1% Dark Damage if the touch the shadows that come out.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel -Grab Headbutt- Headbutt for 3% damage. One of the slowest pummels in the game.
  • Forward Throw – Single Spin- Mario spins around once then throws his opponent in front of him. It has low knockback scaling even for a throw. It is mostly only used to get the opponent off the edge. Does 8%.
  • Back Throw – Tornado Spin- Mario whirls around several times then throws his opponent backwards. It is similar to when Mario grabs Bowser by the tail, and then swings him around in an attempt to throw into the bombs in Super Mario 64. While a very slow throw, he can damage other characters with the character he is swinging around. This is by far Mario’s strongest throw and its knockback scaling is high enough to reliably KO around 185%. While powerful for a throw, it is very slow, making it very easy to DI, limiting its KO potential. It is also Mario’s most damaging throw dealing 14%.
  • Up Throw – Sky Hurl- Mario throws his opponent high into the air. Good base knockback but it has low knockback scaling. It can be follow up by a uair juggle but is mostly inferior to the down throw for setting up. Does 6%.
  • Down Throw – Slamdown- Mario slams his opponent into the ground. Its low base knockback and knockback scaling with its vertical trajectory makes it great for setting up with a u-tilt and uair juggle, but it is Mario’s weakest throw otherwise. Does 7%.

My Thoughts

I really wanted to see Bowser Jr. in Brawl and a Shadow Mario transformation even more so but, alas, it never came. I personally think adding a transformation to Bowser Jr. would make both characters extremely interesting to play as; even if both characters do well against other characters. I imagined Shadow Mario being floatier, lighter, and faster than the original Mario given his watery/shadowy design. I picture him playing similar to Lucario or Mewtwo, Metwo more so than Lucario. I even picture him gliding a bit after running because of lesser traction. Since he is faster, I lowered his physical damage because..well..a shadow hits lighter than a real fist lol.

Arguements for Shadow Mario

  • While Shadow Mario could be easily seen as clone of Mario, he can be tweeked so that he isn`t. In eccense, he is a cloen though so his attacks should mirror Mario`s in almost every way.
  • He appears as a transformation of Bowser Jr. in the Sunshine games.
  • Adds another Mario rep in the Mario series as a sub-character.

Chances of Being in SSB4

5% – He will only appear in SSB4 if Bowser Jr. appears as well and, as I said, only as a transformation option. However, if Bowser Jr. is confirmed for SSB4, I would put his chances up to 60% then.

Why Shadow Mario was added

As I said before, I really wanted to see Shadow Mario playable. I toyed with the idea of Bowser Jr. being able to transform into any of the characters, ala Kirby, that are on the stage as a shadow version of them but I figured that would be just too hard given Shadow Mario’s strange physical properties. As well, I have ideas for two other characters who can copy abilities/appearances so I thought having a fourth (including Kirby) would be too much so I stuck with Shadow Mario.

Newcomer: Bowser Jr.

Fire filled the air. Smoke was everyone and visiblity was very low. A ship creaked back and forth on the slightest ash filled breeze. A small horned beast paced back and forth on the ships prow; waiting for the guest to arrive. The ship was made ready once the castle fell and was covertly docked ina far-away mountain side. A flash of lightning seared the air and the small horned beast looked out. He could make out the floating mechnical isle every lightning flashed: hovering menacingly and evily. A cry went out and from the shadows, a clown car appeared, flying through the air with great speed. The clown car landed on the deck and a great horned reptilian beast jumped out with a crash. Those who manned the great ship all bowed and the small horned beast took his spot next to his father.

Bowser Jr. from Super Mario Galaxy

Name: Bowser Jr.

Universe: Mario

Debut: Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

Element Alignment: Fire

Purpose for Fighting: Family

Affinity: Bad

Availability: Starter

Bowser jr. finally enters the Smash party alongside his father, Bowser. Bowser Jr. is the first newcomer shown for SSB4U so please give him the attention he deserves! Bowser Jr. plays much like a smaller version of his father…but don`t worry, he is not a clone! While small, Bowser Jr. packs a wallop with his attacks which ranges from fire breathe to using a paint brush for attacks!

Bowser Jr. Stats

Power: ****
Weight: ****
Defense: *****
Speed: **
Jump: ***
Recovery: **
Element: ***

Bowser Jr. isn`t the best at jumping or speed but he excels in Power, Weight, and Defense. He is sub-par in his Element compared to his father, Bowser. Bowser Jr. can punish his opponents with strong punches and attacks while taking punishment from other fighters. His small size can make him hard to hit. However, he is helpless against fast characters with fast attacks so its best to play defensively with Bowser Jr. As well, Bowser Jr. has the ability to transform into Shadow Mario giving him a identical Mario move set while being much faster and lighter. However, he trades in his power and defense for the speed and light weight. Bowser Jr. can confuse his opponents by transforming between Shadow Mario and Bowser Jr and launch surprise attacks.

Bowser Jr.`s Special B Move Set

Bowser Jr.

The Final Trio

    • Final Smash: Grafitti
    • Final Melee: Giga Bowser Jr.
    • Final Brawl: Paint Flood


Fire Missle is similar to Bowser`s Fire Breathe attack however, it shoots a single fire missle from his mouth at his opponent. It flies straight and dissipates around six seconds after being shot. It will explode when it collides with an opponent. Bowser Jr. can charge the Fire Missle for even more damage and a larger blast area. The attack does between 30-45% damage.

Massive Shell will cause Bowser Jr. to pull out a large koopa shell, from Mario Kart Double Dash. Bowser Jr. will then throw the shell depending on where the player is facing. The shell will glide along the ground; crashing into any opponent with a high knockback. It can drain shields very easily with the right perks. It will continue sliding on the ground until it falls of the stage or off the screen. It does between 35-42% damage.

Bullet Bill will appear and Bowser Jr. will grab ahold of it. Bullet Bills jet thrusters will start and carry Bowser Jr. up to the sky. It lasts approximately 5 seconds before Bowser Jr. lets go. Bowser Jr. is able to slightly affect the trajectory of the rocket by moving the analog stick right or left. Anyone who is next to Bowser Jr. when the takes off will recieve 26-30% damage anyone who is hit as Bowser Jr. travels through the sky will recieve 18-20% damage but no perk damage. Bowser Jr. is helpless as he falls off from Bullet Bill.

Shadow Mario allows Bowser Jr. to transform into the later ego, Shadow Mario, from Super Mario Sunshine. Shadow Mario has a completely different moveset compared to Bowser Jr. That will be addressed later.

Grafitti is Bowser Jr.`s Final Smash. Bowser Jr. whips out his paintbursh and begins making strong, savage strokes at everyone resulting in paint being spilled everywhere. The paint becomes so thick that it even splatetrs on the screen thus obscurring everyones view. Within seconds, the entire screen is covered in paint but is washed away by a unseen F.L.U.D.D. This attack deals anywhere from 68-72% damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Bowser Jr. takes his brush and begins slashing at the air with it. He heaves it up to his shoulder and laughs.

Giga Bowser Jr. is Bowser Jr.`s Final Melee. It is similar in appearance to his father, Bowser`s, Final Melee. It also looks similar to Baby Bowser`s transformation in Super mario World 2: Yoshi`s Island. Giga Bowser Jr. will have all of his normal attacks but they are buffed up to max strength. In addition, he is also immune to flinching. The transformation lasts 12 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Bowser jr. falls back onto his shell and starts to scream. he begins to mutate in a groutesque version of himself and becomes Giga Bowser

Paint Flood is Bowser Jr.`s Final Brawl. Bowser Jr. brings out his paintbrush and it maximizes in size until it towers over Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. then swings it with a scream and a wave of paint crashes into the opponent with a huge crash. Bowser Jr.’s paintbrush returns to normal size and he leans on the paintbrush and snickers to himself. The attack does around 50-64% damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Bowser Jr. stand sup straight, holds out his hands, and begins to laugh. He than steps forward and slashes at the screen.

Proposed Stage: Bowser’s Castle

Proposed Taunts:

  • Up – Bowser Jr. stands up, holds out his arm, and motions ala kung fu style “to come” and then snickers at the opponent.
  • Right Side – Bowser Jr. jumps up and down with a angry frown. He then starts growling and gnashing his teeth.
  • Down – Bowser Jr. jumps down on his shell and spins around like he is break dancing. He then stops when he faces the camera after spinning and props his head on his elbow.
  • Left Side – Bowser Jr. whips out his paintbrush and spins it around in his hands like a baton. If a opponent is near Bowser Jr, they recieve 2% damage from the spinning paintbrush.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Bowser Jr. takes out his paintbrush and spins it like a staff and then points it at the camera and begins to laugh.
  • Bowser Jr. starts to break dance on his shell; spinning on it and on his head. He finally lands on his side and does a similar pose as his taunt.
  • Bowser Jr. appears from the side in the Clown Car, pointing like in his official artwork. He appears off the screen and appears farther back going the opposite way. He then reappears even farther back. This animation repeats itself through out the time.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • Bowser Jr. descends onto the stage on the Clown Car, jumps out, and gets into a fighting stance.

Audience Cheer

  • BOWSER! JUNIOR! BOWSER! JUNIOR! (Bowser part is a male cheer, junior part is a kids cheer)

Kirby Hat

  • Bowser Jr.`s red top knot and his bib.

Proposed Palette Swaps

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

Paintbrush Bowser Jr. Costume (from Super Mario Sunshine)

  • Attributes: Bowser Jr.’s attacks change from Fire to Water alignment, Bowser Jr. gains an additional 6% sword damage, Bowser Jr.s speed increases by 12% while his attack decreases by 8%.

Charged Bowser Jr. (from Mario Strikes Charged)

  • Attributes: Bowser Jr. claw damage attack increases by 15%, and his speed increases by 11% but his shield defense decreases by 4%.

Bowser Jr.’s Proposed Moveset

  • Standard Attack – Two quick claw swipes. 3% per swipe. Little to no knockback but can interrupt other characters attacks.
  • Dash Attack – Sliding headbutt. A small vertical knockback and does 10% damage. Has a very fast ending animation where Bowser Jr. pops back onto his feet.
  • Strong Side – A much harder claw swipe, similar to Bowser Jr.’s standard attack. Has potential as a KO move at high percentages and a far knockback. Does 15% damage.
  • Strong Up – Jumps up and performs a headbutt. A very fast but has a low knockback and a slow ending lag. Does 9% damage.
  • Strong Down – Performs a strong kick that can knock opponents far from the stage. Potential side KO with high percentages. Does 14% damage.Position an opponent between Bowser Jr. and the wall to rack up damage.
  • Side Smash – Bowser Jr. tucks himself into his carapace and slams the spiked part into the opponent. Has both high horizontal and vertical knockback. Does 25% damage fully charged. As well, it can be used to propel Bowser Jr. slightly forward in the air and can be used to help in recovering.
  • Up Smash – Bowser Jr. pulls out his paintbrush and thrusts it in the air and spins it in his hand. Has both high horizontal and vertical knockback. High vertical knockback. Does 28% fully charged.
  • Down Smash – Crouches, swipes to one side, then the right, and then does a grounded spinning roundhouse with his legs (like a break dance move). First move does 6% damage, the second does 8%, and the third does 16% fully charged total damage of 30%. High knockback and can KO at level 60% and higher.
  • Ledge attack – Quickly jumps to the stage and swipes with his claw. Does 5% damage.
  • 100% ledge attack – Slowly climbs to the stage and sweepkicks the opponent for 8% damage.
  • Floor attack – Retreats into his shell, spins for two rotation and pops back out. Does 4% damage at each rotation totaling for 8%.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Slashes with one his claws. Does 12% damage.
  • Forward Aerial – Tucks inside his shell and does a front flip hitting the opponent with his shell. It does 14% damage. Has a long ending lag when he reaches the ground.
  • Back Aerial – Stretches out his legs and kicks behind him. High potential KO move. Does 15% damage.
  • Up Aerial – Pulls out his paintbrush and slashes upwards in the air. High vertical KO potential. Deals 16%.
  • Down Aerial – Turns upside down in midair and thrusts his claws up and begins spinning like a drill. Bowser Jr. does 4 rotations with each rotation dealing 4% damage totaling to 16% damage. Possible Meteor Smash at the last rotation. Has a horrible ending lag.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Hits foe with his head. 2% damage. Quick pummel.
  • Forward Throw – Spikes the opponent on the ground. High vertical KO potential at higher percentages. Deals 14% damage.
  • Back Throw – Picks up the opponent and slams them backwards like a wrestling move. Very low KO potential and a slow ending lag. Deals 11% damage.
  • Up Throw – Pickups the opponents, jumps up, flips in the air two times, and then slams them to the ground. High vertical knock back but low KO potential. Deals 12% damage.
  • Down Throw – Slams the opponents on the ground, retreats into his shell, and then jumps on them and begins to spin. No knockback or KO potential but can easily rack up damage percentage. Deals 15% damage.

My Thoughts

Personally I was somewhat surprised Bowser Jr. was not in Brawl or even as an assist trophy. However, with his new found fame in the Mario Galaxy games as well as in Super Mario Bros. Wii, I think Bowser Jr. will be likely candidate for a new Mario representative slot. He has enough potential to differentiate himself from Bowser. I envision Bowser Jr. playing a tad bit like his father, Bowser, but a bit faster and smaller, like a little fat ninja. Quick but heavy power attacks.

I added Bowser Jr. because Bowser Jr. is almost shoe-in for the Smash Bros. game (IMO) so including him is a no-brainer. I thought it would be interesting to incorporate both his Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Bros. Wii versions of Bowser Jr. into the game such as allowing him to transform into Shadow Mario, the use of the clown car, and his use of the paintbrush. Plus, he has been starring as the villain in many key Mario games such as Sunshine, Galaxy, and Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Arguements for Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is one of the many viable characters from the Super Smash Bros. Universe howevr, I feel Bowser Jr. has the best out of them all. Here are my arguements for including Bowser Jr. into my roster:

  • Toad: While Toad has been around longer, has appeared in more spin-offs, and slightly more iconic, he has become a species and, in a way, loss his indivduality. Toad hasn`t been shining as of late and, with characters such as Toadette and Toadsworth, I feel his chances have sunk as of late. I belive Bowser Jr. would have a more interesting move set, appeal, playability, and background story compared to Toad.
  • Waluigi: Personally, I hate Waluigi and feel he is in no way shape or form, deservable for a spot in SSB4. That being said, he is a possibility has a inclusion in SSB4 since he is fairly popular with Sakurai and was an assist trophy. He has also appeared in many of the Mario spin-off games….and only those. Waluigi is only a character from the spin-off games and never fully appeared in a non-spin-off game or a game of his own. For those reasons, I feel Bowser Jr. has a better chance than the purple Luigi nemisis.
  • Rosalina: Rosalina, while interesting, would be one of the charatcers I wouldn`t consider. She only appeared in Super Mario Galaxy and a cameo in the sequel. I would say Bowser Jr. has a better chance than she does.

Chances of being in SSB4

80% – He is a requested character, appeared in many recent Mario games, has been a mainstay in many spin-off games, and a potential move set to the boot. I think he will be in the next SSB4.

Veteran: Bowser

The castle glowed violently red and flashes of lightning seared the sky. Inside though, the castle was strangely quiet despite the storm that was hammering against the walls. Every so often, a quiver would run up the walls but…it was quiet. Suddenly, the castle began to shake and cracks began to form up and down the walls and floor. Lava seeped through the cracks and, like a flood, burst through; consuming everything in its path. Slowly, the castle began to fall into the pools of lava. But a lone figure could be seen flying from the tumbling rubble. A large, horned beast in a Koopa Clown Car can be seen flying off a large mechanical isle that lies hovering above the smoking wreckage that was once a castle.

Bowser from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Bowser

Universe: Mario

Debut: Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Element Alignment: Fire

Purpose for Fighting: Dominion

Affinity: Bad

Availability: Starter

Bowser first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a heavy-weight fighter who was buffed up in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He focuses on heavy hitting physical attacks to punish his opponents. He is both the largest and heaviest Character in SSB so he is difficult to KO but is an easy target compared to more smaller characters.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Bowser’s power and strength is his strongest asset. However, Bowser’s speed and hugeness is his weak point. Many of Bowser’s moves have received buffs; in particular his Forward A smash which causes an explosion when fully charged. In addition, Bowser Bomb and his Side Smash has Super Armor so Bowser won’t flinch while taking damage.

Special B Move Set

    • B – Flame Breath
    • Side B – Flying Slam
    • Up B – Whirling Fortress
    • Down B – Bowser Bomb

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Koopa Clown Car
  • Final Melee – Giga Bowser
  • Final Brawl – Koopa King


Koopa Clown Car is Bowser`s new Final Smash. Bowser hops in his Koopa Clown Car, floats above the stage, and unleashes a fire tornado that connects to the lowest possible platform on the stage. A giant fire tornado erupts and engulfs the stage (half od the stage in large, all the stage if small). Does around 63-68% damage plus 10% fire damage with the right perks.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Bowser roars and jumps high in the air. he safely laughs into his flying Koopa Clown Car and begins laughing.

Giga Bowser is Bowser`s new Final Melee. It remains the same as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Bowser lurches forward and stumbles to the ground. His pupils dilate and grow blood shot. His body begins to tremble and grow until, through a massive transformation, he becomes Giga Bowser.

Koopa King is Bower`s Final Brawl move. Bowser roars and bares his fangs at the opponent. Heat starts rising from his body and he then slams his tail onto the ground. The ground starts to shake and lava and fire bursts up. It rises high into the sky and takes the form of Bowser. It then crashes down onto the opponent in a fury of fire and consumes everything. Bowser roars and turns away to face the camera. Does around 80-85% Fire damage and average knock back.

Proposed Stage – Bowser`s Castle

Proposed New Taunt(s)

  • NEW Left Side – Bowser steps forward with one leg, clenches his fist, shakes it, and roars at the opponent.

Proposed New Palette Swap

Gray Bowser

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

Mario Strikes Bowser (from Super Mario Strikers Charged)

  • Attributes: Physical damage increases by 18%, speed increases by 6%, and basic A attacks has a 2.5% increased range.

Dry Bowser (from New Super Mario Bros.)

  • Attributes: 10% lighter, physical damage increases by 8%, defense increases by 10%, and throws damage increases by 6%.

Current Bowser Move Set (taken from the SmashWikia)
Changes are in BOLD

Ground Attacks

    • Standard Attack – Two quick claw swipes. 6% per swipe. Good priority cancels out many projectiles helping out against campy characters.
    • Dash Attack – Running headbutt. Has good vertical knockback. 13%. Horrid ending lag makes this move easily punishable.
    • Strong Side – Punches while leaning his body forward. Can be aimed up or down. Similar to Wario 12%. Has decent KO potential at later percentages.
    • Strong Up – Swats the air above him. A decent juggling move given its priority. 14%. This is also a very powerful KO move and can KO lightweights at about 70% given its surprising speed.
    • Strong Down – Claw swipes while crouched. Does two hits. First hit is 15%, second is 12%. High knockback for its kind with speed make this another speedy KO move.
      • Side Smash – Rears back and then performs a very strong headbutt. Two hits. Fully charged first hit does 16% damage, second hit right after does 34% (total of 46% damage). This makes it the most damaging side smash in the game. If used correctly this can prevent shield grabbing. A highly shield damaging move with enough shieldstun to help prevent countering. The very last hit does Fire damage and has a small explosion effect.
      • Up Smash – Pounces on all fours and jumps straight up, hitting with his shell. Opponents who only shield his jump will be hit by him landing. Very high knockback. Fully charged does 30% damage.
      • Down Smash – Retracts into his shell and spins. Limited suction. Multi-hit attack that does up to 31% damage fully charged. Very high knockback.
      • Ledge attack – Quickly spins onto the stage, then retreats back a bit. 8% damage.
      • 100% ledge attack – Slowly climbs onto stage, and does a quick claw jab. 11% damage.
      • Floor attack – Slams body forward, then back. Does two hits. Both hits do 6% damage.
      • Trip attack – Gets up while facing backwards, and does a claw swipe that brings him facing forward. 6% damage.

Aerial Attacks

      • Neutral Aerial – Spins around inside his shell. 17% damage with low knockback that has very low KO potential.
      • Forward Aerial – Slashes in the air in front rather quickly. 15% damage. Decent knockback with surprising speed.
      • Back Aerial – Thrusts out his shell behind him. High knockback. 14% damage. High ending lag on the ground. It also slides Bowser slightly forward thus aiding in recovery.
      • Up Aerial – Swings his head upward with a little but noticable startup lag but little ending lag in the air. 19% damage with incredibly high knockback make it one of the best up airs in the game in power. High ending lag on the ground.
      • Down Aerial – Retracts into his shell and spins himself into the ground. Limited shockwave if hits the ground. It can Meteor Smash when hit by the last hit, but it’s weak and overall not recommended. Multi-hit attack that does up to 23% damage. High aerial lag and ground lag.

Grabs & Throws

      • Pummel – Hits foe with his head. 4% damage. Very slow pummel.
      • Forward Throw – Launches foe forward using his head. 13% damage. Decent knockback, but will rarely KO.
      • Back Throw – Turns around, and tosses foe forward. 12% damage. Decent knockback and better at KOs than forward throw, but still rarely KOs.
      • Up Throw – Bowser tosses foe upwards, retreats into his shell, and spins, damaging the foe with his spikes. 13% damage. Decent but set knockback.
      • Down Throw – Sets opponent on floor, then flings himself forward, performing a body slam on his opponent. 14% damage.


      • Up: Throws his head back and roars.
      • Right Side: Snaps furiously forward five times.
      • Down: Balances precariously on one leg.

Stage Entrance – Emerges from a pillar of flame

My Thoughts

Bowser could be buffed up in terms of speed and jumping height since those seems to be his disadvantages.