Veteran: Mario

A burning village. A burning kingdom. Fire sweeps across the palace walls and darkens them black. The beautiful pained glass shatters from the intense heat that roars; spinning around the once mighty castle. Around it, the kingdom burns with a greedy light. The denizens run screaming, pleading for help, and fleeing for their lives. This once beautiful kingdom, full of Toads, flowers, and mushrooms, is only a smoldering cinder and, in the village square, a lone mustached plumber stands; staring at the sky. Up in the dark red sky, a floating mechanical isle lies floating; surveying the destruction. The plumber clenches his fists in anger and bounds off towards the floating mechanical isle.

Taken from Super Smash Bros. Dojo

Mario from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Mario

Universe: Mario

First Game: Donkey Kong (1981)

Element Alignment: Fire

Affinity: Good

Purpose for Fighting: Love

Availability: Starter

Mario returns again to the Smash party as a balanced fighter! It would be ridiculous to not include him in SSB4 since he is literally the face of Nintendo. He has appeared in every single Smash game from Super Smash Bros. 64 to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, it would be interesting if a few new changes was made to him. For example, Mario moves and actions should be based off the Mario Galaxy series since it is the most up-to-date version of Mario as well as his Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Bros 3D Land.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

The first change is removing F.L.U.D.D. from Mario`s special Down B and adding Cloud Mario. Another notable change is being able to walljump out of a Super Jump Punch at any time during his recovery move. Mario`s Up smash, down smash, back and forward throw do more damage and easier to KO with. Down tilt now hits opponents up. Fireballs do 1% more Fire damage. Forward aerial meteor has a large meteor smash hit box.

Mario`s Special B Move Set

  • B – Fireball
  • Side B -Cape
  • Up B – Super Jump Punch
  • Down B – Cloud Mario

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash: Mario Finale
  • Final Melee: Fire Tornado
  • Final Brawl: Fire Giant Crush


Cloud Mario enables Mario to erect a wall made out of clouds to stop or halt attacks. Mario can also hit the cloud to send it flying into opponents to cause 1between 10-13% damage depending on the distance of the opponent. Mario can also use this ability to stop himself from flying off the side of the stage since his movements stops when he comes into contact with the wall.

Mario Finale is Mario`s Final Smash. It has the same properties as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Mario`s hands begin to charge with flame. He spins around and then thrusts his hands forward and aburst of fire engulfs the screen.

Fire Tornado causes Mario to begin spinning which can be increased by spinning the joys tick on the controller. A fiery tornado erupts from Mario and erupts upwards much like a tornado of fire. It causes around 55-75% damage with an additional 10% damage with the right perks. It has a high vertical knockback after the final smash ends.

Beginning Cinematic: Mario`s entire body begins to flame out and he spins around and does a Mario Tornado.

Fire Giant Crush is Mario”s Final Brawl. Mario swallows a Mushroom and grows to a giant size. Fire begins dancing around in his hands and slaps them together. A bang of fire erupts out if them. He then takes his hands and slams them down onto the opponent with earth-shattering results. Fire sprays everywhere and a fire storm erupts. Mario returns back to his original size. The attack does 68-73% Fire damage.

Proposed Stage: Starship Mario

Proposed New Taunts

  • NEW Right Side – Twirls around twice and then thrusts his hand out to give a peace sign.
  • NEW Left Side – Jumps up while thrusting one fist into the air (similar to his openining animation when Mario enters the stage except no pipe).

Proposed New Stage Entrance – Mario crashes down via a star found up in the sky. He then quickly adjusts his hat and says “Let’s a go!” (taken from Mario Galaxy)

Proposed New Palette Swap

Bee Mario Palette Swap – Brown Hat, yellow overalls, black shirt, and brown shoes.

Proposed Buy able Costumes

Penguin Suit (from Super Mario Bros. Wii)

  • Attributes: Changes Mario’s elemental alignment from Fire to Ice, Mario slides longer with running dash, faster when swimming.

Tanooki Suit (from Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario 3D Land)

  • Attributes: Changes Mario’s elemental alightment from Fire to Wind, Mario glides longer when falling, Mario’s basic A attack is a hit from his Tanooki Tail

Current Mario Move Set (taken from SmashWikia):

Changes made in BOLD

Ground Moves

  • Neutral Attack – Punches with his left, then his right, and then kicks with his right foot. All are from Super Mario 64. Beneficial in making combos. First hit jab locks character laying on the ground and does 3% damage, second punch does 2%, and kick does 4% for a total of 9%.
  • Forward Tilt -Power Kick- Does a roundhouse kick with his right leg. Has average damage and knockback, but has better reach than his other tilts (it is still short). Has some IASA frames. Does 11%.
  • Up Tilt -Uppercut- Delivers an uppercut while spinning. Similar to a move in Super Mario RPG. Average damage and above-average knockback. An excellent juggler that can be combod into itself, a up smash, and a uair juggle. 7% damage.
  • Down Tilt -Crouch Kick- Sweeps low to the ground with his leg. Though it has a very fast start-up, it deals very little damage, has high ending lag, low knockback, very low hitstun, and very short reach. Throws opponents upwards. Deals 6% if Mario’s foot connects, while hitting with his leg/body deals 8%.
  • Dash Attack – Leg Sweep- Slides forward and kicks with both feet. Also from Super Mario 64. Has low diagonal knockback behind Mario that is difficult to follow up on. (Has IASA frames near the end.) Does 9% if connected with the initial hitbox, does 7% if it hits later.
  • Side Smash – Fire Smash- Steps back and then forward, causing a blast of fire out of his hand. One of Mario’s best reaching moves (though its reach is only average at best). It has rather fast start-up for a forward smash but it does have punishable ending lag. Damage and knockback is highest when sweetspotted at the flame. Can also be angled up and down. It has low base knockback but its knockback scaling when sweetspotted is very high. This is Mario’s most powerful attack and can be considered his best finisher. The attack is derived form Mario’s ability to shoot fireballs. Does 14% if Mario’s arm connects and 17% if the fire connects; angling up increases the damage to 15%/18% and angling down decreases it to 13%/16%. If fully charged, deals 19.6% (arm) or 23.8% (fire) (angled up: 21%/25.2%, angled down: 18.2%/22.4%). The sweetspot is a hitbox with transcendent priority.
  • Up Smash – Head Snap- Sends opponents skyward with a headbutt. Has fast start-up lag and its ending lag is rather low as well. It does have good base knockback and knockback scaling, but its KO power is rather average for a up smash. This is Mario’s only other reliable finisher and it is his only attack that can KO vertical under 150%. 16% uncharged and 20% fully charged.
  • Down Smash – Breakdance Kick- Does a breakdance sweep. Like Mario’s other attacks, it has fast start-up and ending lag but short reach. While stronger than his tilts and aerials, it isn’t strong enough to reliably KO under 150%. Another attack from Super Mario 64. The front hit deals 17% damage (22% charged), while the back hit does 13% (15% charged). Does moderate knock back.
  • Ledge Attack (below 100%) – Does a somersault and then kicks upwards, from a laying down position. 8% to those on the stage and 6% to those extremely close by.
  • Ledge Attack (above 100%) – Gets up then does a kick similar to his forward tilt. Does 10%.
  • Floor Attack (faceup) – Gets up then kicks behind him, then in front of him. Does 6%.
  • Floor Attack (facedown) – Gets up then punches behind him, then in front of him. Does 6%.
  • Floor Attack (sitting) – Kicks behind him, then in front of him while getting up. Does 5%.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Air Kick- Performs a Sex Kick kick in the air. Similar to an attack from Super Mario 64. Its almost instantaneous start-up can be used to break certain chainthrows and combos but it has low knockback and short reach. Initially does 10%, then 5% afterwards.
  • Forward Aerial -Meteor Punch-Lowercuts. This is a slow Meteor Smash if it is sweetspotted. It is a very weak meteor smash that is difficult to land, but it does have the benefit of sending opponents on a diagonal trajectory instead of straight down. When sourspotted, it sends opponents on a horizontal trajectory with decent knockback. Does 15% when sweetspotted, does 11% when sourspotted, and 10% if landed with the later hitbox.
  • Back Aerial -Back Kick- Spins and kicks backward. Similar to his Fair in the original Super Smash Bros.. Very fast start-up with decent reach and knockback. Can WoP at low to mid percentages and KO at very high percentages (but not below 150% outside of edgeguard situations). Does 12% when the initial hitbox is landed, does 7% if landed with the later hitbox.
  • Up Aerial -Flip Kick- Does a somersault and kicks upward. Very low start-up and ending lag with low knockback, it works very well as a juggler at low to mid percentages. Does 11% with diagonal knockback.
  • Down Aerial – Mario Tornado. Spins with fists then strikes with both on opposite sides. Like the original move, it looks somewhat like the Spin Jump from various Mario games, such as Super Mario World. Similar to his other aerials, it has almost no start-up with short reach, but it does have some ending lag. The final hit does low vertical knockback. Hits 5 times for 1% each before a final hit of 7% for a total of 12%. If Mario lands while spinning, nearby opponents receive 2%.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel -Grab Headbutt- Headbutt for 3% damage. One of the slowest pummels in the game.
  • Forward Throw – Single Spin- Mario spins around once then throws his opponent in front of him. It has low knockback scaling even for a throw. It is mostly only used to get the opponent off the edge. Does 10%.
  • Back Throw – Tornado Spin- Mario whirls around several times then throws his opponent backwards. It is similar to when Mario grabs Bowser by the tail, and then swings him around in an attempt to throw into the bombs in Super Mario 64. While a very slow throw, he can damage other characters with the character he is swinging around. This is by far Mario’s strongest throw and its knockback scaling is high enough to reliably KO around 185%. While powerful for a throw, it is very slow, making it very easy to DI, limiting its KO potential. It is also Mario’s most damaging throw dealing 14%.
  • Up Throw – Sky Hurl- Mario throws his opponent high into the air. Good base knockback but it has low knockback scaling. It can be follow up by a uair juggle but is mostly inferior to the down throw for setting up. Does 8%.
  • Down Throw – Slamdown- Mario slams his opponent into the ground. Its low base knockback and knockback scaling with its vertical trajectory makes it great for setting up with a u-tilt and uair juggle, but it is Mario’s weakest throw otherwise. Does 6%.


    • Up – Turns into Super Mario. The way he does it is how he changes in the original Super Mario Bros, what goes up must come down. (Same as in SSB and Melee.)
    • Down – Spins in the air and falls on his back, based on the dying animation from the original Donkey Kong.

My Thoughts

Mario should be based off his appearances in Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Bros. Wii just as how SSBB Mario was based off from Mario Sunshine. Mario will always be a mainstay in the SSB universe so including him is a no brainer.