Veteran: Pikmin and Olimar

The forest was in chaos. Trees were being uprooted and even thecwarfgdf was terrified. The forest itself seemed angry and lashed at a invisible enemy. The brightly colored creatures, the Pikmin, were hanging to whatever was in sight. They wre grabbing onto the nearest thing….errr person. Captain Olimar, himself, was having a hard time holding onto the ground. The trees roots were ripping up the ground, branches lashed like whips in the air, and the windows like knives. Fortunately, Captain Olimar had just repaired his spaceship. He loaded him and all his Pikmin. He took off in the spaceship to the sky to escape the rampaging forest. As he broke through the tree line, he spotted a floating mechanical isle over the forest; a strange light emitting from it. Captain Olimar nodded to his Pikmin and went after the floating mechanical island.

Pikmin and Olimar from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Pikmin and Olimar

Universe: Pikmin

Debut: Pikmin (2001)

Element Alignment: Earth

Affinity: Good

Reason for Fighting: Home

Pikim and Olimar is a unique character from the Pikmin series. He crash landed on a Distant Planet which had a high level of oxygen which is fatal to his species. He enlists the aid of Pikmin to salvage his space ship and to return home.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Olimar returns with a few nerfs. His Purple Pikmin . Olimars elemental Pikmin attacks become much stronger and faster dpeneding on the opposing elemental alignment of the character. As well, he throw animation is a bit faster, he has added weight if he has more Pikmin, his throws are a bit more damaging, and his Pikmin throw move for half a second, suspends him in mid air.

Pikmin and Olimar’s Special B Move Set

    • B – Pikmin Pluck
    • Side B – Pikmin Throw
    • Up B – Pikmin Chain
    • Down B – Pikmin Order

Final Trio

  • Final Smash: End of Day
  • Final Melee: Pikmin March
  • Final Brawl: Pikmin Cyclone


End of Day is Pikmin and Olimars Final Smash. It has the same properties as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Olimar jumps up and down as the spaceship appears from the ground. He grabs the Pikmin and jumps on board.

Pikmin March is Pikmin and Olimar’s Final Melee. Olimar whistles and a huge crowd of Pikmin of random types appear. The Pikmin will follow Olimar no matter where he goes. The strategy is to run into opponents. This will cause the Pikmin to run into the opponents and cause damage. The Red Pikmin does 5% damage, the Blue Pikmin does 5% damage, the Yellow Pikmin does 4% damage, the White Pikmin does 3% damage, and the Purple Pikmin does 7% damage for each hit. Pikmin March lasts for 10 seconds before it vanishes. The Pikmin appear randomly so it’s almost impossible to calculate how much damage is actually does. However, the red and blue appear the most while the yellow and white are less and the purple even less.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Olimar whistles and four Pikmin pop up from the ground. Then 10 more, and then ten more. Pretty soon the entire ground is covered in random Pikmin. He then stands up and points forward and they jump up.

Olimar Smash is Pikmin and Olimar’s Final Brawl. Olimar calls his Pikmin and they spring up from the ground. They then start crowding the opponent and forma whirlpool of Pikmin. It raises up from the ground like a tornado and tosses the opponent into the sky. It does high vertical knock back and deals 65-68% damage.

Proposed New Stage – Forest of Hope

Proposed New Taunt(s)

  • Left Side – Pikmin nods his head back and forth as if swaying to music.

Proposed Palette Swap

Blue Olimar

Proposed DLC Costumes

Louie Costume (from Pikmin 2)

  • Attributes: Olimar and Pikmin’s weight decreases by 2%, speed increases by 3%, throwing distance increases by 5%, projectile attack power decreases by 2%, shield decreases by 2%, and some attacks have longer animation frames

Pikmin and Olimar’s Move Set (taken from the SmashWikia)

Olimar-Only Attacks


  • Neutral attack (jab) – Olimar headbutts twice, but hits three times. The antenna on his head deals slight damage, but not knockback. 15% damage (the last 10% is on the final hit, which connects with opponents in front of, above and behind Olimar, in that order).
  • Dash attack – Olimar does sort of a tripping cartwheel. 11% damage. Primarily vertical knockback.
  • Strong Side (stilt) – Olimar kicks both legs forward, falling to the ground. 6% damage and decent knockback at higher percentages.
  • Strong Up (u-tilt) – Olimar jumps a little and spins in place, hitting multiple times. The last hit has significant knockback. Similar to his neutral aerial. 11% damage. Higher priority than his up smash. Has super-armor frames at the beginning.
  • Strong Down (d-tilt) – Olimar does a headbutt along the ground and gains slight distance. 8% damage. Minimal knockback, combos well into up-tilt/smash early on, and is an excellent setup move at higher percentages. Helmet antenna will do 2% damage and knockback if it connects by itself.


  • Neutral Aerial (nair) – Olimar spins in place, hitting multiple times. The last hit has significant knockback. 12% damage. Excellent in certain short-hop combos.

Pikmin Attacks

All of the Following moves use the next Pikmin in line, and knockback and damage depend on the Pikmin’s color. After use, the Pikmin goes to the back of the line. (This is assuming it survived; during the up and side smashes, the attacking Pikmin is vulnerable to attack, just as if Olimar had thrown it using his side special.) Grabs work the same way. Generally, Olimar’s aerial moves have higher priority if used earlier (Particularly his up aerial, which interrupts virtually everything if used early enough).

  • Forward Smash – throws a Pikmin in front of him. It deals damage and knockback rather than latching on. A weak hit will occur if the Pikmin connects as it falls, making this move good for edge-guarding – but the Pikmin will die if thrown off the edge unless quickly called to Olimar’s side via Pikmin order. Red Pikmin: 15% uncharged, 21% fully charged. Blue Pikmin: 15% uncharged, 21% fully charged. Yellow Pikmin: 13% uncharged, 18% fully charged. White Pikmin: 9% uncharged, 12% fully charged. Purple Pikmin: 18% uncharged, 25% fully charged.
  • Up Smash – Tosses a Pikmin a short distance into the air. It is Olimar’s fastest smash, and it has surprising forward range. Red Pikmin: 15% uncharged, 21% fully charged. Blue Pikmin: 15% uncharged, 21% fully charged. Yellow Pikmin: 14% uncharged, 19% fully charged. White Pikmin: 9% uncharged, 12% fully charged. Purple Pikmin: 16% uncharged, 22% fully charged.
  • Down Smash – Throws out Pikmin a short distance to either side (uses the next two in order). Has no vertical knockback, making it useful against heavyweights and/or characters with short horizontal recovery (i.e. Ganondorf or ). Marth). Red Pikmin: 13% uncharged, 18% fully charged. Blue Pikmin: 12% uncharged, 16% fully charged. Yellow Pikmin: 11% uncharged, 15% fully charged. White Pikmin: 6% uncharged, 8% fully charged. Purple Pikmin: 15% uncharged, 21% fully charged.
  • Forward Aerial – Smacks a medium-short range with a Pikmin. Swings in an arc. At the end of the move, the Pikmin will be slightly behind Olimar, dealing a powerful blow to anything there. Red Pikmin: 15%, Blue: 13%, Yellow: 12%, White: 5%, Purple: 14%.
  • Back Aerial – Similar to the forward aerial, only behind Olimar and more of a horizontal arc. Will deal a powerful blow to enemies close in front of Olimar in the first few frames. Red: 13%, Blue: 13%, Yellow: 12%, White: 5%, Purple: 13%.
  • Up Aerial – Thrusts a Pikmin above his head (multi-hit, with the last hit having significant knockback). Ideal KO move when used with a red Pikmin. Red: 25%, Blue: 22%, Yellow: 16%, White: 9%, Purple: 22%.
  • Down Aerial – Thrusts a Pikmin under himself. Short-ranged. The first few frames can spike, the strongest spike belonging to the Red Pikmin and the weakest belonging to the White Pikmin. The sweet spot for spiking is diagonally below the Captain. Can spike at low percents depending on weight of victim and recovery trajectory/length. Red: 16%, Blue: 14%, Yellow: 12%, White: 8%, Purple: 14%.

Grabs & Throws

Olimar himself does no grabbing or throwing; instead, he has the next Pikmin in order dash forward and do the grabbing and throwing for him. (This is an extended grab.) All Pikmin (except the Purple ones) have decent grabbing range, with the White, Blue and Red Pikmin having the longest grab range in the game.

  • Pummel – Pikmin attacks with headbutt. The Pikmin deal their respective damage per hit: 2% for Red, 2% for Blue, 2% for Yellow, 4-6% for White, and 2% for Purple.
  • Forward Throw – Pikmin leaps into the air, latches onto the opponent, and then pushes itself off. With Blue Pikmin, it has very high damage and knockback for a throw. Red: 6%, Blue: 13%, Yellow: 7%, White: 6%, Purple: 7%.
  • Back Throw – Pikmin latches onto opponent and jumps backwards while slamming them into the ground. One of the strongest back throws in the game when performed by a blue Pikmin. Red: 7%, Blue: 14%, Yellow: 9%, White: 7%, Purple: 9%.
  • Up Throw – Pikmin leaps into the air (while holding opponent), turns the opponent upside-down, then slams them into the ground. With the Purple Pikmin, it is by far the strongest up throw in the game, being able to even star KO under 125%. It is overall the second strongest throw in the game (only Ness’s back throw is stronger). Red: 9%, Blue: 12%, Yellow: 11%, White: 6%, Purple: 11%. Unlike Kirby’s up throw, this cannot be used to kill both the opponent and the thrower (in this case, the Pikmin); if used next to the very edge, the Pikmin will seem to back up in the air slightly before coming down.
  • Down Throw – Pikmin slams opponent on ground, then leaps quite high to land on the victim. Can be used to chaingrab fastfallers and heavyweights, like King Dedede. Red: 9%, Blue: 12%, Yellow: 8%, White: 6%, Purple: 8%.


  • Up: Jumps joyfully as if he had gained a new part for the Dolphin. Similar to the Ice Climbers’ up taunt.
    Side: Lays down on the ground as if he were asleep, then rolls over and gets up. Similar to Pikachu’s down taunt.
    Down: Plants feet and spins his hips twice.

Stage Entrance

  • Arrives in his spaceship, disembarks, and the spaceship flies off.

My Thoughts

I have always enjoyed playing as Pikmin and Olimar but I never could master or understand how he’s played so I am not a Pikmin and Olimar expert in anyway. I proposed a few nerfs to balance him out but added a few buffs in terms of throwing and elemental attack damage. If you have bay ideas, I’d greatly appreciate them!