Pokémon: Giratina

Giratina from Pokemon Black and White

Name: Giratina

Universe: Pokèmon

Debut: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Move Used: Shadow Force

Rarity: Rare

Availability: Unlockable

Giratina is the Renegade Pokémon. It is a dual Ghost/Dragon type Pokémon.

Giratina uses Shadow Force causes the summoner and Giratina to vanish instantly from view. 5 seconds after that, Giratina delivers a devastating attack in the right, center, or left area of the stage. It resembles a pillar of dark space matter that reaches up fairly high and delivers 45-55% Dark damage depending on the location from the core of the attack.  It is a very strong attackthat does high vertical and diagonal damage.  After the attack, Giratina and the summoner appear.  After that, Giratina vanishes in a dark space vortex.

My Thoughts

Giratina is one of the Diamond/Pearl/Plantinum Legendary Pokemon that I felt should of appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  However, Giratina was expanded more so in Plantinum which came out after Brawl.  Therefore, it`s no wonder he wasn`t featured in Brawl.