Veteran: Pikachu

A lush, beautiful world full of promise and possibilities. Mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, deserts, villages, cities, hopes, and dreams. That was until the world began to crumble apart. Storm clouds grew and enveloped the mountains and rained down ruin upon the surface. Lighting struck trees and mountain tops; fires broke out and mountains were torn apart at the seams. This once beautiful world was soon posed to collapse. In the center of the storms a hovering mechanical isle floated high in the sky. The lightning seemed to emanate and grow from it and create these violent storms. Amongst the storm stood a solitary creature yet defiant of the storms. This creature frowned at the storms that raked across the lands and off, in a streak of pure lightning, to meet the storms threat.

Pikachu from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Pikachu

Universe: Pokémon

First Game: Pokémon Red and Blue (1998)

Elemental Alignment: Lightning

Purpose for Fighting: Bonds

Availability: Starter

Pikachu comes back to the Super Smash Bros. world along with it’s quick lightning attacks. This electric rat Pokémon can shock opponents with it’s electrical attacks. Pikachu hasn’t seen any updates so much since Brawl however, it has a feel new tricks up its sleeves that come from the new Generation V. However, in terms of Pikachu’s overall score, Pikachu shouldn’t be buffed or nerfed in any way.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Pikachu’s most biggest change is it’s new Side B move, Wild Charge Wild Charge takes less time to charge and can be canceled by shielding out of it. It is faster but travels less than Skull Bash. Secondly, Pikachu’s Fair, Bair, and Dair does more shield damage. Lastly, Pikachu can’t chain throw anymore but its throws have received major buffs in terms of damage.

Proposed Special B Move Set

  • B – Thunder Jolt
  • Side B – Wild Charge
  • Up B – Quick Attack
  • Down B: Thunder

The Final Trio


Wild Charge acts very similar to Skull Bash but it doesn’t require as long of a charge time as well as adds electrical damage when hit. Pikachu envelopes itself in electrical energy until it is glowing yellow. It then blasts forward in a crackling ball of electricity. Anyone hit by the attack will receive 20% electrical damage. Wild Charge can be stopped by attacks unless it is an lightning element attack which will increase the damage with an additional 5% when contacted.

Discharge is Piakchu’s new Final Smash. Pikachu jumps high in the air and begins to gather energy. It says “Piiiiiiikaaaa….” as electrical energy starts crackling around Pikachu’s body. Anyone close to Pikachu at this time receives 2% damage for every hit and the attack usually hits 3 times in one second. In a sudden electricla blast, Pikachu screams “Chuuuu!!” and a intense electrical storms erupts on the stage; damaging anyone within the radius. Those closest to Pikachu incur around 65-78%. Those farther from Pikachu gets deducted -10% damage. It has high vertical and horizontal knockback and huge KO potential.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Pikachu crouches and then begins to store energy. Lightning begins to zap around the screen and clouds become darker.

Volt Tackle is Pikachu`s new Final Melee. It has the same properties and design as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Pikachu begins saying Piiiiiikaaaaa… and a sudden lighting burst strikes Pikachu and it finishes by saying chuuuuuu!!!

Thunderpunch is Pikachu’s Final Brawl. Pikachu`s fist begins glowing with electricty which shines in the dakrness. It rushes forward while tearing the ground. Pikachu runs along as electricity is exploding everywhere around it’s tiny fist. Pikachu rushes into the opponent and slams the Thunder Punch into the opponent cause a massive electrical explosion that pierces the sky. Pikachu then gets up as the bright light fades and looks back at the camera with a serious, determined expression. The attack does 68% Lightning damage and has a high horizontal knock back and can KO opponents as high as 55%.

    Proposed Stage– Castella City

    Proposed New Taunt(s)

    • NEW Right Side – Pikachu sits on its bottom, scratches his ears with its leg, and says “Pikachu!”

    Proposed Palette Swaps

    Hilbert Palette Swap – Pikachu wears a hat very similar to Hilberts.

    N Palette Swap – Pikachu wears N’s menger’s sponge that hangs off his belt around it’s neck (like bling bling).

    Proposed Buy-able Costumes

    Flying Pikachu (from various Pokémon games and events)

    • Attributes: Pikachu’s attacks gain Wind damage instead of Lightning damage, Pikachu becomes 10% floatier, and jumps 15% higher.

    Current Pikachu Move Set (Taken from SmashWikia)
    Changes in BOLD

    Ground Attacks

    • Neutral Attack – Quick headbutts. Can be held, or just pressed. 2% damage each hit. It may also cause tripping and it has a disjointed, invisible hitbox like Snake’s f-tilt and u-tilt. Best used against an opponent when they are next to a wall to rack up very high damage.
    • Dash Attack – Bashes target with its head like a mini Skull Bash. Laggy in completion, easily shield grabbed. 7% damage.
    • Strong Side – Sticks both feet forward. Really short range. 9% damage. Nicknamed “Mega Kick”.
    • Strong Up – Swings tail in an arc above itself, good for juggling fast fallers. 7% damage
    • Strong Down – Does a quick, low tail whip. Can attack twice, first tripping and then knocking away if you tap fast enough. 7% damage.
    Smash Attacks
    • Side Smash – Pikachu charges bolt of electricity in front of it, causing a lot of knockback when released. If Pikachu uses or charges its side smash with a battering item, it will have a straight face. If it does so with a Smash Ball, its face takes on an evil expression. The further away Pikachu’s opponent is, the less damage it does. Does 20% uncharged, but 28% charged. Has some starting lag and minimal ending lag.
    • Up Smash – Flips very fast, attacking with its tail. 13% uncharged, 19% charged. Great move to use after Down Throw. Powerful vertical killer. A strategy involves using this to combo to Thunderspike to get a Star KO.
    • Down Smash – Spins on the floor and releases electricity. 15% uncharged, 21% charged. Good move for racking up damage, and a reliable finisher. If the opponent flies directly up after a Down Smash, Thunder can quickly be used for a reliable Star KO. Almost no starting lag and some ending lag. An amazing panic option move for spacing. Helps with Stale Move Negation.
    • Ledge attack- Does a somersault that hurts opponents. 8% damage.
    • Over 100% ledge attack- Kicks up then whacks opponents with its tail. 10% damage.
    • Floor attack- Does a sweeper kick. 10% damage.
    • Trip attack- Does a sweeper kick with its tail. 5% damage.

    Aerial Attacks

    • Neutral aerial – Spins in a ball. Decent knockback and power. Still has hitboxes while on the ground, decent priority. kills most characters at 130% 12% damage. Pikachu’s best aerial KO move.
    • Forward aerial – An electric drill-like move forward. Lags on the ground but still sets up for a grab or down smash. 11% if all 5 hits make contact last hit has minimal knockback.
    • Back aerial – Spins like a disc and hits multiple times. Lags on the ground. 11% damage if all hits connect. Good for chasing your opponents DI. Very high aerial lag.
    • Up aerial – Swings tail while flipping forward. Very weak attack. Certain tail frames send opponent away at an angle good for gimping at high percentages. 6% damage. Best used to push opponents off in aerial combat. Has almost no KOing potential.
    • Down aerial – An electric drill-like move downward. Has hitboxes while on the ground. 12% damage. Lags on contact with ground, can be lag canceled if done while rising. Has horizontal konckback. Cannot spike.

    Grabs & Throws

    • Pummel – Shocks opponent. Fairly quick. 1-2% per hit. Best if used rythmically because of slight afterlag.
    • Back Throw – Tumbles with opponent back and throws them back. 12% damage. High knock back at 50% or higher.
    • Forward Throw – Places opponent on back and electrocutes them forward. Does 12% damage. Good for countering Stale Move Negation because it hits multiple times.
    • Up Throw – Headbutts opponent upward. Can combo with Thunder. 11% damage.
    • Down Throw – Slams on top of opponent. Can chain throw certain characters. Has a 0-death on Fox.14% if fresh, 10% after 4th use.


    • Up: Pikachu creates rings of electricity around it, saying “Piiiiiii!”
    • Down: Pikachu rolls on its back and says “Pikaaaahh!”.
    • Side: Turns to the camera, waving both paws and says “Pika, Pika!” (same as Melee)

    Stage Entrance – A Poke Ball is thrown and Pikachu pops out.

    My Thoughts

    Pikachu was a solid character in both SSB and SSBB so I see no need to buff or nerf Pikachu. I suggest keeping Pikachu the same as in Brawl with a few buffs here and there to even him out.