Veteran: Pokémon Trainer

The crowd was roaring. It was chanting in unison: Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon! The young Pokemon Trainer stood on the tournament platform; his hand raised at his most recent victory. His opponents Pokemon laid unconscious on the ground but, the Pokemon has put up a good fight and deserved a rest. The Pokemon Trainers Pokemon gathered all around him+ Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard and celebrated in the victory. The fought well and hard and deserved a reward. Pokemon Trainer gazed out at the crwod but it began to melt away. Everything around him was melting and fading to black. Within an instant, his entire world was a black void. He heard a menacingly laugh in the darkness and, with an command, ordered Charziard, Squirtlem, and Ivysaur to attack the black void. But the attack was in vain and, one by one, his Pokemon began to fall to the ground. The Pokemon Trainer began to slip into a deep sleep and, soon, knew nothing but the chants of: Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon.

Pokemon Trainer from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Pokémon Trainer




Universe: Pokemon

Debut: Pokemon Red and Blue (1998)

Element Alignment: Water (Squirtle)

Ground (Ivysaur)

Fire (Charizard)

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: To become the Best

Availability: Starter

The Pokémon Trainer is a unique character because he is, fact, four characters in one. Pokemon Trainer can switch Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle throughout the battle. While he is hampered by a Stamina Decline effect, he can still confuse opponents by switching out different fighting styles. Squirtle is a light but fast character, Ivysaur is a evenly balance character, and Charizard is a slow but strong character that can fly. Each have their own strengths and waknesses and brings them to the stage in SSB4!

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Pokemon Trainer

  • The Loading times between switching Pokemon out is much faster.


  • Squirtle`s Water Gun attack has much more pushback. It has knock over opponent at higher levels as well. As well, Squirtle`s Withdraw attack has Super Armor during the shell animations. Squirtle is unable to drown when in water.


  • Ivysaur recieves a temporary boost with doing its Dair move. It can cause a boost that slightly pushes Ivysaur upward. As well, it hits much harder and can Meteor Smash lower opponents. Bullet Seed`s initital hit is unescapable via SDI however, the seeds that comes from Ivysaur is a bit slower than before. Down Smash hits more avorably and higher priority than other attacks.


  • Charizard has now more 8% Super Armor while gliding thus reduces the amount of flinching when hit. Charizards jab combo hits properly and connects well. Charizards Forward and Back aerial does more damage to shields and it`s back Bair can be sweetspotted for more damage. Forward Smash has a higher KO potential. When using Rock Smash, Charizard moves a little forward in the air. Charizard`s Down Smash has Super Armor only when stomping.

Squirtle Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Water Gun
  • Side B – Withdraw
  • Up B – Waterfall
  • Down B – Pokemon Change

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Triple Finish
  • Final Melee – Surf
  • Final Brawl – Team Battle


Triple Finish is Squirtle`s Final Smash. It works much like before and suffers no changes.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer pulls down his cap and points upward. Squirtle jumps up in a splash of water.

Surf is Squirtle`s Final Melee. Squirtle releases a torrent of water which appears as a immense geyser and begins pushing off opponents on the stage. Water surges everywhere and the other players can either drown, be pushed off the side, or be attacked by Squirtle. During this Final Melee, Squirtle can swim and attack opponents while in the water. While Squirtle`s attacks retain the same damage percentage, they have 30% more higher knock back than before. The attack lasts 15 minutes which, when the time runs out, the geysers vanishes. In a enclosed stage or a stage with walls on the sides, the water fills out and creates a pool. This can cause opponents to drown. The Final Melee does no damage to opponents.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer raises his hand and says “Drown them!” Squirtle then spews out a wave of water.

Team Battle is Squirtle`s Final Brawl. Squirtle attacks the opponent by slamming into them with his shell. Charzizard and Ivysaur is released during then. Ivysaur entangles them in vines while Charizard blasts the opponent with a pillar of fire. It does 65% Fire, Water, and Earth damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer holds Charizard`s and Ivysaur`s Poke Balls and releases them. All three rush torwards the camera.

Ivysaur`s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Bullet Seed
  • Side B – Razor Leaf
  • Up B – Vine Whip
  • Down B – Pokemon Change

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Triple Finish
  • Final Melee – Leaf Storm
  • Final Brawl – Team Battle


Triple Finish is Ivysaur`s Final Smash. It works much like before and suffers no changes.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer brings his elbow down in a victory pose and points upwards. Ivysaur jumps up in a scatter of leaves.

Leaf Storm is Ivysaur’s Final Melee. Ivysaur unleashes a whirlwind of leafs that follows it wherever he goes. It hits three times per second for 2% damage. The leafs will always follow behind Ivysaur and will gather about him if he stops. It lasts for 9 seconds. It does a total of 72% Earth damage. The leaves have a wide aura and can damage within a wide radius. Pressing A can cause damage to go from 2% to 4% in one hit.

Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer claps his hands together and says “Slice them!” Ivysaur then releases a plethora of leaves.

Team Battle is Ivysaur`s Final Brawl. Ivysaur rushes in and strangles the enemy with vines. Squirtle then rushes in and slams them with his shell. Chazrizard than attacks with a huge burst of fire. It does 65% Fire, Water, and Earth damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer holds Charizard`s and Squirtle`s Poke Balls and releases them. All three rushes the camera.

Charizard`s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Flamethrower
  • Side B – Rock Smash
  • Up B – Fly
  • Down B – Pokemon Change

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Triple Finish
  • Final Melee – Firespin
  • Final Brawl – Team Battle

Triple Finish is Charizard`s Final Smash. It works much like before and suffers no changes.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer does a thumbs up and points upwards. Charizard jumps up in a fury of flames.

Firespin is Charzizard`s Final Melee. Charizard spouts out a pillar of flame which begins to rotate and float across the stage. Moving the analog stick left or right will direct the tornado diagonally and moving it up and down will move it vertically. It can only move down if there is no stage underneath it, It can pick up opponents into the tornado and burn them continuously. The attack lasts 10 seconds and does 7% Fire Damage per second thus totaling for 70% damage totally.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer shoots out his hand and grasps it while saying “Burn them!” Charizard then spouts out a burst of flame into the camera.

Team Battle is Charizard`s Final Smash. Charizard rushes in and blasts them with a burst of fire. Ivysaur then strangles them with vines and Squirtle then slams them with a Withdraw attack. It does 65% Fire, Water, and Earth damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The Pokemon Trainer holds Squirtle`s and Ivysaur`s Poke Balls and then releases them. the three then rushes at the camera.

Proposed New Stage: Pokemon Stadium 3

Proposed New Taunt(s)


  • Left Side: Squirtle folds it`s arms, stands up straight, and does a cool pose while saying Squuuuirtle.


  • Left Side: Ivysaur flips upside down and catches the ground with it`s vines and does a headstan dbut with it`s vines. It then flips back up and lands.


  • Left Side: Charizard lays down, folds it`s wings on it`s back, and begins to sleep. A sleep bubble comes from his nose. He is then startled, roars, and gets back up in a sleepy rage. A fairly long taunt.

Pokemon Trainer

  • Left Side: Quickly jabs his left arm to the left.

Proposed Palette Swaps

Brendan Costume

Attributes: No changes.

Hilbert Costume

Attributes: No changes.

Current Squirtle Move Set (taken from the SmashWikia)

Changes are in BOLD

Normal Moves

  • Neutral Attack – Squirtle punches once, then jumps forward and slaps with the tail, then flips forward and hits with the tail again. The second hit can trip foes sometimes, or simply lead into a grab. 3% on the first hit, 2% on the second hit, 4% on the third hit, a total of 9% damage.
  • Dash Attack – Squirtle runs, turns around while jumping, and hits with the back of its shell. Does the most damage when it comes out. Oddly, it usually knocks foes in a 45° trajectory angle behind Squirtle. A fairly awkward move in general. 6-10% damage.
  • Forward Tilt – Squirtle gets on all fours and slaps forward with its tail. Very quick, and can repeated in rapid succession. The move has short range, and can be angled slightly. 6% damage.
  • Up Tilt – Squirtle hops up onto its tail, thrusting upward. Very quick. Somewhat resembles R.O.B.’s, only Squirtle needs to jump to get some range. Squirtle’s small body becomes the hitbox for this move. This move can lead into itself, Waterfall if foe DIs right, an Up Smash, or an Up Aerial or Neutral Aerial. 6% damage.
  • Down Tilt – Squirtle gets on its belly and withdraws its arms and legs, then spins forward, sweeping with its tail. When Squirtle is not tired, this move can KO lighter foes at extreme, ~180% damage ranges. One of the stronger Down Tilts. Does around 9% damage, with a maximum of 13% damage possible.
  • Forward Smash – Squirtle withdraws into its shell and launches forward. It can be angled up or down. Has Super Armor frames, but short reach, long start-up and ending lag limits its effectiveness. 14 damage uncharged, 19% damage fully charged.
  • Up Smash – Squirtle jumps and slams its hands down on the ground causing geysers to rise on both sides of it, hitting a fairly large area, especially up. A powerful vertical finisher, this is Squirtle’s most powerful attack. 16% damage uncharged, 22% damage fully charged.
  • Down Smash – Squirtle withdraws into its shell and spins, shooting water out of both sides. This attack is a little weak and has short range – the small water burst and Squirtle’s grounded spinning shell. 11% damage uncharged, 15% damage fully charged.
  • Ledge Attack – Gets up and whips its tail forward. Similar to its Forward Tilt in both appearance and range. 8% damage.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Gets up and headbutts forward. Limited range. 10% damage.
  • Floor Attack – Spins. 6% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Withdraws into shell and spins in midair, releasing water from all sides. Good duration, also a good defensive move, due to its rather short range. 9% damage.
  • Forward Aerial – Thrusts both legs forward, hitting quickly. Fairly long duration and high knockback. Can KO off the stage at higher percents. Great for gimping. Has some Sex Kick properties. 12% damage when it comes out, 6% damage afterwards.
  • Back Aerial – Thrusts its tail backward, hitting quickly. Fairly long duration, decent knockback. Has Sex Kick properties. Also good for gimping and/or edgeguarding. 10% damage when it comes out, 6% damage afterwards.
  • Up Aerial – Flips upward, using its tail to knock opponents vertically. Somewhat weak, has a hard time KOing foes with good DI. 11% damage.
  • Down Aerial – Thrusts the tail downward, spinning around in a multi-hit attack. Similar to Mario‘s Down Aerial, but with more vertical range due to the tail. Last hit has decent knockback. Does 10% damage if all hits connect.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel – Headbutts them. 2% damage.
  • Forward Throw – Puts its opponent in front of it, then kicks them. 9% damage.
  • Back Throw – Puts its opponent behind it, and kicks their back. Has some KO power at ~150% damage. 10% damage.
  • Up Throw – Throws its opponent upward and tackles them while in its shell. Also has moderate KO power above 150% damage. 11% damage.
  • Down Throw – Throws its opponent on the ground and slams on top of them. Second strongest Down Throw in the game, and strongest Down Throw with horizontal knockback. Easily KOs around 130% damage. 7% damage.

Current Ivysaur Move set (taken from the SmashWiki)

Ground Moves

  • Neutral attack – Whips a vine, then another, then extends the range for repeated vine slaps. Normally, 3% damage the first hit, 2% damage the second hit, then 2% alternating with 1% for each other hit. Tired, 2% damage first hit, 1% damage second hit, then 1% for each other hit.
  • Dash Attack – Slides along the ground, headbutting foes. A powerful, if somewhat unsafe, KO move above 110%. Normally, 12% sweetspotted, 10% during the rest of the frames. Tired, 9% sweetspotted, 7% for the rest of the frames.
  • Forward Tilt – Leans forward and spins the leaves around the main bulb like a helicopter blade, hitting multiple times. Quick on start-up and stops run-ins cold, but requires good spacing to be effective, and has some ending lag. Normally, seven hits of 2% damage for a total of 14% damage. Tired, seven hits of 1%, 1%, 2%, 1%, 2%, 1%, then 1% for a total of 9% damage.
  • Up Tilt – Plants vines on the ground and launches body into the air. Normally, 7% damage. Tired, 6%-7% damage.
  • Down Tilt – Whips two vines quickly along the ground, hitting twice with good range. 2% damage on first hit, then 5% damage on second hit, for a total of 7% damage.
  • Forward Smash – Plants vines on the ground and launches the body forward. Great range, decent knockback, and returns to starting position afterwards, but comes with minor lag during start and finish. 16 damage uncharged, 22% damage fully charged.
  • Up Smash – Launches a burst of spores from the bulb. Appears to be Stun Spore, due to the colour of the spores. The strongest Up Smash in the game in terms of knockback, decent range, and a disjointed hitbox. The hitbox also covers Ivysaur’s sides to an extent. Has a high start-up lag. Best used while baiting a spotdodge/air dodge. 17 damage uncharged, 23% damage fully charged.
  • Down Smash – Quickly whips out vines across the ground simultaneously on both sides. Decent range and start-up speed, comes with minor ending lag. Has a high chance of causing the opponent to trip. 11% damage uncharged, 14% damage fully charged. Does moderate knock back.
  • Ledge Attack – Ivysaur returns to the stage with a vine flick. Good range and speed. 8% damage.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Ivysaur craws up onto the stage with a somewhat slow headbutt. 10% damage.
  • Floor Attack – Whips vines to one side then the other while returning to feet. 6% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Points head diagonally downwards and flattens leaves against body, spinning. Hits multiple times, the last hit having moderate knockback. Has mild spike properties underneath its hind legs; useful while edgeguarding. Has low priority. 10% damage.
  • Forward Aerial – Slaps forward with a vine, with decent damage and knockback, with a hitbox that ranges from above its eyes, to well in front, to underneath its head. Hits opponent either forward or upward depending on where the vines strike. 12% damage.
  • Back Aerial – Turns its top toward the front of the screen, extends two vines far behind it, and spins. Very fast with long range, but very low damage and knockback. A great stall/wall tactic despite low damage returns. Does 2% damage on first hit and 3% damage on second hit, for a total of 5% damage.
  • Up Aerial – Shoots a burst of spores out of the bulb with high knockback. Shoots Ivysaur downward. Little more than a slightly faster aerial Up Smash. It is the third most powerful Up Aerial in the game (only Zelda’s and Bowser’s are stronger). 16% damage.
  • Down Aerial – Turns upside-down and uses the same basic attack as Up Aerial, shooting a burst of spores out of the bud with decent knockback. It cancels aerial momentum entirely, and spikes if the opponent is touching the bud, but it is difficult to land. Horrid lag-time on all sides makes this move extremely situational, for surprise use only. 13% damage. Can be used as a recovery option and can meteor smash.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel – Vines squeeze opponent. Very slow. 3% damage.
  • Forward Throw – Grabs opponent with vines and tosses them forward. 8% damage.
  • Back Throw – Grabs opponents with vines, does a full spin, and tosses them back. A powerful throw with primarily horizontal fling. 10% damage.
  • Up Throw – Grabs opponent with vines and bounces them into the air with the bud on its back. Not quite as powerful as Back Throw, but strong. Good for Bullet Seed combos. 10% damage.
  • Down Throw – Grabs opponent with vines, does a flip, and smashes them to the ground. Good for follow-ups. 10% damage.

Current Charizard Move Set (taken from the SmashWikia)

Ground Moves

  • Neutral Attack – Right hand slash, left hand slash, then a smack with the right wing. It has improved since SSBB with a longer reach abnd quicker jabs that allows Charizard to chain them together. Down Tilt, etc. 3% damage on first hit, 4% damage on second hit, and 6% damage on third hit, for a total of 13% damage.
  • Dash Attack – Raises one leg for a sliding kick. Slows Charizard slightly out of dash, and is easily shield-grabbed. 11% damage.
  • Forward Tilt – Sweeps flaming tail forward. Long range and decent power on sweetspot, but ill advised at close range due to below average speed. 10% damage if sourspotted, 11% damage if sweetspotted.
  • Up Tilt – Hops into a triangular dual-wing stab above its head. Quick, great knockback and with good vertical range (with a disjoint slightly extending it), but its hitbox is almost entirely vertical, with very little horizontal range and no low hitboxes, making it situational. 8% damage.
  • Down Tilt – Bites forward at the ground in front of it. Very fast and with powerful horizontal knockback at the jaws, but low vertical reach and weak vertical knockback up close and low shieldstun. 8% damage if sourspotted, 12% damage if sweetspotted.
  • Forward Smash – Fire Fang: Sweeps its head forward from bottom to top, biting with enflamed teeth. A two-hit attack. Similar in appearance to Bowser‘s Forward Smash, but a bit faster. Good range and powerful knockback, KOing reliably around 60% and higher. Similarly, if only the second hit connects it is not quite as strong, but is not as extreme as in the case of Bowser. It is possible for only the initial strike to connect, but this only happens if the opponent is very near Charizard and a bit off the ground, as in the midst of a short hop. 6% damage on the first hit, 20% damage on the second hit for a total of 26% damage if uncharged. First hit does 9% damage and second hit does 25% damage for a total of 34% damage if fully charged.
  • Up Smash – Wing Attack: Bats upward with both of its wings, hitting twice. Moderate knockback; maximum damage is given if both wings strike. Initial wing swipe is very fast, making dashing Up Smashes effective. However, at high percents, the first hit often knocks the opponent horizontally strong enough to cause the second strike to miss. Slower cool down than its Up Tilt. First hit does 5% damage and second hit does 11% damage for a total of 16% damage if uncharged. First hit does 7% damage and second hit does 15% damage for a total of 22% damage if fully charged.
  • Down Smash – Earthquake: Stomps the ground once with both feet, causing earth to erupt from either side. Vertical knockback. Hits simultaneously on both sides with deceptive range and decent power, but has a laggy start/finish. Does 18% damage uncharged, 24% damage fully charged. It has Super Arnmor during the stomping animation.
  • Ledge Attack – A slow, biting headbutt with little range. 8% damage.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – A mid-range tail swipe with moderate knockback. Has a sweetspot at the flaming tip, burning the opponent for more damage and knockback. 10% damage.
  • Floor Attack – A combination rising bite and tail sweep, which hits on both sides quickly. 6% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Spins entire body in a somersault, hitting with its tail. Sweetspot is very small, and otherwise has very little knockback. Has a long lasting hitbox with little aerial end lag, making it effective for defense or as a short hopped, below platform move. Somewhat high landing lag during the midst of the attack. 9% damage.
  • Forward Aerial – Flaps wings forward, creating a gust of fiery wind in front of them. Moderately fast start up. Sends the opponent at a low trajectory and has set knockback properties, with the move only becoming noticeably more powerful >100%. Its base knockback is rather high, making it effective at gimping poor horizontal recoveries even at very low damages. However, the attack has no knockback or hitstun, further away from Charizard (outside the edges of its wings), and has noticeable landing lag. 10% damage if all hits connect.
  • Back Aerial – Hits quickly behind it with its wing, claw, and fiery tail. Good horizontal range, but minimal vertical range. The first hitbox (the wing swipe) is a very weak Meteor Smash intended to knock the opponent into the more powerful tail swipe. Most reliable aerial KO move when sweetspotted. Does 7% damage if sourspotted, 19% damage when sweetspotted with the tip of its tail and all hits connect.
  • Up Aerial – Bites upward. Somewhat poor range and knockback, but fairly quick in both starting and ending. Move has significant sex kick attributes. 10% damage.
  • Down Aerial – Stomps downward. A meteor Smash with surprisingly low vertical range. It is unique in that it is stronger on grounded opponents. Due to this, it is the second strongest Meteor Smash on grounded opponents (however it is still noticeably weaker than Ganondorf‘s Down Aerial). Its power is only above average otherwise. 14% damage.
  • Glide Attack – Spins out of glide and hits with wings/jaws for solid knockback. A good interruption move, and easily followed up on when used near ground. Strongest glide attack in the game, but given its lack of disjointedness it is not a move that should be over-used. 12% damage.

Grabs and Throws

Note: Charizard has the second longest non-tether grab in the game (second to King Dedede), along with a fast dash speed and good traction, giving him one of the best grab games in the game. In fact, it is for this very reason that Charizard has all around manageable matchups.

  • Pummel – Bites with sharp fangs. Very fast. 2% damage.
  • Forward Throw – Grabs opponent in jaws, spins them, then releases them in front of itself. A pseudo-chain throw on many characters at near-0% percents. 9-11% damage (varies).
  • Back Throw – Throws the opponent behind it quickly. Its fastest throw. Can also pseudo-chain throw characters at very low percents. 9-11% damage.
  • Up Throw – Sets opponent above itself, then slams them with its head. 11% damage.
  • Down Throw – Sets its opponent on the floor and smothers them with fire. Strong knockback. Will KO reliably at 150%, making it one of the few throws in the game that is a reasonable KO move, but is the weakest of its throws damage wise. Interestingly, unlike most projectile based throws, like Falco‘s, the flames cannot be reflected even if the victim is wearing a Franklin Badge. 6% damage.


  • Up: Raises an arm up while holding a Pokéball and opens his mouth.
    • Charizard: Stomps and roars to the sky, while flapping its wings.
    • Ivysaur: Spins its bud, and shakes off some leaves.
    • Squirtle: Backflips, spreads out its arms and opens its mouth saying “Squirtle, Squirtle”.
  • Side: Quickly jabs an arm to the side.
    • Charizard: Stomps and makes a bizarre purring sound, and also flaps its wings once.
    • Ivysaur: Stands on front legs and walks around while saying “Saur, Ivysaur”.
    • Squirtle: Spins on its tail and squirts out water and says “Squirtle.”
  • Down: Brings an elbow downwards in a victorious manner.
    • Charizard: Stomps violently.
    • Ivysaur: Spins around and extends its vines doing a dance, it throws around some leaves while saying “Ivy, Ivy”.
    • Squirtle: Goes into its shell and hops while spinning.

Stage Entrance

  • The Pokemon Trainer runs out onto his special platform in the background and throws out a Pokemon.

My Thoughts

I was trying to decide whether to switch out the Pokemon Trainer with a new trainer from a later series with three new starters or to keep the original.  However, in the end, I decided that Red, Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur are way to iconic to throw away so I decided to keep them.  Despite that, I still wanted to tweak and change the characters so they are improved a bit better.