Stage: The Ring

The Ring

Name: The Ring

Universe: Punch-Out!!


Size: Small

Hazard Level: 2 (out of 5)

Availability: Starter

The Ring is the main stage of the Punch-Out!! series. It has been the place for many tournaments and many boxers have found fame or defeat within it’s ropes. Little Mac defeated Mr. Sandman in this very ring and took the championship belt.


This stage differs from the usual boxing ring found in Punch-Out!! games. The camera view is situated on level with the ring floor. Instead of the overhead diagonal view or directly behind the player’s boxer, it shows directly from outside the ring looking it. Thus, the ropes are in front of the players.

On either side of the rung are stools for the fighters to sit on. However, they can be used to throw at opponents at the start of the fight. If you hit one of the ropes, it will cause you to bump of slightly. Running at it or being smashed into it causes you be slingshot the opposite way. Jumping on it causes the player to jump up fairly slightly.

Next to the ring is the main audience floor. It has walk-off sides so be careful. Occasionally, a TV monitor stand will lower down and allow players to jump onto it and climb up on top. However, spending too much time of it will cause the monitors to fall onto the ground.

The background contains audience stands full of people. Occasionally, Doc Louis, Mr. Sandman, Super Macho Man, Glass Joe, Bear Hugger, Soda Popinki, Mad Clown, and Von Kaiser will appear in the background, either booing or cheering for the players.


There aren’t too many hazard in this stage. The first set of hazards to appear are the throwable stools that are in opposite corners of the stage. The second one is the TV monitors that appear above the stage. They can be knocked down by players and then crash down. They don’t do much damage unless directly underneath in which can can OHKO as low as 40.


Main Theme(Wii Super Punch Out!!) Main Music
King Hippo Theme (Wii Super Punch Out!!)
Mr. Sandman Theme (Wii Super Punch Out!!)
Super Macho Man Theme (Wii Super Punch Out!!)
Aran Ryan Theme (Wii Super Punch Out!!)
Fight Theme (Mike Tyson Punch Out)
World Circuit Fight (Super Punch Out!!)
Bob Charlie Theme (Super Punch Out!!)

Credits (Super Punch Out!!)


Mr. Sandman
Super Macho Man
Doc Louis
Glass Joe
Bear Hugger
Soda Popinski
Mad Clown
Von Kaiser

My Thoughts

I had trouble creating this stage because of the limited world of Punch-Out!!. Originally, I envisioned the camera angle like the usual Punch- Out!! ring that has appeared before but I thought it would look odd for the camera to be looking downward so I opted for a more side camera view.

Chances of Being in SSB4

100%/0% – This stage is only guaranteed if Little Mac is playable. If not, I don’t expect a stage based off the ring to appear.


Newcomer: Little Mac

Little Mac from Super Punch-Out Wii.

Name: Little Mac

Universe: Punch-Out!!

Debut: Punch-Out!!

Element Alignment: Water

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: The Title

Availability: Starter

Little Mac is a rookie boxer looking to move up the ranks and fight in the championships. Alongside his coach, Jerome “Doc” Louise, Little Mac fights against stronger opponents and, with his trademark Star Uppercut, advances through each round. Visually, Little Mac is from his Wii Punch-Out!! form. He sports a cell-shaded look and much younger than his SSBB appearance. Little Mac brings his Star Uppercut and his boxing gloves to SSB4.

Little Mac’s Stats

Power: *****
Weight: **
Defense: ***
Speed: ****
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Element: *

Little Mac emphasizes in power and speed. His punches hit hard and fast and can even stun opponents if hit hard enough. Little Mac’s strengths lie in his power and speed however, his jump and defense is average. Little Mac suffers from a predictable recovery move and isn’t very heavy thus easier to juggle. However, his smaller size (Mario’s height), makes him harder to hit. Little Mac is very weak in his Water element. This is due to most of his attacks not being Water based or have Water styled attacks (like Squirtle). However, he is smooth, flowing, and confident in his abilities.

One of Little Mac’s uniqueness is the ability to shift between two types of

Little Mac Special B Move Set

Neutral B – One, Two, Three

Side B – Rushing King

Up B – Star Uppercut

Down B – Stance Change

Neutral B – Body Block

Side B – Aggressive Block

Up B – Head Block

Down B – Stance Change

The Final Trio

Final Smash – Super Rapid Punch

Final Melee: Giga Mac

Final Brawl: Knockout Punch


One, Two, Three is Little Mac’s Neutral B move. It is a three part combo move. Pressing B will cause Little Mac to do a right hook. Pressing B again will cause Little Mac to step forward slightly and jab with his left hand. Finally, pressing B again will cause Little Mac to dash forward quickly and do a half uppercut. The first attack does 8% damage, the second attack does 10% damage, and the final attack does 9% damage. Overall, it does 27% damage. Can be uses in mid-air but doesn’t travel as far.

Rushing King is Little Mac’s Side B attack. Little Mac dashes forward and does a straight right jab. Can meteor smash if sweetspotted. It can be charged which will affect the length of the attack. It does 15% regular, 24% sweetspotted.

Star Uppercut is Little Mac’s Up B move and his recovery move. Little Mac uppercuts hard as he sails through the air. He moves slightly forward while in the air. It has above average knockback and does 18% damage.

Stance Change: Offensive/Defensive is Little Mac’s Down B move. Little Mac shifts his fighting style from offensive to defensive. During this, Little Mac’s stats change as well as his moves. All block moves have Super Armor and negate knock back UNLESS down in the air.

Defensive Stats

Power: ***
Weight: ***
Defense: *****
Speed: ***
Jump: **
Recovery: *
Element: *

Body Block is Little Mac’s Neutral B move. Little Mac Brings his gloves close to him. Any attacks to his chest are lowered by 8-14%.

Aggressive Block is Little Mac’s Side B move. Little Mac raises his arms slightly. This technique can protect against more powerful attacks and cut them in half but it has a much more shorter duration.

Head Block is Little Mac’s Up B move. This technique is actually not a recovery move. Little Mac raises his arms to block his face and head. Any attacks to his head are reduced by 10%. It has the largest duration.

Super Rapid Punch is Little Mac’s Final Smash. Little Mac releases a torrent of rapid fast punches that travel along the stage. It is similar to the Mario Finale but it has a much longer reach. It does 68-72% damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Little Mac pounds his fists together and then does a muscle flex.

Giga Mac is Little Mac’s Final Melee.. Little Mac transforms into Giga Mac. While Giga Max is much slower, he is extremely strong and all of his attacks receive a 40% boost in attack damage. He can KO as low as 45%. The duration lasts 15 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Little Mac punches his boxing gloves together and suddenly beefs up to a humongous size. He crashes down and sends a shock wave everywhere.

Knockout Punch is Little Mac’s Final Brawl. Little Mac starts running in place and then jumps forward. He brings his fist back and then slams it forward into the opponent. The attack impacts bends reality momentarily and time freezes. It then rockets the opponent faraway and hits the ground. Little Mac raises his hand in triumph.

Home Stage: The Ring

Proposed Taunts

  • Up – Little Mac pounds his fists together and grunts.
  • Right Side – Little Mac jogs in place while punching in the air slightly.
  • Left Side – Little Mac does three sets of squats.
  • Down – Little Mac rotates his arm twice and holds it with the glove.

Winning Poses

  • Little Mac holds up his hands and smiles like he’s won a championship.
  • Little Mac starts jogging in place while punching. It is much like his right side taunt. He then ends with a dramatic uppercut.
  • Little Mac sits on a stool with a towel around his shoulders. He is bending forward as if tired.

Stage Entrance

  • Boxer Ring ropes appear and Little Mac enters by stepping through the ropes. He punches his gloves together.

Fighting Poses

  • Offensive: Little Mac moves back and forth with his gloves held slightly in front.
  • Defensive: Little Mac is less active and stays still mostly. He keeps his gloves by his face.

Idle Poses

  • Little Mac changes his shuffling.
  • Little Mac jumps up and down as if warming up.

Audience Chant


Kirby Hat

  • Little mac’s hair and boxing gloves.

Little Mac Palette Swap

DLC Costumes

Fat Little Mac from Captain Rainbow

Name: Fat Little Mac (from Captain Rainbow)

Name: Super Punch Out!! Little Mac (from Super Punch Out!!)

Little Mac Move Set

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – Punches three times after pressing A as a combo, each dealing 3% damage each. If held down on the last punch, Little Mac does a rapid punch attack that does 1% damage each hit.
  • Dash Attack – Delivers a dashing uppercut. Does average knock back and 14% damage. Can KO as low as 100%. Quick start up but slow ending lag.
  • Strong Side – Right hook. Delivers a powerful right handed hook. Does 12% damage but does below-average knock back.
  • Strong Up – Little Mac swipes his fist over him. Has a wide range of attack and does fairly good knock back. However, it has lower priority and slow start up/ending lag.
  • Strong Down – Does a leg-aimed jab. Can cause the opponent to trip. Does 8% damage and very low knock back. It’s only usefulness is to trio opponents. It is fairly quick though and has nice reach.
  • Forward Smash – Rears back and delivers a powerful punish attack. Little Mac slightly propels himself forward while punching but barely. It can do between 23-26% damage and has very good diagonal knock back. It has a slow start up but no ending lag. It has very good priority against attacks and excellent reach.
  • Up Smash – Does a spinning uppercut. Very quick attack but it has a slow ending lag that can be punished. It does between 18-23% damage but can be sweetspotted at the top of the glove for 23-28% damage. It deals very high vertical knock back and can be used to intercept falling enemies.
  • Down Smash – A crouching spinning lariat. Little Mac stretches out his arms and spins on his foot while crocuhing. Can hit three times and deals the most amount of knock back at the last hit. It deals about 26-28% damage. It has horrible ending lag but it is a quick attack that can guard against other attacks due to it’s high priority. The first two attacks do virtually no knock back thus allowing to combo characters.
  • Ledge attack – Jumps up and slams his fist down. Does 7% damage and is pretty quick.
  • 100% Ledge attack – climbs up the stage and does a forward powerful punch. It does 10% damage and decent/average knock back.
  • Floor attack – Does a very quick low jab. Does 5% damage and below-average knockback.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Does a left handed punch that is slightly angled downwards. Does 12% damage. However, it does below-average knock back and has slow landing lag. However, it is a quick attack and can be comboned in later.
  • Forward Aerial – A straight forward jab followed by a smaller, quicker jab. Does 13% damage first hit, 3% damage the second hit. However, the second hit deals more knock back and than the first but only if the two connect. It has average knock back and has zero start up/landing lag thus making it one of Mac’s better aerials.
  • Back Aerial – A powerful backhand. Deals low knock back but does 16% worth of damage and makes it his most powerful aerial. It has slow start up though but little landing lag. I has lower priority than his other aerials though and shorter reach since Little Mac has to turn around. Overall, a powerful but slow/clumsy move.
  • Up Aerial – Spins upwards with his fists stretched out. Much like his down smash attack. It deals 15% damage if all three hits and does the amount of knock back at the end of the last hit. In fact, if sweetspotted in the last hit, it does 18% damage instead and much higher knock back. However, it is slow and a bad landing lag.
  • Down Aerial – Little Mac brings his legs up and punches both fists downwards. It can be a meteor smash if sweetspotted. It does 13% damage normally and 16% damage if sweetspotted. It can be short hopped since it is a fairly quick move. It has high priority.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Knocks the opponent with a punch in the head. Does 3% and is a slower pummel.
  • Forward Throw – Lets go of the opponent and then brings a powerful two hand smash down on the opponent and knocks them into the ground. Can Star KO/Meteor Smash if near a edge. It does 9% damage and his most powerful throw.
  • Back Throw – Throws the opponent backwards by slaming them on the ground. Does 6% damage and deals average knock back. It has a thrown chain grab at earlier percentages but high knock back tends to stop it at higher percentages.
  • Up Throw – Hoists the opponent on his fist and then launches them from his fist. It actually does two hits, first hit does 2% and the next hit does 5% damage. This is because Little Mac punches the opponent and sends the player into the air. High vertical knock back but a very slow throw.
  • Down Throw – Knocks the opponent down and punches them in the gut. It does 7% damage and it can stun a player momentarily. It is very quick but deals no knock back.


Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – Delivers a short jab and then a second short jab. It A is pressed again, Little Mac rushes forward and punches the opponent at very close range. It does 2% damage each hit.
  • Dash Attack – Does a straight forward punch but, right after the attack, Little Mac springs slightly back. This allows him to avoid any attacks afterward. It deals 6% damage.
  • Strong Side – A lower gut aimed attack. It can stun players momentarily. It is a slower but more powerful attack and deals above-average knock back. It does 12% damage,
  • Strong Up – Brings his arms above him and makes a X shape. It can block many high priority attacks in the middle of its animation. Attacks such as Link’s Dair, Yoshi Bomb, and Zero Suit Samus’s Dair can be blocked but larger/heavier opponents such as Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Bowser Jr. can bypass this block. However, damaged is reduced by 15%.
  • Strong Down – Does a short uppercut. Little Mac keeps his punches close to him and creates less space between his body and the punch. It does 13% damage and deals average vertical knock back. It has quick start up/ending lag.
  • Forward Smash – Little Mac performs a powerful gut punch followed by a straight forward punch. It deals 8% during the first hit and 9% on the second hit. Altogether it does 17-20% damage. It has no ending lag but his punches are slower and can be punished after the second attack.
  • Up Smash – Jumps up sightly diagonally and jabs his opponent with both fists. However, due to the proximity of his fists to his body, it appears he’s ramming the opponent with his shoulder. It propels Little Mac forward slightly and he has Super Armor during the dash upward. It does 20-23% damage.
  • Down Smash – Little Mac does a wide-hitting uppercut. At the end of the attack, Little Mac is no longer crouching. It does high vertical knock back and does 19-21% damage. It is a slower attack but it has high priority and disjointed hitbixes.
  • Ledge attack – Little Mac pulls himself up and does a close forward punch. It has little reach and only does 4% damage.
  • 100% Ledge – Climbs onto the stage and then quickly dodges behind the opponent thus putting them next to the ledge. Little Mac thrn does a high knockback attack that does 12% damage. One of the best 100% Ledge attacks due to putting the opponent between him and the ledge.
  • Floor attack – Does a short jab. Very fast. Does 2% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Little Mac performs a X shaped guard at his chest. It can protect himself against most attacks but, if a sweetspotted Zelda Fair or Donkey Kong’s Fair connects, it will shatter the guard and cause Little Mac to fall in a helpless state. It’s at its strongest during the middle of the move.
  • Forward Aerial – A strong diagonally upward punch. It does 13% damage and knocks the opponent upwards. It has average knockback but suffers from landing lag.
  • Back Aerial – Little Mac turns and punches. It has longer range than most of his Defensive Stance attacks but it has poor startup and can’t be short hopped. It does 15% damage and does horizontal knock back.
  • Up Aerial – Basically a aerial version of the offensive Strong Up attack. It has shorter range than the Strong Up and, if short hopped, creates landing lag. Little Mac has Super Armor during this point.
  • Down Aerial – Does downward X shaped guard. It causes Little Mac to fall downward faster than regular falling speed. However, it protects up upward attacks such as Up Smash attacks. It can protect Little Mac from all uncharged Up Smash attacks but fully charged or powerful Up Specials can shatter his guard and cause him to freefall. He has Super Armor during the middle of the attack. Has bad landing lag if he misses and hits the ground.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Bops the opponent in the head. Weak but slow pummel. Does 2% damage.
  • Forward Throw – Pushes the opponent with a powerful push. Does 5% damage and downward knock back. A very quick throw that can be possibly chain grabbed.
  • Back Throw – Turns around and tosses to opponent with a swing. Does 8% damage and horizontal knockback.
  • Up Throw – Holds the opponent and uppercuts them. Little Mac’s most powerful Defensive Stance throw. Dies 12% damage and high vertical knock back.
  • Down Throw – Takes the opponent, holds him or her over his head, and slams them to the grouund. Spikes the opponent upwards after. Does 6% damage but is a slower throw.

My Thoughts

I wanted Little Mac to be different from a regular boxer. A lot of move sets I see with Little Mac just involve punching. However, I wanted to add more variety into his moveset hence why I added a option to change from an offensive to defensive stance during a fight. It allows Little Mac to be very versatile and unpredictable in fighting against him. It also allows Little Mac players to tailor Little Mac to their fighting style. In this way, Little Mac has become a very flexible and potential fighter rather than a boring boxer.

Arguments for Little Mac

Little Mac, from what I have gathered, is a fairly popular character in terms of players wanting him in the game. I feel that Little Mac could offer much for the Punch-Out!! series and would make a unique inclusion into the roster. Here are my reasons for thinking so:

  • Little Mac is a boxer which has not be represented yet in the SSB games.
  • His series, Punch-Out!! has not been represented yet.
  • The Punch-Out!! series has a long history within Nintendo and has been around for a long time.
  • Wii Punch-Out!! was released and served as a re-boot to the series. Thus making Little Mac more relevant.
  • Fairly popular character.
  • Assist Trophy status in SSBB

Chances of Being in SSB4

55% – As of now, Little Mac is fairly relevant due to the Wii Punch-Out!! game. However, if a sequel is not released; either for the Wii or the Wii U, his chances could be slim. However, I see his unique being the next one to be expanded in SSB4. However, there are other characters from un-represented universes that have a shot at being in SSB4.