Newcomer: Nightmare

A Tale that Transcends Time and the World. The World has grown darker and eviler and that much more enjoyable. Thunder clouds rumbled across the church ruins and Lighting seared across the sky. The Azure Knight looked up to the sky, drinking in the shadows and spotted; within the darkening vortex: a floating mechanical isle. The Azure Knight could feel the evil within and desired it; he salivated at it. He wondered what kind of soul the isle held. He accepted the evil that flew out forth from it but hid his desire: to devour it. Within the darkness of the mechanical isle, he felt such evil and fear and it nearly drove him insane from hunger. But he was promised so many souls to feed on that he wouldn’t be hungry for centuries.

Darkness lifted and the smoke encircled around him. He touched on the ground; a new ground he never felt before and looked on. He could feel all the souls and all ripe for the taking. The soul of the mechanical isle was puny compared to these Universes souls. But ahead of him were puny creatures; weak and small, unfit for fighting. Yet, they challenged him and this cause shim to laugh.

“And so the Nightmare Begins” He laughed in a mocking snicker and made forth to attack; his Soul Edge in hand.

Nightmare from Soul Calibur II

Name: Nightmare

Universe: Soulcalibur

Debut: Soulcalibur (1998)

Element Alignment: Dark

Affinity: Bad

Reason for Fighting: Hatred

Nightmare hails from the Soulcaliber series from Namco. He has played as the antagonist since the first Soulcalibur where he uses super natural powers and skilled sword fighting abilities. He wields the Soul Edge, a cursed sword that can trap people’s souls. The sword itself is parasitic and drains the life of those it kills in exchange for draining the life of the wielder. Nightmare seems to be able to handle the swords powers. Nightmare brings the hellish blade and his supernatural into SSB4 and as the games leading antagonist and devourer of the Universes Soul. He is responsible for setting the games events into motion.

Nightmare’s Stats

Power: *****
Weight: *****
Defense: ****
Speed: *
Jump: **
Recovery: **
Element: ***

Nightmares jump, speed, and recovery stats are horrid but his highest stats is his power, weight, and defense. He can take a large amount of abuse while still standing. However, he has a hard time fighting against faster enemies. In order to do enough damage on Nightmare though, the opponent has to hit quick and hard because once Nightmare’s blade connects, it will be hard to get back into the game.

However, playing as Nightmare can be fairly difficult. Nightmare wields the cursed blade, Soul Edge, which drains the wielders health in exchange for power. Likewise, the sword causes Nightmare 6 damage every 6 seconds which can cause Nightmare 60% damage every minute. That might seem like a bad idea but like Lucario, Nightmare’s physical attack increases by 5% for every 20% damage he receives after passing 150% damage. So basically, his neutral B attack, Blood Lord’s Invasion does between 20-37% damage. However, if Nightmare passes the 150% damage mark, the attack goes up 5% for every 20% damage he takes. So if Nightmare is at around 230% damage, he can deliver between 45-62% damage from his Blood Lord’s Invasion technique. This also applies to his Final Smash, Final Melee, and Final Brawl. This is where Nightmare’s true strength lies: an all-out offensive without thought of defense.

Nightmare’s Special B Moves Set

  • B – Blood Lord’s Invasion
  • Side B – Night Regnum
  • Up B – Cannonball Splitter
  • Down B – Soul Drain

The Final Trio

    • Final Smash – Dark Reconquista
    • Final Melee – Critical Edge
    • Final Brawl – Soul Stake


Blood Lord’s Invasion is Nightmare’s Nuetral B move. It is a chargeable move that causes Soul Edge to surround itself in dark magic and then be smashed over the opponent. If Nightmare charges it for too long, Soul Edge will drain his health adding 15% damage to Nightmare. It can be charged for 5 seconds and does between 20-37% damage to the opponent with an additional 2% damage with the right perks.. It is very similar to Ike’s Eruption attack but does more damage to Nightmare when released at it’s fully charged state.  Nightmare has Super Armor while delivering the attack.

Dark Regnum is Nightmare’s Side B move. Nightmare reels back and swings his sword in a almost 360 degrees and launching the opponent in the air. Nightmare can charge it up but charging it fully/failing to hit will cause Soul Edge to add 10% damage to Nightmare. It does between 30-40% damage. Useless in midair unless timed perfectly. It has a horrible ending lag but does a lot of damage. Extremely high vertical knockback and KO potential.  If down in Mid Air, he cannot do it again but he can double jump or do an Up Recovery move.

Cannonball Splitter is Nightmare’s Up B Recovery Move. Nightmare flips forward, brings his sword, and uses the momentum of swinging the sword down after his flip. Can do up to 4 hits. The first hit is the first flip with does 3% damage, the second hit is the sword being brought up from the back and does 5% damage, the third hit is the beginning arc of the sword slash that does 12% damage and the last hit is the sword smash down which does 18% damage. Altogether it can hit for 38% damage. A decent recovery move but has a start up and ending lag animation. Nightmare has Super Armor during the course of the attack.

Soul Drain is Nightmare’s Down B attack and one of his most useful techniques. Since Nightmare constantly racks up damage, his Down B move can cause damage to decrease by absorbing others health. However, this can only be done by holding the opponent. Nightmare grabs the opponent, much like a grab, and begins draining the opponent of health. The opponent can struggle and break free of his grip or Nightmare can be attacked. Any attack can cause Nightmare to lose his grip. He absorbs 4% damage for every second and can only absorb for 6 seconds thus absorbing 24% damage at a time. This can be very useful in duels but can be problematic in group battles since he is unguarded at this time.

Dark Reconquista is Nightmare’s Final Smash.  The eye begins sucking in energy all around him and Nightmare heaves up his massive sword, which has grown twice his size, and smashes down on his opponent with extremely high damage. It can do between 65-70% damage. It has very high knock back; both vertical and horizontal and will OHKO anyone past 10% damage save the most heaviest characters.

  • Beginning Cinematic: The eye in Soul Edge opens up and begins looking around chaotically.  Dark energies begin to wrap themselves around Nightmare and he explodes in a dark and purple aura of energy.

Critical Edge causes Nightmare’s body to begin sparkling with electricity and dark magic, much like how the Unblockable ability is in Soul Calibur. It gives Nightmare an added 6% attack damage, 6% attack damage resistance, 6% speed increase in his attacks, and 100% Super Armor. Nightmare’s damage system does not take affect here due having past 100% damage does not increase Nightmare’s attack damage percentage. As well, simply standing next to Nightmare results in 1% damage per hit due to his unholy aura. It can shatter shields within one to three hits; depending on the attack and if charged.  He can use any of his attacks besides his Final Smash and Final Brawl. If he falls of the stage and does not recovery, he can be KO’d and thus lose his Final Melee.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Nightmare takes out his monster-like hand and grips it.  He then holds it aloft and a dark aura pulsates forth.

Soul Stake is Nightmare’s Final Brawl.  Nightmare raises his fast and begins to glow with a dark purple energy.  It channels from his arm to the sword and travels to the eye.  The eye blinks open and starts to shake violently.  It starts releasing pulses of dark energy which then shoot out and creates a massive dome-like explosion.  It deals very high vertical and horizontal knock back and does 68-70% Dark damage.

Proposed Stage: Fated Encounter

Proposed Taunts

  • Left Side – He raises his hand in the air and grips it. Dark magic surrounds it as he says “The Nightmare has only just begun”
  • Right Side – He slams his sword into the ground, holds it by the hilt, and laughs menacingly.
  • Up – He raises slightly off the ground says “Soul Edge!” and throws out his hands. A purple aura shoots out and can damage nearby opponents for 1% damage,
  • Down – Nightmare stands up with his sword pointing downwards. Tira then appears out of nowhere and they both laugh at the opponents. She then disappears.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Nightmare swings right, turns and swings left, and then faces the camera and says “Taste fear!” Similar to his winning pose in SCII.
  • Nightmare raises his claw-hand in the air and shakes it. A swirl of dark magic swells around it and he says “Hurry, give me more souls!”
  • He reels back and then heaves his sword up above his head and stops. He then says “I will show you the greatest nightmare!”

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • The eye of Soul Edge appears and from it Nightmare. A dark magic aura pours from his body.

Audience Cheer

  • NIIIIGHTMARE!!! NIIIIIIGHT!MARE! NIIIIGHTMARE!! (a male cheer in a guttural Death metal grow)

Kirby Hat

  • Nightmare’s helmet, red hair tassel, and miniature version of the claw-arm.

Idle Animation

  • Shakes his sword up and down and then resumes his fighting stance.
  • Lets go of his sword with one hand and raises it and shakes it. He then regrips the sword.

Proposed Palette Swap

  • Purple Nightmare –  Resembles Ivy‘s color scheme.
  • Flesh Nightmare – Resembles his 2P costume from SCII.
  • Red Nightmare –  Resembles Taki’s color scheme.
  • White Nightmare – . Resembles Sophita‘s color scheme.
  • Yellow Nightmare – Resembles Yoshimitsu‘s color scheme.
  • Black Nightmare – Resembles Mitsurugi‘s color scheme.

Proposed Buy-able Costume

Legends Nightmare (from Soulcalibur Legends)

  • Attributes: His damage resistance increases by 10% but his damage attack decreases by 4%, his element increases by 2%, his speed decreases by 2%, and his defense decreases by 2%.

Nightmare’s Moveset

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral attack – Quick horizontal slash. Slow ending lag. If A is hit again, he does a even quicker horizontal slash with literally no ending lag. First attack does 15%  and the second hit does 7% damage. Resembles Quick Temple Buster.
  • Dash attack – Runs forward and swings his sword upward in a almost 360 degree circle. Very high knock back at high percentages. Slow start up and ending lag. Does 22% damage. Resembles the Crimson Vortex.
  • Strong Side – Swings his sword down and smashes it into the ground casuing opponents to bounce off from the ground. High vertical knockback damage. Does 18%. Resembles the Death Smash.
  • Strong Up – Uppercuts the opponent with his claw. Does 14% damage. Resembles the Upper Claw. Quick and moderate ending lag.
  • Strong Down – Swings his sword down and cuts at the opponent at their feet. Can meteor smash hanging opponents but must be sweetspotted and hard to execute. Quick with no lag. Does 17% damage. Resembles Shadow Splitter.
  • Side Smash – Slightly dashes forward and swings his sword horizontally. A stronger version of his neutral. His sword is enveloped in dark magic. It does 18-22% damage. It has a long start up lag but a fairly quick ending animation. It has a high horizontal knock back and a far reach. Resembles Right Slasher.
  • Up Smash – Reels back and then swings the sword in a almost 360 degree circle while charged up with dark magic energy. Does between 20-28%. Resembles Ether Lord’s Carnage.
  • Down Smash – Slams his sword down into the ground with a fiery impact. Does between 19-26% damage. Can break shields fully charged but extremely slow start up lag. Resembles Soul Smasher.
  • Ledge Attack – Nightmare vaults himself into the stage and stabs at the opponents feet. Does 10% damage. Has a slow ending lag. Resembles the Dark Soul Impact.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Crawls up, plows his shoulder into the opponent, and then stomps the ground. Both attacks do 8% damage. Low knock back. Resembles the Earth Trample.
  • Floor attack – Kneels up, crouches, and head butts the opponent. Does 9% damage. Resembles the Dark Head Upper.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Kicks the opponent with his leg. Does 10% damage. Resembles the Fatal Brave Kick. Low knock back but his quickest attack.
  • Forward Aerial – Swings his sword around in front of him. Can be angled downwards. Does 15% damage. High horizontal knockback but low landing lag. Resembles Fatal Spin Slash.
  • Back Aerial – Drop kicks behind him. Can be sweetspotted. It does 18% damage, 22% damage if sweetspotted. It has a slow start up leg and hard to execute sweetspot. Resembles Drop Kick but reversed
  • Up Aerial – Flips around and swings his sword over him and down. Has a very slow ending lag. Does 18% damage. Resembles Flying Edge. Very high horizontal knockback.
  • Down Aerial – Attacks once with a upward swing and then swings down, smashing opponents to the ground. Highly successful meteor smash. The first attack usually catches the opponent in midair. First attack does 10% while the second attack does 12%. Resembles Death Horn Charge.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Slams the swords hilt. Does 3%. Fairly slow. Resembles Bloody Hilt.
  • Forward Throw – Punches the opponent and then slams his sword down on them into the ground. Does 15% damage. High knock back and KO potential. Resembles Soul Devour.
  • Back Throw – Basically the same thing but instead of punching, Nightmare throws them behind him and slams the sword down. Does 13%. Lower KO potential then the Forward Throw.
  • Up Throw – Grabs the opponent by the legs and tosses them into the air. Very low KO potential or knock back. Does 6% damage. Resembles Flap Jack.
  • Down Throw – Drives the opponent to the ground and slams his sword hilt into the opponent. Low knock back or KO potential. Does 14% damage. Resembles Witch Hunt

My Thoughts

Ok, I know I am stretching it here you must be wondering “What the hell is this guy doing?” However, let me explain why I decided to add Nightmare to my roster as well as the first 3rd Party character to be released by me.

1. I wanted a evil character. A truly evil character that can strike fear into opponents. Ganondorf, Ridley, Demise, Giga Bowser, and others seem evil but, they didn’t cut it in my opinion. I wanted some one truly evil to further the story.

2. I wanted a evil 3rd party character. I went through several characters such as Sephiroth (FF7), Yggdrasil (Tales of Symphonia), Dracula (Castlevania), Wesker (Resident Evil), Dr. Wily (Megaman), and many others but I felt none contained that fear factor that I desired.

3. I wanted a heavy sword fighter that looked bulky and acted bulky but was strong. Ike to me does not seem like a heavy sword fighter. He is but he lacks the heavy armor. The Black Knight from Fire Emblem was originally going to fill this roll.

4. Lastly, I wanted a character whose damage percentages constantly increased but you were able to decrease it with a move. I wanted a really technical fighter who could give out punishment.

Thus, I turned to Nightmare, a personal favorite of mine from the SC series. I soon began to like the idea which turned into loving the idea of such a hellish villain in a SSB game. Thus, I started to craft him into the story of being the series main antagonist and the villain who fights in place of his master or the mechanical floating isle that I have mentioned in almost every character post.

I envisioned Nightmare has a really heavy sword fighter whose attacks could cause OHKO or extremely high damage but hard to execute and connect. Additionally, I wanted him to increase in damage as he fought so that is why I added Soul Drain to allow him to steal a small amount of health back. Ideally, you would want to fight as Nightmare with high HP since he is very hard to juggle, combo on, or KO under 200% HP. That is why I added two attacks, Blood Lord’s Invasion and Dark Regnum to add damage if fully charged thus contributing to this damage theory. I was really happy how Nightmare turned out and fleshing out his details took around two days to complete. I decided to go with his SCII design since that was the first SC game for Nintendo and more easily identifiable then his SCL design.

Chances of being in SSB4

.05% – I highly doubt Nightmare will come to SSB4 in any form so this was merely a wish on my part as well as to continue my story mode idea. If any characters from Namco would make an appearance, it would be Pacman or Lloyd Irving from the Tales of Symphonia game. Both have a deeper relationship to Nintendo then Nightmare does.