Stage: Fated Encounter

Fated Encounter is Soulcalibur II

Name: Fated Encounter

Universe: Soulcalibur

Debut: Soulcalibur II (2002)

Size: Large

Obstacle Level: 2 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary

Availability: Unlockable

Fated Encounter or Ostrheinsburg Chapel is the Final stage in Soulcalibur II. Nightmare is one of the fighters that can be fought here at the end of game or Arcade Mode. It was originally a castle but the events of the first Soul Calibur drastically changed it’s appearance and fate. The stage has been revamped to fit in within the recent Souldcalibur V’s image and graphics; much alike to Nightmare.


The stage itself looms remarkably like the original SCII version save to fit SSB’s gameplay. The platform is a single platform of rock masonry. Players fight on this single platform. At the start of the game, the sides are walled so players are unable to KO opponents on the side; only through the top. Later though, the walls are exposed to allow side KOs.

Obstacles and Movements

This is a pretty straight forward stage that I wanted tournaments to be able to be fought on. As mentioned above, the sides of the stage are walled. Once a wall receives 80% worth of damage, it will crumble. In fact, one can notice advance signs of crumbling at 15%, 25%, 40%, 60%, and 75%. Once it reaches 80%, the entire wall crumbles and collapses causing damage to nearby players and throwing dust in the air thus impairing vision for roughly 6 seconds. The collapsing wall does around 13% damage but rarely KOs.

Very rarely and only if Nightmare is fighting will the stage be engulfed in fire. This is purely aesthetic and does not affect gameplay. However, when the wall crumbles and collapses, it does fire damage instead of regular damage.


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My Thoughts

I had trouble finding a appropriate stage since there a wide range to choose from, not just in SCII. I decided on this stage purely because Nightmare is encountered here, the events before SCII happened here, and it’s the final stage of SCII. I added the secret fire stage as a nod to the Charade Stage in SCII and the fire stage in SCIV.

Chances of Being in SSB4
.05% – I put the stage as the same as Nightmare in terms of being in SSB4. There is no way the stage could be in SSB4 without a Soulcalibur rep so this stage was added purely for my own wishes.