Stage: Forest of Hope

Forest of Hope from Pikmin

Name: Forest of Hope

Universe: Pikmin

Debut: Pikmin

Size: Medium

Obstacle Level: 3 (out of 5)

Type: Moving platform

Availability: Starter

The Forest of Hope is the first area Captain Olimar can explore on Distant Planet. While it is relatively safe, the area boasts some dangers.


Forest of Hope is a singular block platform set between two wooden stomps with ledges. The background is a (Pikmin monster) that lurks behind the players. At times, it will eye them hungrily. After a minute, the platform will fall to the ground.

The platform is the ground itself. The ground platform can be walked off as well. The lurking Pikmin monster will them come and torment the players by biting and trampling them. After 40 seconds, the wall reforms and pushes players up to when the stage started off and it loops again.

Hazards and Obstacles

The first part of the stage doesn’t have any hazards to speak of. However, when the wall is lowered, the Pikmin monster comes in and snaps the players. If it grabs a player in it’s mouth, it causes 3% damage each hit when the player is in it’s mouth. The player can struggle to free themselves from the mouth. After 10 seconds of being in the mouth, it will swallow the player causing a OHKO.

The monster will retreat back once the wall goes back up. Players can tell when the monster begins to retreat.


Map (Pikmin 2)
Bulblax Kingdom (Pikmin 2)
Frontier Cavern (Pikmin 2)
Snagret Hole (Pikmin 2)
Perplexing Pool (Pikmin 2)
The Impact Site (Pikmin)
Monster Montage (Pikmin)
The Forest Navel (Pikmin)


My Thoughts
The Pikmin franchise was another one that was hard to think of a stage for. I went through several Pikmin areas; trying to find one that would fit the series. After listening to the Pikmin portion of the soundtrack, I came upon the “Forest of Hope” and did some research. I felt this area best represented the series.