Gaur Plains

Gaur Plains from Xenoblade Chronicles

Name: Gaur Plains

Universe: Xenoblade Chronicles

Debut: Xenoblade Chronicles (2010)

Size: Large

Obstacle Level: 4 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary, Walk-off

Availability: Starter

Gaur Plains is the expansive region found in Xenoblade Chronicles. It contains many types of flora and fauna that can be dangerous for inexperienced players. The plains experience occasional weather changes such as rain and storms.


The fighting platform is a single long rock outcrop that expands over the plains overlooking the strange elongated rock out crops. The large broken rock formation that looks over the stage in the background. Long grass and mud covers the ground. Of in the distance, creatures and beasts prowl the fields. On occasion, giant apes appear in the stage. You can really seethe circle of live unfold here!

Obstacles and Movements

Gaur Plains has many dangers thrown into it. The first hazard that players will face are massive apes that lumber into the stage and strike players with their large fists. Each strike does 15% but they are slow and easily dodgeable. these apes will wander in randomly so they can appear at anytime.

The second hazard/obstacle is the rain storms can lash against the stage. This happens anywhere from a minute and 45 seconds to two minutes. Rain was crash against the stage creating mud and causing players to slip. It also pushes back players which depends on the direction of the rain.

The third obstacle/hazard is lightning that will strike the stage before, during, and after the rain storm. The lightning happens once or twice during the storm but can do 45% lightning damage if it connects and can easily KO players.

The fourth and final obstacle is the day ends and night comes to Gaur Plains. Here, the visibility is very low and it is easy to miss attacks or miss an opponent. The night sycles lasts two minutes and the day cycle lasts two minutes.

Overall, it is best you stay on your feet and constantly move on this stage.


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Large lumbering apes

My Thoughts

I had a hard time trying to decide on the ideal Xenoblade stage that captures the feel of the game. I was shocked by it’s expansiveness so I felt it would be best to capture that by using Gaur Plains as the backdrop of this stage. I have never played Xenoblade so I don’t know too much about this locale so any help would be great.

Chances of Being in SSB4

60% – This totally depends on if Xenoblade will be represented in SSB4. If so, I feel this is the stage that will be chosen to represent the series.