Stage: Katina

Katina from Star Fox 64 3DS

Name: Katina

Universe: Star Fox

Debut: Star Fox 64 (1997)

Size: Medium

Obstacle Level: 5 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary, Hazardous

Availability: Starter

Katina make an appearance in SSB4! Katina was home to one of the largest brutal battles during the Lylat Wars which were fought against Andross. The Venomian Army swiftly invaded Katina by painting their fighter jets like those of the Cornerian Fighters but the Star Fox team was able to destroy each one without shooting a friendly space craft down. However, the tides turned when the giant assault craft Saucerer, entered the fray. It had a powerful beam weapon that could vaporize an entire city instantly but it required 60 seconds to charge up. Star Fox and the Cornerian Fighters were able to take it down with only a few casualties.


The stage is fought on a Lylat Cruise-esque stage with one long platform and two smaller platforms that hover above it. The platform itself appears to be a massive Cornerian gunship.

The background is a huge air battle between the Conerian Fighters and the Venomian Invasion force. Aircraft lasers and smart bombs explode everywhere. Both kinds if fighters will charge at the screen or away from the screen; almost ramming the gunship. Occasionally, a Cornerian or Venomian fighter will crash to the ground. After two minutes, the Saucerer will appear in the distance and will slowly make it’s way to the battlefield. It usually takes around 2 minutes for it to arrive.

Obstacles and Hazards

This stage is one of the most dangerous of all the stages in SSB4. It makes sense given the battle that rages around it. It has 4 phases in all:

The first phase is the dog fight phase. Conerian and Venomuan fighters will be fighting all around the stage. Some of them will run into or shoot at the gunship causing it to shake. This may cause players to stumble or fall of the stage. The Venomian fighters will shoot at players for 18% damage per shot. This phase lasts for 2 minutes.

The second phase is the arrival stage. The Saucerer will appear in the background and release even mire Venomian Fighters making the background a chaotic air brawl. During this time, the Saucerer will slowly make it’s way to the center of the background. Fortunately, Venomian fighters will no longer shoot players but the gunship will rock back and forth on occasion. The second phase ends when the Saucerer is directly above the stage. The Camera zooms out showing the stage, gunship, and the Saucerer (much like Snake’s Final Smash in SSBB). The arrival phase takes around 2 minutes.

The third phase is the destruction phase. The Saucerer will begin charging energy above the stage. The charge takes around a minute to complete. At around 55 seconds, a warning will appear to alert players to the attack. At exactly a minute, the laser will fire straight down. It does massive damage and extremely high knock back. Percentages as low as 30% will be OHKO’d. It dies between 50-80% damage, depending on how close an opponent is to the laser. This lasts a minute and 15 seconds.

The forth and final phase is the rest phase. The Saucerer must rest for a minute and a half before it can fire again. No Venomian fighters will attack at this phase but the gunship will shake. After a minute and a half, the third phase will repeat but it will decrease in power. Each fitting of the laser will decrease the attack power by 10%. It’s only natural given the power of the attack.


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My Thoughts

I have always wanted a epic battle scene as a stage. I felt this was a good depiction of what I wanted. This was one of my favorite stages if Star Fox 64 and the one I liked to play most. I wanted to make a “battle against time” feel hence why time plays such a huge part. I feel very happy about this stage.

Chances of Being in SSB4

10% – This stage has a fairly good chance since Star Fox 64 3D was released just recently. I feel that the main representative of SF643D should be this stage but it has a fair amount of competition from other levels that appear in 64 3D, Command, and Assault. Hence why I gave it a low score. It’s iconic enough but it has a lot of competition.