Stage: Lor Starcutter

Lor Starcutter from Kirbys Return to Dreamland

Name: Lor Starcutter

Universe: Kirby

Debut: Kirby’s Return to Dreamland (2011)

Size: Medium

Obstacle Level: 1 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary

Availability: Starter

The Lor Starcutter is one of the main locations for Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. It crash lands on Pop Star resulting it’s captain, Magolor, to be stranded on Pop Star. According to Magolor, it is a ancient ship created by a unknown race and it can think for itself. Inside the ship, it has ability rooms, mini games, and challenge rooms that open when Kirby and friends collects enough Energy Spheres. When crash landing on Pop Star, it lost many of it’s gears and components so Magolor tasked Kirby to find them in order to repair the ship.


The Lor Starcutter is an advanced spaceship with advanced alien technology. The stage is fought on the deck of the ship. Th efar right side of the ship is the bow of the ship. Players can jump on the curved decoration that stands at the front of the ship. The main stage is located on the deck but there are no hovering platforms or platforms that move. Players can jump onto the cabin of the shift as well as the masts. These are two platforms that players can jump up two. The third and last one is the crow’s next and is small enough for only one player. Beyond the cabin is the back of the ship on the far left side. The stage continues behind the cabin at the same level as in front of it but rises slightly near the wings. Players are hidden by the giant wings in the back. The background loops between flying through the stratosphere of Pop Star and then enters a Black wormhole. During this time, it is a mass vortex of purple and black but the ship is highlighted by a seemingly inner light. When the vortex vanishes, the ship finds itself in Helcandra. In the distance, Landia can be seen flying through the sky.

Obstacles and Movements

There are little to no obstacles or hazards in Lor Starcutter save for the changing of the background. This stage is meant for a straight forward fighting style.


Lor Starcutter (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
Grape Garden (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
Super Ability (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
Landia’s Theme (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
Galacta Knight Theme (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
The Arena: Kirby GCN Theme (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
Opening (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
Final Boss 1 (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
King Dedede’s Theme (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)
Rowdy Charge Music (Kirby Air Ride)
The City (Kirby Air Ride)



My Thoughts

I haven’t played a Kirby game in a while but I felt this stage helps represent the Kirby series of today. It is a futuristic stage and one of the main locations of the newest game. I feel this stage should be the main representation of the Kirby series. While not exactly as iconic as some of the other stages, it helps represent the future of Kirby.

Chances of Being in SSB4

40% – I put this stage fairly high because not only am I 100% that a Kirby’s Return to Dreamland stage will be represented in SSB4, that this stage has a fairly good shot at being in it. It’s only competition is a stage from Kirby’s Epic Yarn but who is to say that the Kirby series can’t have two stages?