Stage: Nintendogs

Nintendogs from Nintendogs

Names: Nintendogs

Universe: Nintendogs

Debut: Nintendogs (2005)

Size: Small

Obstacle Level: 2 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary Platform, moving background

Availability: Starter

Nintendogs is a new stage as well as Universe introduced in SSB4. As of right now, it is only represented by a stage…which is this stage! Nintendogs is a unique game where players take care of their lovable dogs as they grow from puppies to adults and teach them new tricks and go to dog contests. The games come contain a multiple types of breeds but this stage has all of them contained into one adorable package! Ooze with cuteness as you brawl on this stage!


Nintendogs first starts off much like the above picture, a dog being walked. In front of the background is a solitary stage that is made to look like a dog biscuit. It is rather large, about the same size as the platform on the Helberd Stage. The breed of the dog is randomized unless you are playing on a 3DS which will import your dog into the game. How near is that? The background is a street with Mii’s from your WiiU or 3DS taking randomized dogs out for strolls. Occasionally, they will pass by and wave at the invisible dog walker. However, the dog sees a squirrel and takes off to chase the squirrel dog. Of course, the stage is pulled along with the dog. Shortly after, the dog gives up and walks into a nearby BARC shop and begins shopping for dog treats, toys, and collars. The dog will stop shortly and the stage will disappear. Players can either jump onto the dogs head or the two shelves on either side of the head. However, the dog will bark occasionally which may toss a player into the air. Shortly after, the dog bisquit stage re-appears and the dog begins to move outside the store. It walks down the street with stage in tow to a nearby house that appears to be its own.

Inside is a comfortable living space with a very Western feel. Inside the house are three other dogs of a randomized breed. The walking dog will run off to play with them; leaving the platform alone for a while.

However, after 2 minutes, one of the dogs will run into the stage and knock it around. It will then go back to the group of dogs. Not even 30 seconds after that, a ball was appear and be thrown at the screen. It doesn’t hurt the players but the dogs go running after it since, well, that’s what they do. The knock the stage completely around while chasing after it. The background then swivels to where the dogs are fighting over the ball…playfully of course.

Out of the blue, one of the randomized dogs will appear in front of the stage, completely blocking the platform from view (a nod to the Nintendog trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl). The dog will disappear after 18 seconds and the stage will begin blinking quickly, It will suddenly disappear and they will land on the back of the dog (that blocked the stage just moments before). The dog will remain motionless for a while until it starts running. Hang on as you might be bucked up from the dogs back. It must be a huge dog or the players became smaller! Players can fight on the dogs back and head which will occasionally go down and out of the stage.

At this point, the camera will change and they see the backside of the dog (the butt, if you will). This is a very small platform but, after 20 seconds, the dog biscuit platform reappears and the stage loops back around again.

View this video to get an idea of the playing scene.


When the dog begins chasing the squirrel, the platform will shake slightly causing players to become uneasy on thier feet. The stage iwll also twist violently when the dog makes a sharp turn. Later, when the dogs run after the ball, they will knock the stage and cause it to spin in a 360 degree angle. It is best for players to jump to found getting whacked by the stage or trapped underneath it. Third, one of the randomized dogs will appear and block the view from the stage. That last hazard is when the players are set on the dogs back. The dog will begin running and it will move its hip up and down. Standing on in the middle of the back is the safest spot since the shoulder and hip can toss players high in the air at the right moment. It can possibly KO at higher percentages. As well, the head will occasionally disappear from view which may KO a foe if they are on top of the head.


Walking Theme (Nintendogs)
Title BGM (Nintendogs)
Street Marker (Nintendogs)
Credits (Nintendogs and Cats)
Swordplay (Nintendogs and Cats)
Nintendo 3DS Camera Gallery (Nintendo 3DS)
Mii Plaza (Nintendo 3DS)


Shiba Inu
Golden Retriever
Labrador Retriever
Toy Poodle
Welsh Corgi
Shetland Sheepdog

My Thoughts

I found it really interesting when SSBB included a Nintendog as an Assist Trophy and that the Animal Crossing Universe had just a stage representative. Bearing that in mind, I began to search for a Universe that didnt have a character rep but was represented by a stage, item, or assist trophy. Thus, after searching around, Nintendogs seemed like a great idea to be represented by a stage. Never playing Nintendogs in my life, I sent to design a appropriate stage for the series. I hoped to capture the cuteness and playfulness of the series 🙂

Chances of Being in SSB4

18% – Nintendogs is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchise. It easily broke into Western markets and opened the door for casual gamers. Bearing that in mind, we might see a Nintendogs inspired stage on SSB4.