Stage: Skytown, Elysia

Skytown, Elysia from Metroid Prime 3

Name: Skytown, Elysia

Universe: Metroid

Debut: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Size: Large

Obstacle Level: 4 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary Platform, moving

Availability: Starter

Skytown, Elysia is one of the main locations of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and is the hangout of the Space Pirates. The planet Elysia was bombarded by Phazon infused meteors causing the inhabitants to go rogue. Skytown itself is a floating city inhabited by Space Pirates, Drones, and Steamlords. The city is connected together by a SkyTram.

Appearance, Hazrads, and Movements

Skytown, Elysia looks a lot like it`s Metroid Prime 3 version. The stage is made up of a circular docking platform that overlooks a great expanse of gas clouds that swirl around violently. Soon after, a metallic cage goes up, around the main platform and closes off the players. In here, none of the players can be KO`d so it is a great place to rack up damage against opponents.

The SkyTram will shoot up between two platforms and go back down thus making a gap in the middle. The two platforms are big enough to allow 3 players to stand comfortably. Occasionally, the AirTram will shoot up and divides the patforms from each other. Anyone who is hit by ascending AirTram is almost a instant OHKO. A warning will sound alerting players to the approaching SkyTram.

After two minutes, the SkyTram will appear again and a warning will issue to get into the SkyTram before it takes off. Staying still while it takes off is a OHKO. Clouds and platforms fly by as the SkyTram speeds through the atmosphere. During this time, the camera pans out to show the entirety of Skytown. The Skytram will then go upwards and then go up into the middle of a wide circular platform with three hanging platforms suspending over the main platform. Every time someone jumps non the platform it will sink a little since steam is keeping it up from the ground but it will never fall down to the ground.

It is here that players come face to face with a Steamlord. It will hover above the stage just slightly while dealing damage to players indiscriminately. It will wave its arm which will shoot out steam which can push players off the platforms into the sky or shoot them with electricity. hitting it at least 5 times will make it retreat. It will return at least once.

After 3 minutes, the SkyTram will reappear from the hole in the middle and carry the players back tot he first part int he docking bay and the entire process will repeat itself.


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Defense Drone

My Thoughts

I felt this stage help represent the Metroid Prime series in that it was a fairly big local in Prime 3. Out of all the other stages, I felt this one best represents the game.

I had envisioned it as a fast paced tour of Skytown via the Skytram while occasionally dropping of players at key points. I wanted to capture the beauty and sadness of Skytown.

Chances of Being in SSb4

30% – I feel pretty strongly that Skytown will be chosen as a Metroid Prime 3 representative. Reasons being in that it was a big location, newest game since Other M, and can be Samus’ home stage. I feel that if any Prime 3 location is deserving of being in SSB4, it’s this one.