Sol Sanctum

Sol Sanctum from Golden Sun

Name: Sol Sanctum

Universe: Golden Sun

Debut: Golden Sun (2002)

Size: Medium

Obstacle Level: 2 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary

Availability: Starter

Sol Sanctum is the first dungeon of Golden Sun where Isaac and his group goes to find the Elemental Star Jewels. Sol Sanctum contains the Elemental Star Jewels as well as the Elemental Star Chamber which this stage is based off from. Only those with Psyenergy can pass through its doors and discover the secrets that lie inside.


Sol Sanctum is a mystic cavern that has a bluish glow to it that pulsates time to time. The main platform is a solitary standing rock that rises above the surface. Even the rock itself glows! In the background, rocks float past in the air. The background itself is black at the bottom but becomes bluer near the top.

Obstacles and Movements

After a minute, the left side of the magically detaches itself and slowly floats away but can still be jumped onto. Right after that, the right side of the rock breaks off and slowly begins floating away from the main rock. The result is three smaller platforms, two of which are floating. They come back magically together after a minute and the process begins again.


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My Thoughts

As I mentioned when I updated with Isaac, I really wanted a Golden Sun character and a Golden Sun stage as well. I felt this was a suitable stage because it was the first dungeon, a unique and important area, and a important location within the plot.

Chances of Being in SSB4
45% – It will only appear in SSB4 if a Golden Sun character gets in. Much like Sin and Punishment, it has a 0% chance in Matthew, protagonist from Dark Dawn gets in SSB4 instead of Isaac.