Starship Mario

Starship Mario from Super Mario Galaxy 2

Name: Starship Mario

Universe: Mario

Debut: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Stage Size: Medium

Type: Moving platform, Stationary Platforms

Obstacle Level: 3 (out of 5)

Availiability: Starter

Starship Mario appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the main hub for Mario as he treks across the galaxy. It is in the shape of Mario`s head and moves from galaxy to galaxy. It will be the first availiable Mario stage in SSB4.


Starship Mario appears as it did in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Every time you play on the stage, a new galaxy appears in the background. Here is a list of galaxies that appear randomly:

Comet Observatory

Good Egg Galaxy

Gusty Garden Galaxy

Toy Time Galaxy

Melty Molten Galaxy

Freezy Flake Galaxy

Space Storm Galaxy

Chompworks Galaxy

Starshine Beach Galaxy

The galaxy will stay there permanently until the game ends. If played on the stage again, a new galaxy will appear. The galaxies have no effect on Starship Mario and only appears as a background for the battle. There is a single platform that hovers above thetop of Mario`s hat and will descend for one minute allowing fighters to fight on top of the hat. The platform reappears and changes to a different side of the face where players will fight.

Top of the hat

Below Starship Mario lies the Engine Room

Starship Mario`s Engine Room

It appears as it did in the game but in SSB4, there is a stationary platform that hovers underneath the glowing blue orb.

Obstacles and Movement

Starship Mario has four phases: stationary phase, movement phase, descent phase, and stationary phase. The first phase: stationary is where fighters fight on a battlefield-esque platform above Mario`s hat. There are no obstacles or hazards at this point. After one minute

The second phase is movement where a warning will sound that the platform will move. It will begin to hover again and in one swift movement, it will whirl to the right or left side of Mario`s face. If a player is caught on the floor at the time of the movement, they are flung out of bounds. High percentages will be KO`d but lower percentages will need to recover back to the stage. There are no hazards here safe for being careful of the warning sign. After 1 minute, the platform sign will flash to rush characters onto the platform. It will hover again and whip back to its orginal position. It will hover there until the next phase, descent.

The third phase happens 40 seconds after the platform returns to its orginal position. A opening will appear underneath the platform and it will descend through mario`s head into the Engine room where the platform will rest. The area has no Star KOs or opening at the top and sides but opponents can be KOd at the bottom. This is the best place to rack up damage. Additionally, the blue orb in the middle can cause 1% damage if touched. When touched, a player will bounce up and must try to get away from the orb before he or she touches it again. This is the main hazard of Starship Mario. After one minute and thirty seconds, the platform will ascend back to its orginal position hovering above Mario`s hat and the entire process will start over again.


Starship Mario (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Sky Station Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
Toy Time Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
Melty Monster Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Freezy Flake Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Space Storm Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Final Bowser Battle (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Cloud Court (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Starshine Beach (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Chompworks Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Comet Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy)


These characters can be seen in the background walking around, hovering, or running:




Hungry Luma

Toad Brigade


Star Bunny


Gold and Silver Gearmo

My Thoughts

I wanted a Mario Galaxy level in SSBB but, instead, we had Delfine Plaza which is a good game! I wanted to make a similar level based off the Super Mario galaxy franchise so I decided to incorporate a sense of movement like Delfino Plaza did on Starship mario. Hence why the stage sometimes changes angles occassionally and descend into the Engine Room. I wanted to players to see a large portion of Starship Mario.

Chances Being in SSB4

80% – We will see soem stage based off the Super Mario Galaxy series. So while it may not be Starship Mario, some other stage representation of the series will be there. A major contender is the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy 1.