Stage: Sunset Shore

Sunset Shore from Donkey Kong Country Returns

Name: Sunset Shores

Universe:Donkey Kong

Debut: Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)

Size: Large

Obstacle Level: 5 (out of 5)

Type: Moving, side scrolling

Availability: Starter

Sunset Shores is straight from the Donkey Kong Country Returns game! This stage is a action-packed side scrolling level that holds true to how awesome this stage is. Every character is turned black (like Mr. Game and Watch) save for the character’s main clothes or accessories (Mario’s red hat and blue overalls, Link’s green hat and tunic, Donkey Kong’s red tie, Saki’s yellow shirt, Nightmare’s blond hair and glowing red eyes, etc.) This also applies to palette swaps and Buy-able Costumes.


This stage holds true to it’s original. It transforms every character into a blacken silhouette that is set against a beautiful sunset along the shore. However, you don’t have much time to gawk as the stage slowly scrolls along; forcing players to jump, tumble, and fight there way as the stage progresses. Enemies that appear will also be black but no visible colors are present.

Obstacles and Movements

As mentioned before, the stage crawls slowly forcing players to hop, jump, roll, run, and fight there way through the stage. At times, foreground trees and boulders made obscure players from sight. One of the main hazards is knowing who is who. You can identify who is who by the colored clothing that appears on the silhouette. The second biggest hazard is running into enemies who ambush the players at random times. Running into these baddies only damages the player 5% but being hit by one of the baddies attacks does 10-15% damage; depending on the enemy. Once the stage is finished, it will loop to the starting point and repeat itself.


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Tiki Goon

My Thoughts

I expect to see some sort of stage based off from Donkey Kong Country Returns. I felt this stage was both interesting and unique enough in both it’s art direction and backdrop. I originally planned for it to be a non-moving stage but I wanted to show the beauty of this stage by enabling it to move at a slow, casual pace. However, despite this, I think this would make for a very hectic and crazy stage because of all the black in it.

Chances of Being in SSB4

60% – I think a Donkey Kong Country Returns stage will appear and I feel this particular stage has a good enough chance to make it in. The only thing stopping it is the extra work it may take to do the silhouettes and the pieces of clothing along with color palette swaps.