Urban Ruins

Urban Ruins from Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Name: Urban Ruins

Universe: Sin and Punishment

Debut: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (2009)

Stage Size: Huge

Obstacle Level: 3 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary Platform, moving background

Availability: Starter

Urban Ruins is the first level of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. It is a intense battlefield of broken and collapsed buildings, enemies, and explosions. Chaos replaces order in this war-torn urban battlefield and is a perfect backdrop for a epic battle in SSB4.

Appearance, Movements, and Hazards

The fight is battled out on a single, platform that fits four players comfortably. At the beginning of the match, the platform is raised up and speeds off down a broken down expressway.

Broken Down Expressway

The platform speeds down in very high speed while artillery blasts and buildings explode overhead. After 15 seconds, the platform appears as if it’s going to run right into a building, but at the last second, it cups up and the platform raises along the side of the building while going up. Everything becomes a gray blur as the building rushes past. The platform that jets over the building and a seen of war erupts in the background: lasers are flying everywhere, explosions, artillery, and chaos. The platform begins banking to the left and right but the players are fine and relatively safe unless they miss the platform as it banks. But suddenly, without warning, the platform does a barrel roll and the players are suddenly thrown into the air and must get back to the platform. Enemy fire erupts and temporarily cuts the players vision as it fires onto the platform. Fortunately, the enemy fire does not affect the players and it is only for show. Two enemy aircraft speed ahead and then do a reverse bank turn (ala Star Fox) and speed back into the camera, just missing the platform. The platform spots a enemy fighter and rushes down to follow it. It flips over causing the players to scramble for the right side of the platform.

The platform then rushes down back into the forest of dilapidated buildings and begins a high speed chase with a enemy aircraft ahead,. The swerves just in time to avoid a building. It does this three times before the enemy aircraft crashes into a building. The platform goes through the explosion and smoke which obstructs the player’s vision from the screen. The platform then crashes into a building and everything becomes black. The crash does not affect the players nor damage them. The platform crashes into the other end of the building and goes back to the street which then the entire stage re-loops.


Title Theme (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)
“Hakai” Japanese Version (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)
“Anakore” (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)
System [MENU] (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)
Kingdom (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)
Setouchi (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)
Discipline (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)
Barrage (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)
Risk Ones Neck (Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth)
Agave (Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth)
Solid Line (Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth)
Within Earshot (Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth)
Wait Soon Ripe (Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth)


Phoenix Keeper

My Thoughts

Thinking of a Sin and Punishment was fairly hard because, while a lot of the levels are interesting and exciting, they aren’t very iconic save for the navy battle in Scene 4 of the first game. I wanted a hectic level however, only visually. A Sin and Punishment certainly has the makings of a hazardous stage with enemy fire, explosions, and such but I wanted something more visually stimulating but simple game play hence why I opted to keep the players on a main platform as it speeds through the city ruins. Save for the stage spinning and banking, there aren’t too many hazards unless you consider the background hazardous for it’s chaoticness. I wanted the stage to zip and boost around turns and through the sky while avoiding enemy fire and explosions. I imagined something like the opening of Star Wars Episode 3; the space battle with Anakin and Obi Wan.

I wanted a stage that captures both games in a single stage so that is why I went with a Star Successor stage but chose to use a platform from the first game. I also always wanted a sad stage. I feel that this stage and the song “Anakore” conveys the sadness I desire by showing the horrors of war.

Chances of Being in SSB4

50% – If Saki is added to the game, a stage is a guarantee so whether it will be from the first or second game would be the deciding factor. If chosen to be from the first game, Urban Ruins has a 0% chance of being a second Sin and Punishment stage but it has higher chances if Skies Successor is chosen.