Stage: Katina

Katina from Star Fox 64 3DS

Name: Katina

Universe: Star Fox

Debut: Star Fox 64 (1997)

Size: Medium

Obstacle Level: 5 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary, Hazardous

Availability: Starter

Katina make an appearance in SSB4! Katina was home to one of the largest brutal battles during the Lylat Wars which were fought against Andross. The Venomian Army swiftly invaded Katina by painting their fighter jets like those of the Cornerian Fighters but the Star Fox team was able to destroy each one without shooting a friendly space craft down. However, the tides turned when the giant assault craft Saucerer, entered the fray. It had a powerful beam weapon that could vaporize an entire city instantly but it required 60 seconds to charge up. Star Fox and the Cornerian Fighters were able to take it down with only a few casualties.


The stage is fought on a Lylat Cruise-esque stage with one long platform and two smaller platforms that hover above it. The platform itself appears to be a massive Cornerian gunship.

The background is a huge air battle between the Conerian Fighters and the Venomian Invasion force. Aircraft lasers and smart bombs explode everywhere. Both kinds if fighters will charge at the screen or away from the screen; almost ramming the gunship. Occasionally, a Cornerian or Venomian fighter will crash to the ground. After two minutes, the Saucerer will appear in the distance and will slowly make it’s way to the battlefield. It usually takes around 2 minutes for it to arrive.

Obstacles and Hazards

This stage is one of the most dangerous of all the stages in SSB4. It makes sense given the battle that rages around it. It has 4 phases in all:

The first phase is the dog fight phase. Conerian and Venomuan fighters will be fighting all around the stage. Some of them will run into or shoot at the gunship causing it to shake. This may cause players to stumble or fall of the stage. The Venomian fighters will shoot at players for 18% damage per shot. This phase lasts for 2 minutes.

The second phase is the arrival stage. The Saucerer will appear in the background and release even mire Venomian Fighters making the background a chaotic air brawl. During this time, the Saucerer will slowly make it’s way to the center of the background. Fortunately, Venomian fighters will no longer shoot players but the gunship will rock back and forth on occasion. The second phase ends when the Saucerer is directly above the stage. The Camera zooms out showing the stage, gunship, and the Saucerer (much like Snake’s Final Smash in SSBB). The arrival phase takes around 2 minutes.

The third phase is the destruction phase. The Saucerer will begin charging energy above the stage. The charge takes around a minute to complete. At around 55 seconds, a warning will appear to alert players to the attack. At exactly a minute, the laser will fire straight down. It does massive damage and extremely high knock back. Percentages as low as 30% will be OHKO’d. It dies between 50-80% damage, depending on how close an opponent is to the laser. This lasts a minute and 15 seconds.

The forth and final phase is the rest phase. The Saucerer must rest for a minute and a half before it can fire again. No Venomian fighters will attack at this phase but the gunship will shake. After a minute and a half, the third phase will repeat but it will decrease in power. Each fitting of the laser will decrease the attack power by 10%. It’s only natural given the power of the attack.


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Cornerian Fighters
Venomian Fighters
Slippy’s Arwing
Peppy’s Arwing
Pigma’s Fighter
Leon’s Fighter
Andrew’s Fighter

My Thoughts

I have always wanted a epic battle scene as a stage. I felt this was a good depiction of what I wanted. This was one of my favorite stages if Star Fox 64 and the one I liked to play most. I wanted to make a “battle against time” feel hence why time plays such a huge part. I feel very happy about this stage.

Chances of Being in SSB4

10% – This stage has a fairly good chance since Star Fox 64 3D was released just recently. I feel that the main representative of SF643D should be this stage but it has a fair amount of competition from other levels that appear in 64 3D, Command, and Assault. Hence why I gave it a low score. It’s iconic enough but it has a lot of competition.


Veteran: Fox

The Universe is swirling, chaotic, and dark. Galaxies shift and planets shake as the entire universe is being ripped asunder. Galactic storms rip through space dust clouds. Everything is in turmoil. A long Arwing rips through space when one of these galactic storms rips through and strikes the Arwing. The pilot, Fox, tries to make control of his spacecraft but it begins to smoke. Fox makes preparations for a emergency planetoid landing but, as he is about to engage the thrusters, he notices a lone mechanical floating isle poised over the unknown planet. From the the galactic storms are racing out, devouring space itself. Fox changes his crash landing course to the mechanical floating isle.

Fox from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Fox

Universe: Star Fox

Debut: Star Fix (1993)

Element Alignment: Fire

Affinity: Good

Reason for Fighting: Duty

Perks: Physical Damage, Double Physical Damage, Shield Increase, Double Shield Increase, Speed Increase, Jump Increase, Fire Damage Increase, Double Fire Damage Increase, Fire Damage Resistance, Double Fire Damage Resistance

Fox is the main face of the series Star Fox and it’s leader with the other members being Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and occasionally Krystal. He has super fast speed, quick blasters, high jumps, but lacks in power and defense. Fox was fairly nerfed in Brawl but in SSB4, he plays in the middle compared to Melee and Brawl. He can now jump cancel, his blaster travels for a longer period, and his overall strength has improved but he has become somewhat slower and even lighter compared to Melee. His strength resembles much like in Melee with a few changes.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Fox is firstly able to cancel out of his Fox Illusion into a double jump or a wall jump while in midair. Fox’s blaster also travels for a longer period of time. In addition, Fox’s jabs now connect fully with all characters.

Fox’s Special B Move Set

  • B – Blaster
  • Side B – Fox Illusion
  • Up B – Fire Fox
  • Down B – Reflector

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Blinding Fox
  • Final Melee – Landmaster
  • Final Brawl – The Great Fox


Blinding Fox is Fox’s new Final Smash. Fox vanishes and then, in blinding speed, dashes back and forth along the stage; running into opponents. It is similar to Sonic’s Final Smash but uncontrollable. As well, Fox seems to vanish much like his attack, Fox Illusion. It is one of the fatest Final Smashes since Sonic’s became a Final Melee. It does 4% damage for every hit and does 28 hits in 8 seconds. However, he does 3.5 hits per second to one character so that’s 14% damage for every second so a max total damage for 112% damage with no additional perks. However, this is divided up between the three players so it can do anywhere from 37 to 50% damage depending on how many times it hits a certain character. The movements are random and hit the opponents depending on where they are in contrast to Fox.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Fox holsters his gun and does a couple warm up jumps. He then punches towards the screen and says “Come on!”

Landmaster is Fox’s new Final Melee. It has the same properties as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Fox presses a button on his jacket and, through teleportation, his Landmaster appears. He jumps into and takes command.

Assault and Command is Fox’s Final Brawl. Fox starts stretching and then says “Let’s go!”. He then vanishes and appears a good distance behind the opponent. A blinking button is on the opponent. He taps the comm set on his head set and the scene quickly cuts to the Great Fox which is in orbit in space. It fires a powerful laser beam at a earth-like planet. It pierces through the atmosphere and strikes the opponent with a powerful and large laser beam. It creates a massive explosion and Fox shields himself to prevent being hit by debris. It does 70-76% damage and has high knock back.

Proposed StageKatina

Proposed New Taunt(s)

  • Left Side – He Points at the opponent and does a thumbs down and says “You are gone, pal!”

Proposed New Palette Swap

  • Orange Fox – His headgear is white with a orange lens over his eye, his fur has a gray tint, he has a white coat with black fabric on the shoulders, yellow scarf around his neck, orange shirt and pants, and a yellow belt. His boots are black. Made to resemble Peppy Hare.

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

James McCloud Costume

  • Attributes: 3% physical damage increase, 3% projectile damage increase, 5% defense decrease, 2% speed increase, longer blaster range, and Fo’s Element changes to Wind.

Move Set (taken from SmashWikia) (will adjust the percentages at a later date)

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral attack – Left jab (2%), right hook (2%), then a flurry of kicks, or the Rapid Kick (1-2%). One of the worst jabs in the game due to its poor range, damage, and hitstun, with the natural infinite being very easy to DI out of with slow cool down.
  • Dash attack – Running kick. At low percents, can lead into an Up Tilt, leading into various other combos. Its best use is undoubtedly the Up Tilt follow-up, though it is also possible with his grab. Somewhat short duration/range and is easily shield grabbed. 7%.
  • Strong Side – A quick right kick. Moderate-low knockback, best used as a quick punisher out of shield. Can be angled up or down. 6%. Significantly lower ranged than Falco’s, and with less knockback.
  • Strong Up – A pretty fast scorpion kick that covers Fox’s back, though his whole body becomes a hitbox. Consists of three small, barely noticeable hits. 1st and 2nd hits do 3% each with little knockback, and third hit does 4% with moderate knockback, for a total of 10%. Little ending lag. This attack, though nerfed from Melee, is still very useful. It easily chains into itself, which is good for damage racking, and can even lead into his Up Smash or Grab. At higher percents, it sets up well for his aerials. This move is the pinnacle of most of Fox’s combos. Unfortunately, with Fox’s nerf, the move’s killing power was reduced, and is very easy to DI out of a KO.
  • Strong Down – Low tail whip. The attack does more damage the closer the opponent is to Fox, with a maximum of 9% and a minimum of 7%. Hitting with the tip of the tail sends the opponent upward. Not one of Fox’s more useful attacks, due to slower start up and end lag than either of his other tilts.
  • Side Smash – Butterfly kick on the ground. As with his other iterations with this move, moderate knockback. Best used near the edge, this move kills regularly above 130%, though lower scaling makes it weak at greater distances. At 30-60% damage, provided there is enough stage to work with, the low angle is just strong enough to cause reeling knockback, often making the opponent have to either bounce or tech off the stage, which Fox can chase down and respond to.
  • Down Smash – Split kick. Hits on both sides. A Down Smash with above average, low angle knockback and with decent range, which is better than Falco’s, but slightly slower in both starting and ending. 14%-19%.
  • Up Smash – A backflip kick. Very high knockback scaling. The attack is drastically weaker when the opponent is behind Fox. KOs most characters at about 100% with strong vertical knockback and slight horizontal knockback. It’s the strongest Up Smash out of all 3 Star Fox characters, similar to how Wolf has the strongest Down Smash of the three, and Falco has the strongest Forward Smash. It is considered Fox’s best finisher, as it has fast start-up, pretty good shield stun, and it is by far his strongest and best ranged attack, although its end lag is not as generous, and it leaves Fox wide open if sidestepped or jumped over, especially against other fast fallers. 17%-30%.
  • Ledge attack – Pulls himself up into a sliding kick. This has a somewhat similar animation to his Forward Smash from Super Smash Bros. 8% damage.
  • 100% Ledge attack – Gets up slowly, then does an axe kick while whipping his tail. 8% damage.
  • Trip attack – Gets up and kicks on both sides with low range. 6% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Flying kick. Is a sex kick. Fast start up and long hitbox duration but low knockback, mediocre range and abysmal shield stun make it almost guaranteed to be punished on shields, especially due to Fox’s jumping mechanics and high falling acceleration, since he has little maneuverability to create space after using it. Maximum of 9%.
  • Forward Aerial – Quintuple kick. Increases jump height and reduces falling speed while in effect, making it useful with recovery. Decent hitstun, medium vertical knockback and low aerial end lag, has juggle starting potential, and at higher percents can set up his Up Air, but is very awkward on grounded opponents, due to its hover effects and high landing lag. Also difficult to use on small characters. Can deal up to 23%.
  • Back Aerial – A slow though quite powerful back kick, with a low knockback angle. Dangerous near edges, though its slow speed and short duration can make it difficult to land. 15%.
  • Up Aerial – An upward tail whip with a follow-up kick. Hitting with the tail causes 5%, while the kick causes 11%. His best aerial for KOing. Can set up for juggles at mid percents, though this is situational, due to being awkward to use while falling.
  • Down Aerial – “Drill Kick”. Does more damage the closer the opponent is to Fox and can deal up to 21%. It is technically a Meteor Smash, but is hardly noticeable at lower percents due to its very weak power. Often the move of choice when Fox needs to approach, its surprisingly high priority, multiple hitboxes, low landing lag and decent shield damage sets it apart from his other attacks. Goes well into his grab or up tilt, but is not impossible to shield grab and several disjointed attacks (like Marth and Bowser’s Up Tilt) will hit Fox through it. At higher damages, near 100% and beyond, the attack causes enough flinching to combo an Up Smash, and if one of the hits causes tripping, since it is a Meteor Smash, several other attacks like Down Smash become possible.

Grabs & Throw

  • Grab – Grabs opponent by the neck.
  • Dash grab – Halts with one foot and grabs, somewhat predictable.
  • Pivot grab – Great as he can boost grab, and has a long grab range.
  • Pummel – Knees the opponent. 1% damage each.
  • Forward Throw – Punches the opponent forward. 7% damage.
  • Back Throw – Throws opponent backward and shoots them with his Blaster. Can be avoided using DI. Up to 8% damage.
  • Up Throw – Throws opponent up and shoots them with his Blaster. Can be avoided using DI. Up to 8% damage.
  • Down Throw – Slams opponent on the ground and shoots them three times with his blaster. 9% damage. Can be followed up with either a Forward Aerial at low percentages on certain characters, or an Up Aerial on all characters.


  • Up: Fox charges fire in a kneeling position and says “Here I come!”. This taunt mimics the Up Special, Fire Fox, except he does not launch off into the air.
  • Down: Like in Melee, Fox backs up, bends down a bit, and says “Come on!”, although it seems faster.
  • Right Side: Fox throws his blaster around himself, watches it flip, and catches it.

Stage Entrance

  • Enters the stage on a Arwing and lands. The Arwing seemingly takes off without Fox.

My Thoughts

I admit not knowing much about Smash meta game or the ins and outs of Character gameplay but I would like to see Fox improve from his SSBB version. He was really nerfed in Brawl so to see him climb the ladder a bit in SSB4 would be a welcomed change. Other that that, I wanted to focus on making Fox a fast yet somewhat powerful character.