Earlier in my blog, I introduced Perks. Perks are awards one can receive by adding a stat modifying item.

Well, in SSB4, stickers make a return and have changed slightly in the way they are used. While some items will enhance elemental stats, stickers enhances physical stats such as speed.

Additionally, stickers can be used to unlock new content by using them on “My Sticker Album”. My Sticker Album will be in a future update.

Stickers can be collected in a variety of ways. Here is a list of some:

– collect while playing through The Galactic Usurper Story Mode (awarded when defeating enemies, bosses, opening items, or randomly).

– collect in Vs. Mode (falls from the sky, comes from items, or Sandbag).

– collect in a new secret game mode much alike to the “Coin Launcher” but more involved game play and requires some skill to get the items.

– Buy some through the SmashStore, a new feature in SSB4.

Stickers can be placed on a character of your choice and will add perks to the character. They act much like elemental items. You can remove them by scratching them off on the controller pad.

However, the biggest change concerning stickers is using it in any of the game modes which includes Vs., Arcade, Online, and others. Not just the Story Mode as it did in SSBB.

I will be adding a stickers update in the near future…