Story Mode: The Introduction to the Nightmare

When the world is in turmoil, the world needs a savior and the world needs a villain.  Good and evil can never co-exist with one another and thus they continuously fight back and forth like the elements.  They strive for dominance and, while Good may triumph for a day, Evil will be back once again to wreck havoc on the peaceful land.  They see two sides of the same coin and that coin is the world itself.  But, alas, dire needs call for dire alliances and if these two sides choose to ignore one each others strengths and weaknesses, they will be plunged into the darkness of a even greater evil that is at hand.

A burning village.  A burning kingdom.  Fire sweeps across the palace walls and darkens them black.  The beautiful pained glass shatters from the intense heat that roars; spinning around the once mighty castle.  Around it, the kingdom burns with a greedy light.  The denizens run screaming, pleading for help, and fleeing for their lives.  This once beautiful kingdom, full of Toads, flowers, and mushrooms, is only a smoldering cinder and, in the village square, a lone mustached plumber stands; staring at the sky.  Up in the dark red sky, a floating mechanical isle lies floating; surveying the destruction.  The plumber clenches his fists in anger and bounds off towards the floating mechanical isle.

Mario, the savior of Mushroom Kingdom and continuous rescuer of Princess Peach returns to the battlefield.  Enter the Mario Veteran, Mario!

An island floats above the lands; a island of solitude and happiness.  Everyone goes about their day of chores, play, and work.  However, a light breeze turns into a storm.  Before, long a tempest rages around the island with shrieking winds and flying debris.  Just as soon as the storm came, it left leaving nothing and taking everything. The once happy and lively floating island was empty of laughter, voices, and people. .  The wind, once a beautiful melody in the air, is gone and only silence remains.    In the middle of the silence is a young man wearing peculiar clothes: a green tunic, a green hat, and brown boots.  On his back is a sturdy shield and in his hand; a powerful sword to fight off evil.  The young man looks up to the darkening sky where a strange floating mechanical island sits, like a vulture, upon the sky.  The young man calls for his faithful bird, a loftwing, to pursue the mechanical island in the sky.

Link, the Hero of Courage and who carries the Triforce of the same name.  He has re-spawned time and time again.  This Link, the wielder of the Skyward Sword, returns to the battlefield.  Enter the Legend of Zelda Veteran, Link!

A lush, beautiful world full of promise and possibilities. Mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, deserts, villages, cities, hopes, and dreams. That was until the world began to crumble apart. Storm clouds grew and enveloped the mountains and rained down ruin upon the surface. Lighting struck trees and mountain tops; fires broke out and mountains were torn apart at the seams. This once beautiful world was soon posed to collapse.  In the center of the storms a hovering mechanical isle floated high in the sky.  The lightning seemed to emanate and grow from it and create these violent storms.  Amongst the storm stood a solitary creature yet defiant of the storms. This creature frowned at the storms that raked across the lands and off, in a streak of pure lightning, to meet the storms threat.

Pikachu, the Electric Rat Pokemon with a big heart and even big shock value.  Pikachu has guided the hearts of Pokemon trainers for generations.  Pikachu brings it`s electrical prowess to the battlefield.  Enter the Pokemon Veteran, Pikachu!

The clouds seem angry and violent; churning and rumbling.  In the distance, a darkness dwells that gobbles up the light and grows from its nourishment.  The clouds that seemed like home was now a chaos of evil.  It was a evil, swirling vortex that swallowed everything and gave nothing.  Suddenly, the light shine and a beautiful godly form appeared between the light and the dark.  The form cried out for help, to save the heavens from this creature that aimed to swallow everything in the heavens; in the universe up.  She pleaded to those who would listen but, soon, even her light gave way, and she vanished in the shadows.  Yet, even as the shadows swallowed up the light from her, a winged warrior came forth; flying through the clouds in haste.  The winged warrior looked into the pits of chaos and within, he saw a floating mechanical island that seemed to spew out this darkness.  He followed the pleas of help as he dived deep into swirling chaos.

Pit, the champion of Palutena and guardian of Sky Kingdom.  Pit has fought bravely and justly against the evil designs of Medusa.  Pit returns again to the battlefield bringing his holy weapons.  Enter the Kid Icarus Veteran, Pit!

The castle glowed violently red and flashes of lightning seared the sky.  Inaside though, the castle was strangling quiet despite the storm that was hammering against the walls.  Every so often, a quiver would run up the walls but…it was strangling quiet.  Suddenly, the castle began to shake and cracks began to form up and down the walls and floor.  Lava seeped through the cracks and, like a flood, burst through; consuming everything in its path.  Slowly, the castle began to fall into the pools of lava.  But a lone figure could be seen flying from the tumbling rubble.  A large, horned beast in a Koopa Clown Car can be seen flying off a large mechanical isle that lies hovering above the smoking wreckage that was once a castle.

Bowser, the constant thorn at Mario`s side and creator of woes.  He broods his dark designs deep in his lava filled castle.  Bowser brings his evil designs and spikes to the battlefield yet again!  Enter the Mario Veteran, Bowser!

Fire filled the air.  Smoke was everyone and visibility was very low.  A ship creaked back and forth on the slightest ash filled breeze.  A small horned beast paced back and forth on the ships prow; waiting for the guest to arrive.  The ship was made ready once the castle fell and was covertly docked in a far-away mountain side.  A flash of lightning seared the air and the small horned beast looked out.  He could make out the floating mechanical isle every lightning flashed: hovering menacingly and evil.  A cry went out and from the shadows, a clown car appeared, flying through the air with great speed.  The clown car landed on the deck and a great horned reptilian beast jumped out with a crash.  Those who manned the great ship all bowed and the small horned beast took his spot next to his father.

Bowser Jr., the same likeliness of his father, Bowser.  Bowser Jr. is very similar to his father, both in name and attitude.  Bowser Jr. brings his new abilities for the first time.  Enter the Mario Newcomer, Bowser Jr.

The small horned beast nodded to his father and descended from the ship.  As he fell to the land below him, his flesh began to give way.  He became transparent, almost like water.  He donned a transparent plumbers hat, overalls, and a strange pair of sunglasses.  This shadowy figured landed on the ground and pulled out a paintbrush from his pocket which dripped with paint.  The shadowy figure ran off towards the floating mechanical isle in the sky with all speed; leaving a trail of bright orange and red paint.

Shadow mario, the evil alter ego of Bowser Jr. to frame Mario and pin Shadow Mario`s crimes against him.  Shadow Mario is back and ready to bring his shadow abilities to the battlefield.  Enter the Mario Newcomer, Shadow Mario.

The world was dark and night descended fast in the valley.  Some where a animal roared in challenge against the bright rising moon.  A wind blew through the trees and a shadowy figure jumped up on a rock and sniffed the air.  The shadowy figured readied a long staff and shone it up to the sky.  The stars grew brightly as if they seemed to answer back to the shining line from the staff.  Suddenly, an intense wind blew from seemingly no where and lighting seared the sky.  A sudden slash of lighting struck a near by tree and it started to blaze.  The shadowy figure tried to extinguish the flames but, it was hopefully for they were too strong for her powers.  She fled through the forest as fire danced from tree to tree in a wild, frightening ballet.  The shadowy figure stopped and looked up to the sky and in the intense orange glow: the shadowy figure saw a strange mechanical floating island; emblazoned by the fire below.  Laughing and smiling mockingly at the ruin below.

Krystal helped save the Saurians from a evil empire attempting to take over the world.  Since then, she has helped pilot in Star Fox and proved to be a very helpful ally.  Krystal brings her staff abilities to the battlefield!  Enter Star Fox Newcomer, Krystal.

A war torn city is gripped by fear. Gunfire, explosions, cries of help echo throughout the fallen city. The war has all but taken the life from this city that is wreathed in smoke. A figure jumps out of the smoke onto a broken intersection and runs down it when a sudden aircraft looms in front of him. The figure, the world’s savior, ducks out of the way just in time as the aircraft opens fire. But, just then, a surge of plasma appears and rips the aircraft in half. Another purple plasma beam rips through another aircraft which crashes into another interaction. All around the city, plasma beams rips through the already destroyed buildings, houses, and roads. It seemed like the entire sky shooting out the beams. The world’s savior heaves up his Cannon Sword and stares into the sky. A sudden burst of purple rushes past him but he stands unfazed. It stares at a floating mechanical isle with plasma energy glowing all around it. The world’s savior rushes down the intersection, jumps onto a aircraft, and throws out the pilot. The world’s savior then sets his sights to the floating isle and it’s plasma beams.

Saki helped save Japan and the world from a mutant threat, the Ruffians after mankind tried to save their own skin.  Saki used his sword and gun, the Cannon Sword, in destroying the evil menace.  He brings his abilities to the battlefield.  Enter the Sin and Punishment Newcomer, Saki!

The forest was at war. The trees lashed back and forth; ripping from the ground with tremendous force that shook the earth. Trees were torn from the roots and hills and mountains were being torn down. In the middle of this tempest was a lone figure: a scarfed hero who fought against the earthen assault. The scarfed hero used his powers to calm the earth but to no avail. They were in pain; the scarfed hero could feel it. Suddenly, the ground opened up underneath him to give way to a great cavern. The scarfed hero jumped away in time but a tree lashed out at him as he landed. The scarfed hero ran from tree to lashing tree; always keeping the floating mechanical isle in view: the source of all evil or so the scarfed hero thought.

Isaac saved the world twice from evil alongside his friends, various Adepts.  A quiet hero who lets his actions speak for themselves.  Isaac brings his Venus Adept abilities to the new battlefield.  Enter the Golden Sun Newcomer, Isaac.

The sea of grass whispered in the breeze and the clouds gathered overhead among the bright blue sky. Here is peace and peace shall stay. A bird lazily flapped in the wing and gave a peaceful call. Suddenly, the blue sky gives way a rush of darken clouds. The proud sun marred by black ink splashed across a canvas that is the sky. The ground begins to shake as herds of dinosaur-type creatures, giant apes, and birds come crashing through the one peaceful plains. Grass is ripped up and trees are thrown into the air. The great arch that made Gaur Plains famous began to crumble. In the middle of this storm was one young adventurer with a peculiar blade. He dodged between the stampeding monsters that came surging among the plains. He drew his peculiar blade: red with a circular hit and a broad blade and shown it against the gathering darkness. A pillar of smoke rushed towards him and from it came a deathly resemblance of a face. The young adventurer slashes at it and it vanished in a flash of light. However, more of them came and more he slashed. Of in the distance, within the darkness he could see it: a mechanical floating isle; hinged upon the airs of the world.

Shulk, wielder of the Monado and holder of a hidden key that will save the world.  What lies in his heart is mysterious, dark, yet strong.  He brings his Monado abilities to the new battlefield.  Enter the Xenoblade Chronicles Newcomer, Shulk.

These warriors and more will gather to fight against each other.  In their blindness, they do not perceive the enemy: a dark evil whose power, cunning, and evilness is unmatched.  They must unite or they will all fall one by one by one.

Even now, how Universes are being swallowed by this evil and soon, this will affect the Universes of Mario, Link, Pit, Pikachu, Saki, Shulk, and others.  Good must unite with Evil to fully destroy the cancer that is being expanded in the Universe.

For now, all the warriors have gathered, drawn by the strange mechanical floating isle.  What is it?  Why is it here?  The questions will be answered soon enough.  It has gathered each and every Universe hero and villain for a final battle and to consume the energy it creates.  The heroes and villains do not understand this and still they fight for the impulse drives them.

A bitter laughter in the dark and the sound of cold, naked steel rings in the darkness.

The doors of the mechanical isle opens and a darkness flows forth.  Legions of dark warriors, shrouded in night comes forth, and the heroes and villains assembled quail at the sudden onslaught of evil.

And from this darkness, a laughter laughs menacingly.  A bitter laugh full of tormented souls.

“And so the Nightmare begins…”