Story Mode: Galactic Usurper Chapter 3

Blaster fire rang through the air and went flying in different directions. Link was blocking the fire with his Sacred Shield while approaching the pilot, Fox. Link then rushes in and swung at Fox. However, Fox blocked the strike with his blaster pistol and kicked the Hero of Time and knocked him down. Link sprang up and poised to attack when a supernatural phenomenon happened. The sky clouded over and everything became dark.

The clouds opened up and Kneekbaks began to pour out and attack the trio.

Location: Plains

Enemies: Kneekbak, Steelid

You first start off with Link and navigate through the plains while defending yourself from the flying Kneekbak and the trap-oriented Steelid. There are three instances where you have to fight a mass of Kneekbaks. However, on the third instance, a darker enemy approaches: a Hyenotron. It arrives after all the Kneekbaks are dead. It is a hard fight but continue to attack him.

After the fight, continue through the level but, instead of Kneelbaks, lower leveled Hyenotrons will attack you.

As you proceed forth, you will run into some castle ruins. A new type of enemy will attack you: Cybiknight. They have shields to block damage and spears to attack from afar.

Location: Castle Ruins

Enemies: Kneebak, Cybiknight, Hynetron, Steelid

When you enter, the floor will give way and you will crash into the dungeons. Fight your way, as Link or Fox, to progress further. Here you will fight all the above mentioned enemies. Work your way further into the dungeon and you will begin hearing roaring and hollering.

Several robbed figures are trying to chain a giant Reptilian beast!

Bowser is back but where is Peach and Donkey Kong?

The robes fall off to reveal the Galactic Usurpers henchmen, Senditoms! Fight through four of these creatures to rescue Bowser and, in doing so, will bring him into your party.

Bowser motions with his hand and nods. Both Link and Fox nods in agreement.

Location: Dungeons

Enemies: Senditom, Kneekbak, Hyenotron, Steelid, Cybiknight

Fight your up through the dungeons. There are 2 instances where you have to fight a hoard of enemies. Work your way through until you arrive at a vast tower stair case. Walk out into the tower and onto the main castle plaza

Up on the high tower. Sits an immense black dragon. It roars and Senditoms begin appearing. As well, Fire and Water Senditoms appear as well.

Location: Plaza

Enemies: Senditom, Fire Senditom, Water Senditom

Fight against the Senditoms. You have to last for 3 minutes against the hoard however, they only attack in groups of 5 or 6 and are easily defeated by most attacks.

Run back into the tower and fight as you go up the tower. You will run into Cybiknights and Senditoms as you go up. As well, parts of the tower are covered in spikes so be careful not to touch these spikes.

The dragon from before will occasionally shake the tower and cause rubble to fall as you travel up. At least twice, it will attack the part of the tower you are through a hole in the wall so be careful not to be burnt by fire.

You will have a chance to heal up before the Dragon with several Maxim Tomatoes. Then, ascend the tower roof to face the Dragon.

Boss: Black Dragon

HP: 100 HP

Element: Fire/ Dark

The Black Dragon will come to crash down on the stage. It has three attack phases. The first phase is when he hovers in the air above the tower. He will breathe blasts of fire at opponents. Each hit can do 14-16% Fire damage. The fireballs are slow but are large so it’s best to avoid these attacks.

It will then land as its second attack phase and begin biting and snapping at opponents. One bite does 18% damage and has ability to KO at high percentages. It’s quick but you know when it will attack when it recoils back and then lunges forward.

It will then fly up and begin flying high above the tower. Occasionally, it will fly by while spouting out a stream of dragon flame. It can do between 10-30% Fire damage from start to finish so it’s best to try to avoid portions of the attack. It will then repeat these attacks.

Boss: King Asnard

HP: 300

Element: Dark/Fire

The Black Dragon roars and from a dark portal, King Ashnard appears laughing. He jumps onto his Black Dragon and prepares to fight.

He attacks using his black dragon and attacks with his might sword, Gurgurant. He will fly over the level while spouting out flames and beating the air with his wings to damage players.

On occasion, he will swoop down to strike players with a quick
blitz attack. Once his health is reduced to 200, he will dismount from his mount and kneel in a stunned appearance. He is best attacked then.

After 15 seconds, he will hop back onto his dragon. Keep attacking him with hard hitting attacks. Once he reaches 100 HP, he will fall back down again and resume attacking with slow but brutal sword strikes. They can shatter shields but it’s best to avoid them at all possible. One of his attacks is a powerful thrust attack that deals 29% Dark Damage and high knockback. His second attack is a powerful sword slash that deals 22% Dark Damage but it takes a while to charge before he releases it. His third main attack is counter attack much like to Ike’s however, it hits with Dark damage. He will also do basic sword strikes that does between 10-12% damage. King Ashnard has Super Armor during the entire fight and won’t flinch when attacked.

After the boss is defeated, Fox, Link, and Bowser proceed to run down from the castle when a large meteorite strikes the castle ruins and it crumbles. A giant hand comes from the heavens, grabs Link and pulls him into the heavens while Bowser and Fox look on; unsure what is happening. Link vanishes in the clouds and, from them, a horde of Senditoms come crashing to the ground.

Fox and Bowser are surrounded and hope looks less and less a reality when, suddenly, a massive palm strikes and squashes them all into the ground.

Enter: Isaac!