The Galactic Usurper Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Enter: Isaac

Isaac appears suddenly via a magical circle and slams the Senditoms into the ground. He then goes to Bowser and Fox and holds out a hand with a smile. Both of them look at it but turn away in anger. They then proceed to walk away.

However, a swarm of Senditoms appear and begin to attack the players.

Stage: Castle Ruins

Characters: Bowser, Fox, Isaac

Enemies: Senditom, Kneekbak, Hyenotron, Steelid, Cybiknight

Goal: To make it to the exit

Senditoms, Kneekbaks, Hyenotrons, Steelids, and Cybiknights will attack the players or chase them should they run away. There are some chances of get trophies and stickers during this stage.

Isaac a violent storm brewing in the distance. He points to the storm and then begin to run torwards the storm. On their away, they see a Nitroskiff. A Nitroskiff is a organic speed cruiser that Senditoms use for fast travel. The trio defeat all the Senditoms and take the Nitroskiff.

Stage: Bad Lands

Characters: Bowser, Fox, Isaac

Enemies: Senditoms, Kneebaks, Vultrinoids, Tremabotics

Varios enemies will chase you down along the Nitroskiff. You will ecnounter Senditoms on other Nitroskiffs that will blast at you will the skiff`s arsenal. Attack with aerial moves or poejctiles to defeat the ship and crash it. Ocassionally, Kneebaks will try to attack you or Vultrinoids, a flying mechanical vulture.

Half way through, one Tremabotic will attack. It resembles a giant mechanical sandworm. It will attempt to crash into the Nitroskiff or even eat it. It will do some charging moves to knock it as well. It can`t be hurt while in the ground so it`s best to attack when it is above the ground.

After defeating the Tremabotic, the Nitroskiff continues torwards the storm. In the distance, they see a large rocky outcrop and pull the Nitroskiff next to it. Up in the sky they spot two figures fighting.

Saki and Ike are battling each other atop a high rocky outcrop. A storm brews over head and threatens to engulf them in it’s tempest.

Saki fires a round of blaster shots and Ike either blocks or dodges them. Ike then spins around and cuts at Saki who dodges out of the way. The two begin to exchange blows and appear to be in a stalemate. Then distance each other and begin to stare one another down.

Just then, the tempest began to whirl together and formed a raging cyclone. It threatened to swallow the two up.

Stage: Raging Tempest

Characters: Ike, Saki

Goal: Reach the ground without falling, getting sucked up by the cyclone, or being KO’d by the foe.

Ike and Saki make it to the ground and prepares to battle when a massive monster appears from the cyclone. It has a tornado like body but robotic arms and legs with boulders attached to them.

Boss: Cyclonis

The first part of the fight involves Cyclonis chasing after Link and Fox. They must outrun the powerful monster as he throws boulders and mini tornadoes. The boulders do moderate damage and knock back. However, they are slow and easy to dodge. The tornadoes though are much faster, deal less damage, but throw opponents high into the air. Players at higher percentages may be KO`d with this move.

The pair are then chased to a cliff and look down a massive cliff. They then turn to face the giant Cyclonis who is blocking their path. Suddenly, the sky opens up and a burning figure can be seen shooting across the sky. The burning figure flies right straight into the giant tornado monster and hits him right in the head. The monster trips and launches over the cliff into the ground far below. From the air comes a pudgy, moustached figure.

Enter: Wario!

Wario bounces on the ground and lays there for several moments. Link and Fox edge closer to Wario to look at what is wrong when suddenly, he jumps up. He starts screaming and holding his head which has a huge bump on it. Wario then sees Link and Fox and jumps up; startled.

The ground starts to suddenly shake and, from the cliff face, emerges Cyclonis. His tornado body is now black and violent; pulsating and twisting every which way. Cyclonis launches itself onto the ground and starts shooting out gusts of wind.

Boss: Cyclonis Part 2

Characters: Saki, Ike, Wario

Cyclonis causes two torandoes to spawn from the right and left of the screens to prevent opponents from running away. he appears in the background. As before, he throws out boulders which do moderate damage and knock back and throws out tornadoes which can throw opponents in the air.

However, he also causes wind to blow from one side or the other. The side tornadoes can KO a player as low as 40% so its best to avoid them and to run against the wind. He repeats this several times.

He will then jump high in the air and come smashing down into the ground with its tornado-like body. It will then spin like a drill. This is its most devastating attack and can do upwards to 55% damage total. However, at the end of the attack, it becomes dizzy and disoriented so attack it then.

After doing this several times, he will perform a Final Smash. Two massive tornados will appear at his hands and he will throw them into the ground. A massive cyclone will erupt and can cause between 50-80% wind damage. Repeating this process several times will cause the foe to collapse on the ground.

After the fight, the Nitroskiff pulls up with Fox, Bowser, and Isaac. Saki, Ike, and Wario, startled, gets into a fighting stance and prepares to fight. However, before a fight can begin; a sudden purple vortex appears and a figure steps out of it. A dark anf firghtening figure…

Enter: Nightmare

Isaac, Bowser, Fox, Saki, Ike, and wario all get into a fighting stance but Nightmare, laughing hysterically, holds alof Soul Edge. The demonic sword starts collecting a purple, siwrling dark energy into it`s eye. As the energy is collected, it directs itself into Cyclonis.

Nightmare holds out his monster-like arm and begins to laugh menacingly. From the remains of Cyclonis, a purple energy begins to pour forth. The group look on horrified as the monster, Cyclonis, gets up while surges of dark energy swarms its body.

Nightmare slams his sword into the ground and the purple vortex appears. He steps inside the swirling vortex but not without looking back at the group.

Boss: Nightmare Cyclonis

Characters: Isaac, Bowser, Fox, Ike, Saki, Wario

Nightmare Cyclonis is very powerful and utilizes devastating attacks. He appears to the side and, unlike before, side tornadoes do not appear as before. He first throws out three to five small purple torandoes. They spin very fast and try to suck in the player. If sucked in, it will throw them high into the air. Nightmare Cyclonis will then use a Air Vacuum attack to drain energy and give him health. Therefore, it`s best to avoid these tornadoes.

Cyclonis will then cause a massive cone of purple wind to blast through the stage. It does 45% damage and deals high knock back. Afterward, he will do the smae but summon 3 tornado cones from the sky into the ground. These again do 45% damage.

However, afterward, he tires out from using the tornadoes so start attackin then. Smash attacks and aerial attacks work the best. After this, Cyclonis will regain its energy and perform its most devastating attack Nightmare Vacuum. It is a unavoidable, unblockable attack that does 50% damage based on the amount of health you have when the attack begins. It also does high knock back afterward. Fox is able to reflect this attack though and do damage to Cyclonis so bring out Fox when he prepares this attack.

This repeats four times before he is defeated. Cyclonis turns into a purple tornado and vanishes into the sky.

However, before the group can celebrate, the skies open up and the massive mechanical island appears. from the bottom of the island, six large purple dark energy hands appear and grabs the players. However, Isaac and Saki are the only ones able to escape. The rest are taken into the mechanical island.

The island vanishes like a mist being dissapated by wind. Isaac and Saki look up and then at each other. Unsure of what they should do, they take the abandoned Nitroskiff and move forward.

Elsewhere, inside the mechanical floating island, Bowser, Wario, Ike, and Fox finds themselves in seperated holding cells. The cells have energy barriers to keep them inside. Four Guard Senditoms release the gates and bring the prisoners out. They are lead through a wide, purple-lite hallway and into a mighty chamber.

On the dais is a regal throne with a shadowed figure sitting. Standing in front of the heros are four of thier comrades: Link, Kirby, Peach, and Donkey Kong. They all have a purple, shadowy appearance and a red glow in thier eyes.

A gutteral laugh comes from the shadowy figure and, shortly after, “Fight” comes from its unseen lips.

Kirby, Peach, Link, and Donkey Kong move to strike.