The Galactic Usurper Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Peach, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Link move into attack. A purple glow comes from their eyes and a evil aura spills forth. The other ground, Fox, Ike, Bowser, and Wario looked shocked.

Enemy: Peach
Peach has a lot more power and all of her attacks do Dark damage.

Enemy: Kirby
Kirby has a lot more power, can copy abilities, and all of his attacks do Dark damage.

Enemy: Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong delivers a lot more damage and all of his attacks do Dark damage.

Enemy: Link
Link’s attacks all his Dark damage on it and deliver much more power. He is also faster.

When these four are beat, the shadow on the throne screams and he slams his fist. The door opens and a shadowy figure comes out.

Enter: Dark Samus

Enemy: Dark Samus

This version of Dark Samus is much more powerful and faster than her playable form. She can deal much more damage.

When Dark Samus is defeated, he sends her into a cell and transports her into a shaft. He then slams his hand and screams. From the other side, a girl, covered in snakes walks in.

Boss: Medusa

Medusa has several devastating attacks such as firing projectiles and using poison to damage opponents. She first begins to fire homing and non-homing projectiles from herself. The homing attacks do low to medium damage while the non-homing does medium damage. They always have hit stun on them. Medusa than starts firing lasers that strike the ground and will continue towards the opponents. It is the most strongest at the last few seconds if the attack. Once hit, it will trap the opponent in the laser and do 2% Dark damage. She will then raise her hand and emit a poisonous cloud that comes from the mouth on her hand. When it touches an opponent, it does 5% damage with every hit. It lasts for 8 seconds. She repeats thus several times, alternating between attacks. Occasionally, she will teleport when being hit continuously.

When she is below half in health, she will do her Final Smash and transform into her monstrous form and start attack with claw swipes and charging attacks. These have high damage and knock back. Shortly after transforming, she will detach her head in which it will start floating around the screen. It will attack with fast eye beams. The body will also emit poisonous clouds to hinder opponents.

The problem is that attacking the head or body does insure you damage Medusa. When either the body or head is flashing green, they are able to be attacked. However, when they stop, they are invincible to damage. Thankfully, the body or head will be flashing the entire time. After being defeated, Medusa will collapse and fade into dark, black flames.

After the fight, the shadowy figure will scream. Medusa cones back to life and Peach, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Link awake as well. They become surrounded when a darkness fills the room.

The shine of blades erupt in the darkness and a explosion rocks the room. The darkness fades and standing in the middle of the room is Meta Knight and Chrom, side by side. Peach, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Link’s eyes readjust and return to normal. Off to the side lies a smoking machine that was controlling them.

Meta Knight throws his sword into a button on the far side of the room. A shaft below each group opens up and they fall down. However, in the process, Meta Knight and Chrom are captured by Senditoms.

The group fall into the confines of the mechanical island and must find their way out.

Meanwhile, Mario and Olimar are walking through a forest. Above in the air, Kneekbaks are searching for them. Olimar is using his Pikmin for scouting.

However, suddenly, fire explodes in the air and the Kneekbacks are scattered. A blast of fire sears through the air and burns the enemies. The others are then drenched in a torrent of water and malfunction. Finally, vines appear, capture some of the Kneekbaks, and swing them down.

Olimar and Mario come out of the forest and standing on a grassy knoll is …

Enter: Pokémon Trainer

The trio are just about to be united when, out of the blue, a beast comes and carries the Pokémon Trainer away.

Boss: Landia

Landia is somehow being controlled by a evil force. He is carrying Pokémon Trainer in his claws. However, Charizard appears and grabs Mario and Olimar and chases after his trainer.

If you choose Mario, you must shoot fireballs or attack Landia from Charizards back. As Olimar, you must attack using Pikmin. Every attack cause Landia to slow down but, by not attacking continuously, Landia will begin to speed up.

After Landia reaches 0% health, he will land on a misty mountain top. He will have around 300% health. He will begin the fight with his Final Smash. He will split into four separate dragons and will start to attack the player randomly. Try and not die during this part. Dodging or attack canceling is your best bet.

He will blow fireballs at you so just dodge or block them. They do 20% Fire damage Afterward, he will charge and attempt to capture you. If he does, he will carry you to the top for a OHKO so make you roll dodge or attack before he can. Attacking him will cause Landia to flinch.

He will then spout a stream of fireballs. Dodge or block these to avoid him. After the stream of fireballs, attack. Repeating this pattern will open your path to victory.

Afterward, Landia returned back to normal. He motions for Mario and Olimar to climb onto his back and Pokémon Trainer will follow. They then head to the floating mechanical island.