The Galactic Usurper Chapter 6

Mario, Olimar, and Pokémon Trainer rode on Landia’s back toward the floating mechanical island in the distance. However, before they could reach it – a blazing purple energy ball slams into Landia. Landia swerved off and dropped down in altitude. A second shot streaked overhead. From the island, turrets fired volley after volley. Landia managed to fly overhead but a volley caught Landia in the chest. In the ensuing chaos, Olimar fell off Landia’s back and plummeted into the mechanical island.

Landia spiraled out of control toward the ground. Mario and the Pokémon Trainer braced for impact when, suddenly, Landia stopped in mid air. Mario and the Pokémon Trainer peered around Landia’s unconscious body.

Meanwhile, Olimar finds himself on the mechanical island. He traveled through the interior. However, as he traveled further through the dark, dank corridors, he heard footsteps coming from around the corner. He readied a Pikmin and pressed himself against the wall. The footsteps stopped.

Olimar peered around the corner and found himself face to face with a blonde haired youth.

Enter: Lucas!

Lucas, startled, fell backward and, in his surprise, released a spark of Psipower which rang loud in the dark corridor. A alarm sounded and they began to run blindly. Around them, Senditoms and dark turrets started to attack them.

However, suddenly, they are stopped and a purple dark energy grabbed hold of them. From a dark void, Nightmare appeared. He laughed hideously, letter them up using the dark energy, and brought them close to his face.

A rumbling sound erupted in the darkness and from the ceiling, a crash rang out and the corridor was gull if dust and smoke. Landing on top of Olimar and Lucas was Peach, Link, Wario, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Fox, and Ike. They get up quickly when they see Nightmare but, sadly, Olimar and Lucas was flattened by the group.

Boss: Nightmare

Nightmare is much stronger than his playable form. He possesses incredible strength and power. His attacks hit much harder and he is capable of using his Final Smash more than once during the battle.

The first portion consists if fighting Nightmare in the corridor. You can choose four players to fight with. His HP is at 500. Once he goes down to 300, he will smash the corridor which cause the wall to collapse and opening it to the sky outside. By some evil magic or force, the scraps if metal float in the air next to the island.

The players jump onto the metal as Nightmare attacks them. He is able to take control of the broken panels and bring them closer to him. When that happens, attack him while dodging his attacks. Once he gets to 100%, he will jump back into the corridor and do his Final Melee. After that, he will begin to suck in all the energy around him. Use this opportunity to attack him.

Once he gets down to 50%, the battle will end.

After the fight, Nightmare grabbed all the players with the dark purple energy and flung them back into the corridor opening. He then beganto charge up a powerful energy attack. The group prepared for the worse when suddenly he stopped. They looked behind and saw Mario and Pokémon Trainer on top of a revived Landia.

Floating next to them was a glowing figure with flowing robes, beautiful hair, a magical sword, yet a sad smile. Nightmare grunted and was about to release his power when Landia along with Charizard rushed in, grabbed the players and flew up. As soon as they were clear, the glowing figure released a gigantic magical attack that eclipsed Nightmare and engulfed the side of the island.

From the bright light, the group flew away into the sky with a smoking mechanical island in the distance. In the wreckage, the form of Nightmare appeared. His eyes glowed purple-blue and a dark, intense aura flowed from him.