Super Mario Bros. Trophies 2

Name: Lumas
Debut: Super Mario Galaxy

Lumas are creatures that resemble stars and have the ability to talk and transform into various celestrial objects. They seem to view Rosalina as their momma. Lumas can transform into small planetoids, Sling Stars, Launch Stars, and Power Stars. Bowser trapped them into a black hole but they were reborn by the time of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Name: Lubba
Debut: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Lubba is the wisecracking and portly leader of the Lumas. He aids Mario in created Starship Mario and acts as Mario`s vice-captain. He makes note to inform Mario of going-ons in the ship, new faces or items that have been entered the craft, or even mention about his batteries running low. He has met Rosalina before but not sure when.

Name: Bowser`s Airship
Debut: Super Mario Bros. 3

Bowser`s Airships actually are units that comprise of a much larger fleet. They look like real pirate ships but actually fly through the clouds. Airships are commonly crewd by a Koopaling and his/her henchmen as well as Bomb-ombs and Bullet Bills. They are the most strongest and powerful weapon in Bowsers arsenal.

Name: Comet Observatory
Debut: Super Mario Galaxy

The Comet Observatory is a ship that flies through the cosmos. He passes by Mushroom World every one hundred years and the inhabitants celebrate the Star Festival as it passes by. However, in Super Mario galaxy, Bowser attacked it and stole its stars. It is piloted by Mario and Rosalina and acts as the home base for Mario.

Name: Starshrooms

Debut: Super Mario Galaxy

Starshrooms are starships that resemble mushrooms and were created by the Luma and the Toad Brigade. They exist to help Mario in his travels as well as a mode of transportation. They come in different colors but the Red Starship seems to be the most important since it orbits Mushroom world.

Name: Draglet
Debut: Super Mario 3D Land

Draglets are dragon-like enemies that patrol various castles in Super Mario 3D land. They appear like small, bloated dragon heads and bear an uncanny resemblance to Yoshi. They fly around and, upon spotting an intruder, will spit a single fireball at them. They can be easily dodged by the warning sound they make before firing.

Name: Magmaarghs
Debut: Super Mario Galaxy 2

These giant lava behemoths will attempt to swallow mario as he pasees through. They have huge molten mouths that drip with lava and will burn anything it swallows. In fact,t he entire monster is made out of lava. It is most commonly fought in lava themed worlds and planets. There are also various sub-species of this monster.

Name: Boom Boom and Pom Pom
Debut: Super Mario Bros. 3

Boom Boom was a sub-boss before Mario encountered a koopaling in Super Mario Bros. 3. For unknown reasons, he was absent from a tive duty until 23 years later. He attacks with giant massive hands. Pom Pom is a new Koopa enemy that attacks with a boomerang with a ribbon attached to it. They attempt to invade Mushroom Kingdom with Bowser.

Name: Koopalings
Debut: Super Mario Bros. 3

The Koopalings are as follows: Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, and Ludwig von Koopa. They fight alongside their father Bowser and sibling Bowser. Jr. They often defend airships and castles from Mario but, more than not, often are defeated. They attack using magical scepters.


Trophies: Super Mario Bros. series

Here are a few sets of trophies that are available in SSb4! These ones can be found randomly or in the new and improved, Coin Launcher game! These first batch of trophies belong to the Super Mario Bros. universe! In addition, these trophies have never been in the SSB series before!

Name: Professor E. Gadd
Debut: Luigi’s Mansion (2001)

Description: Professor E. Gadd (E is for Elvin) is a strange old man who is the founder and owner of Gadd Science Inc, and the inventor of the PolterGust 3000 and the F.L.U.D.D. He has helped the Mario Bros. when they were in trouble by providing them helpful inventions to solve their problems. He has had a working relationship with the brothers since his youth when they traveled in time. His most notable invention is the PolterGust 3000 which he gave to Luigi to save his brother Mario from a haunted mansion.

Name: Baby Daisy
Debut: Mario Kart Wii (2008)

Description: Baby Daisy is Baby Peach’s best friend and playmate. She appears bashful but she has proven both a terrible toddler for opponents in Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Sluggers. Despite her age, she wears a crown as big as her head but she still wears in with grace. Rumor has it she has good chemestry with Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, and the Baby Mario Bros, especially Luigi.

Name: Baby Donkey Kong
Debut: Yoshi’s Island DS (2006)

Description: A miniature yet still powerful version of the big ape himself. He helped find Star Children with Yoshi and fight Baby Bowser in Yoshi’s Island DS. Baby Donkey Kong is able to climb vines, break through fragile walls, create explosive eggs with Yoshi, and pound the ground with his immense strength. However, it is also very heavy and a pain to carry for anyone unfortunate enough to have to carry him.

Name: Cosmic Mario
Debut: Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Description: Cosmic Mario is a mysterious quasi-being who has the shape and form of Mario but consist of tiny stars and galaxies inside his body. More over, it is fast and enjoys challenging others to races whenever a Cosmic Comet is in a galaxy. It is unknown if it’s power is tied to this comet but it only appears when one is present. It will almost always challenge the person to a race with obstacles and many other types of hazards. If the person wins, they receive a Power Star for their troubles.

Name: Pokey
Debut: Super Mario Bros. 2

Description: Pokey is a Super Mario Bros. enemy that shuffles across the desert in search of enemies. It has tiny spines that can sting enemies but, because of its lack of feet, it is fairly slow. It can only be defeated in the person knocks out each segment one by one. They have appeared as many different types of color from green then to yellow and red.

Name: Ice Flower
Debut: Mario & Luigi: Partner’s in Time (2006)

Description: The Ice Flower is the opposite of the Fire Flower in that is grants the holder Ice wielding abilities. The abilities differ per game but in Super Mario Galaxy, it allows Mario or Luigi to freeze water or lava to walk across. In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, it allows the character to shoot out ice-type balls that are similar to Fire Flower’s Fireballs ans can freeze opponents in their tracks.

Name: Jack O’ Gooma
Debut: Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Description: This type of Goomba apparently wears a pumpkin fashioned like a bizarre Jack O’ Lantern on its head. It can be found mostly in haunted galaxies such as Ghostly Galaxy. It can spit out tiny blue flames that can burn unsuspecting victims. It is revealed though by Spin on top of them removes the pumpkin like helmet and reveals a regular, every day Goomba inside. What a let down!

Name: Cataquack
Debut: Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

Description: A easily angered duck creature that comes in a blue and red variety. The blue variety is passive and won’t attack unless provoked but the red variety will attack a stranger on sight and will hurl the stranger high into the air. Some say blue cataquacks are slowly disappearing while the red kind are taking over.

Name: Rock Mushroom
Debut: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Description: When Mario grabs a Rock Mushroom, he transforms into a hard rockin’ ball of rock that can bowl over and flatten anything in it’s path. However, if Rock Mario touches a certain type of crystal or an enemy, he reverts into his normal Mario form.  Mario can run over big red crystals while in this form, yielding up items and coins.

Name: Mandibug
Debut: Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Description: Mandibugs are a race of insects who have plagued the Honeyhive Galaxy and threatened the Bees home planet. They have strong bodies and mandibles that can crush foes. They are led by the Bugaboom, the boss of the Manibugs who have taken over the Bee’s towers and causing trouble with the Bees.  They chase after enemies and then crush them with their mandibles.

Debut: Super Mario Galaxy

Description: Rosalina is the adoptive mother of Lummas and leader of the Comet Observatory. She was passing by the Mushroom Kingdom Galaxy when Bowser stole the Comet Observatory’s stars for himself. She joined forces with Mario and set off into the galaxy to retrieve her stars from Bowser.  She has many different types of cosmic powers at her disposal.

Fire Snake
Debut: Super Mario Bros. 3

Description: Fire Snakes are enemies that appear in Lava- themed stages. They bounce around the ground and try to run into strangers. Their entire body is covered in fire. The can only be defeated by shells or Ice Flower powers.  However, they were burn the foe if they are hit with a physical attack or the foe’s body.  They’ve appeared in many of the Super Mario Bros. games since Super Mario Bros. 3.