Stage: Yoshi Touch and Go

Name: Yoshi Touch and Go

Universe: Yoshi

Debut: Yoshi Touch and Go (2005)

Size: Large

Obstacle Level: 4 (out of 5)

Type: Moving

Availability: Starter

Yoshi Touch and Go makes it’s appearance in Super Smash Bro. 4! The level is based off from the first stage in the game (the trailer). In Yoshi Touch and Go, players had to use the stylus to make clouds, point to where Yoshi can throw eggs, eat enemies, fly, and jump. I wanted to retain that same feeling and gameplay of Touch and Go into this stage!


Yoshi Touch and Go retains the same pen-and-color style of previous Yoshi games. It has a very cheerful and quaint feeling to it. The stage consists of a side-scrolling moving level where players fight and move along with the state ala Mushroomy Kingdom. The stage itself consists of rolling plains, flowers, gaps in the stage, and coins that float over head. In fact, this stage is the best way to get coins! The background consists of green mountains, and clouds.

When the stage begins, it is early morning and the sun is rising. It is truly beautiful to see a sunrise; especially in Yoshi style! After 2 minutes, it becomes mid-day and the sun is at it’s highest point. There are virtually no shadows in this time of day! The afternoon lasts for two minutes until the sun begins to sink down into mountains and begins setting. The shadows lengthen and it starts becoming dark. A minute later, it becomes night and stars begin to pop out in the sky and the moon comes out. Night can be very eerie but this stage makes night seem pretty and cute! Night lasts for four minutes until it becomes morning again and the sun rises. This stage is a full day cycle!

Hazards and Movements

The first hazard most players will come across is that the stage moves slowly along to the right. Therefore, both left and right sides can be walked off from for a KO. As well, players can be left as the stage scrolls by resulting in another KO. Right after the stage starts off, players run into a group of Shy Guys. Jumping on them or hitting them with an attack will kill them but be careful not to be hit by them. Being hit by a Shy Guy will result in 5-12% damage. Past the Shy Guys, the land will slope up and a pit will open up. Luckily, a stylus will appear and draw clouds for players to walk on. However, staying on these clouds for more than 2 seconds will cause it to slowly sink so be quick!

Once players get past the pit, they will encounter a Brier. These spiky enemies will hurt players if they hit them with a physical attack so use a projectile type attack..or throw one of your opponents into it to kill it. Being hit by the Brier will cause 15-17% damage and does high vertical knock back. There are around 4 to 5 of these. Another pitfall will open up but a line of clouds will be drawn but slightly above the pitfall. Run quickly across. After this, the stage rolls up and down and is populated with Shy Guys, Briers, and two Piranha Plants. Piranha Plants are fairly simple to kill but be careful of it’s teeth. It can cause 15% damage.

The stage will then slope up and a massive pit will open up. Luckily, a mass of clouds are drawn to resemble a staircase. Fortunately, these don’t sink since there are other clouds underneath the top ones and support them. Walk up these clouds and prepare to do battle. However, once the far left of the stage gets close to the clouds, the stylus begins to erase the clouds quickly so take care not to fall behind! At this point, Goonies and Gusty’s appear in the air. Goonies will fly and attempt to run into players. Being hit by a Goonie causes 16% damage with little knock back and, on the plus side, it kills the Goonie. However, it cannot be killed from in front of the bird, only the bottom or top. Another option is to knock or throw a opponent into the white feathered friend. Gusty’s are a bit harder to kill…in fact you can’t kill them unless it’s one of the Final Trios. Your attacks will go right though them! However, if you jump on them, you will gain another jump much like the Spring item. Jumping on a Gusty will cause it to crash downwards but it will slowly climb back into the air. Being hit by a Gusty only does 5% damage.

Suddenly, the stylus will completely erase all the clouds and players will fall to the ground. Fortunately, there isn’t a pit anywhere. The stage continues to move on as players fight along rolling hills. The stylus will then begin drawing walls of clouds which causes players to become stuck. At the top of these walls, a Piranha Plant may spawn so be careful when jumping over these walls. After this, some jungle-like trees will appear with Grinders hanging from the trees. They will attempt to throw coconuts onto players as they past by. Hitting them with a projectile attack or physical attack will kill them. Being hit by a falling coconut does damage depending how long it was falling. Being hit right after the monkey threw the coconut will only do 7% damage with little knock back but being hit from a much longer distance will do 18% damage and moderate knock back.

After you pass by the Grinders, a long pit will appear and the stylus will draw cloud platforms that move back and forth. Time your jumps right by jumping from platform to platform while trying to know the opponent into the chasm below! There are six total platforms. Staying on a platform for 8 seconds will cause it to start sinking. After you hit land, the stage will then begin to loop since when you arrive, it becomes morning.


Title Screen & Menu (Yoshi Touch and Go)

Challenge Mode (Yoshi Touch and Go)

Sky Area (Yoshi Touch and Go)

Flower Garden (Yoshi Touch and Go)

Windblown Wilderness (Yoshi’s Island DS)

Big Boss (Yoshi’s Island DS)

Sea Coast (Yoshi’s Island DS)

Yoshi Falls (Mario Kart Wii)

Dino Dino Jungle (Mario Kart 7)

Yoshi Star Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)


Shy Guy





Piranha Plant

My Thoughts

This was another universe I had making a stage for since the major Yoshi games have already been covered. I thought of doing one based off from Yohsi’s Island DS but I had a hard time keeping it distinct from previous games so I went with Yoshi Touch and Go. I really liked the idea of incorporating the stylus aspect of the game as it moved along in a planned path. Overall, I was happy with how this stage turned out to be!

Chances of being in SSB4

50% – I am totally unsure what Sakurai will do with a Yoshi series stage but, due to it’s uniqueness, I expect it to be similar to Yoshi Touch and Go or Yoshi’s Island DS.


Veteran: Yoshi

Something was wrong. The air smelled weird; like a strange burning smell. A great smoke billowed out and covered the entire sky. The ground began to shake and a heard of Yoshi can be seen; coming up over the plains. In the front was the green dinosaur himself, Yoshi, the leader of all the Yoshis. The herd is in great distress because of the poisonous smoke but Yoshi didn’t fear it. He broke from the main column and ran towards the great billowing cloud which began to take the form of a mechanical floating island.

Yoshi from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Yoshi

Universe: Yoshi

Debut: Super Mario World (1990)

Element Alignment: Wind

Affinity: Good

Reason for Fighting: To Help

Yoshi is the hero and namesake of the Yoshi series. He has always been a riding companion for Mario; even when he was just a child. However, he has his own abilities such as throwing eggs, swallowing enemies, pounding the ground, and limited flying ability. Yoshi is a fairly fast character but excels mostly in the air. Many of his aerial attacks pack the most punch in the air.

Changes from Brawl to SSB4

Yoshi receives a buff in all his smash attacks with his Up and Down Smash receiving higher knock back. Yoshi’s Egg Roll has 10% Heavy Armor and does not put Yoshi in a helpless state when falling. Yoshi’s Down Aerial can drain shield power and quickly break them. All of Yoshi’s tilts and Dash attack do more knock back. Yoshi’s pummel does 1% more damage. His Egg Lay ability does 2% more damage (10%). Additionally, Yoshi’s first jump is a bit higher than before.

Yoshi’s B Move Set

  • B – Egg Lay
  • Side B – Egg Roll
  • Up B – Egg Throw
  • Down B – Yoshi Bomb

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Yoshi Stampede
  • Final Melee – Super Dragon
  • Final Brawl – Mega Egg


Yoshi Stampede is Yoshi`s new Final Smash. Yoshi whistles into the air and a vast stampede of Yoshi`s sharge into the stage. The attack can hit a foe for 10% damage per hit with relatively low knock-back to allow for juggling of opponents. However, once a opponent reaches past 80% damage, it has a very high knock back. It lasts for 10 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Yoshi whistles and the ground begins to trample. Yoshi waves his arm up and a stampede of Yoshi’s can be seen in the distance.

Super Drago is Yoshi’s new Final Melee. It has the same properties as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Yoshi begins to glow with green energy and then jumps high into the air. Wings sprout out from Yoshi and he wings towards the screen.

Mega Egg is Yoshi`s new Final Brawl. Yoshi starts to stomp his feet on the ground, turns around and hits with his tail, and than yells “Yoshi”. Yoshi summons a huge egg which teeters precariously over the opponent. Yoshi then jumps and knocks the egg over with a kick. The egg crashes and squashes the opponent under it. It does 68% damage overall.

Proposed New Stage: Touch & Go

Proposed New Taunt(s)

  • Right Side – Jumps up and down while waving his hands. During this, he is looking down. it looks like he is trying to fly.

Proposed Palette Swaps

  • Black Yoshi – Black scales, purple back ridges, white underbelly, a dark purple saddel with white lining, and black shoes with white soles.
  • White Yoshi – White scales, light blue back ridges, white light blue underbelly, a blue saddel with dark purple lining, and white shoes with black soles.

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

Strikers Charged Yoshi (from )

  • Attributes: 5% physical attack increase, 8% throw damage increase, 5% attack damage resistance increase, 2% projectile damage increase, 6% speed decrease, 10% jump decrease, and 6% shield decrease.

Yoshi`s Current Move Set (taken from the SmashWiki)

Changes are in BOLD

Ground Moves

  • Neutral Attack- Left kick, then right kick. Deals 9% if both hit. Quick with decent priority makes it a solid “panic” move. The second kick can even interrupt projectile attacks.
  • Dash Attack- Headrush- Running headbutt that causes 9% damage. Quick and powerful, with horizontal knockback useful at the edge, where Yoshi can start edge guarding.
  • Forward Tilt-Tail Flick- Flicks out his tail. Causes 9% damage. Insanely fast. Has incredibly high priority (it can cancel the hammer of King Dedede’s side smash, projectile moves like Snake’s rockets and Samus’s powerballs, bats, most smashes and tilts, virtually all aerial moves, Wolf’s side smash, etc.). Can be used to juggle many characters across the stage at certain percentages.
  • Down Tilt- Shin Whip- Low tail whip. The attack does more damage the closer the opponent is to Yoshi. Hitting with the larger section of Yoshi’s tail causes 10% damage and hitting with the tip causes 5% damage. Has the same priority as Yoshi’s side tilt. It’s forward range is actually greater than Yoshi’s down smash.
  • Up Tilt- Stiff Tail- Tail uppercut. Deals 11% damage. Has the same priority as his side tilt.
  • Forward Smash-Headsmash- Headbutt that causes 16% damage uncharged and 22% damage fully charged. Can form a good combo when following Yoshi’s bair (if Yoshi’s bair tips them). Good horizontal knockback.
  • Down Smash-Happy Yoshi- Double tail whip (hits on both sides). Causes 14% damage uncharged and 19% fully charged. Hitting an opponent behind Yoshi causes 1% less damage. Very quick, but surprisingly low knockback, for a smash attack. Assuming the move is fresh and uncharged, it cannot KO until at least 150%. Mostly used to rack up damage, set up combos or clear some space. Useful against opponents recovering from a ledge.
  • Up Smash-Headswing- Upward headbutt. Deals 16% uncharged and 22% fully charged. The attack can hit behind Yoshi and cause the same amount of damage. Good vertical knockback.
Other attacks
  • Ledge attack- Gets up and whips his tail. Low range. 6% damage.
  • 100% Ledge attack- Slowly gets up and slams his head forward with short range. The third most damaging ledge attack in the game, right behind Ganondorf when sweetspooted on foot, and Lucario at max damage. It does 12% damage.
  • Floor attack- Whips his tail while spinning. 6% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial- Air Kick- Sex kick. Yoshi’s feet grow large while kicking. Causes 12% damage. Can be performed immediately after the ending of Flutter Kick to try and break through shields. Good Knockback if it connects with an opponent as it’s executed. Also has knockback protection for the majority of the kick.
  • Forward Aerial- Air Head- Headbutt with the capability to Meteor Smash with average power. Deals 15-16% damage. Where and when it hits decides where the opponent goes. Has a few super armor frames at the end (when Yoshi is flipping around).
  • Back Aerial- Tail Wags- Quadruple tail whip. Causes a maximum of 14% damage. Low priority.
  • Down Aerial-Flutter Kick- Performs trademark Flutter kick. Most damaging aerial attack. Can potentially Meteor Smash after the last kick. Causes a maximum of 33% damage. Great for wearing down shields, nairs or footstool set-ups.
  • Up Aerial- Tail Flip- Does a flip and hits hard upward with his tail, good range, great knockback and low starting lag too. Yoshi’s best kill move, easy to set up with eggs and double jump. Has a few super armor frames at the end (when Yoshi is flipping around). Top priority.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab – Along Snake, he is the only character in the game able to force jump breaks in the game and also the only character in the game completely unable to ground release a grabbed character.
  • Standing grab – 17 frame grab and not very long range makes it one of the worst standing grabs.
  • Dash grab – Faster start-up than his standing grab but a lot of ending lag. Yoshi tends to slide a considerable amount if he grabs someone during the first few frames of the grab.
  • Pivot grab – Much longer range than his standing grab range and 1 frame faster than his dash grab. It has very little lag for an extended grab, starting and ending, and is considered to be the best Pivot grab in the game.
  • Pummel-Chew- Chews on the opponent. B3% damage. When Grab Release Chain grabbing, it counters move decay (Stale Negation)
  • Forward Throw-Spit- Spits the opponent out. 7% damage.
  • Back Throw-Food Backup- Spits the opponent backward. 7% damage.
  • Up Throw-Upchuck- Spits the opponent upward. 5% damage.
  • Down Throw-Intense Barf- Jumps up and spits the opponent hard into the ground. 4% damage. Has good hitstun, combos well with Up Aerial for a KO.


  • Up: Dances around in a circle and says “Yoshi!”.
  • Left Side: Spins around, chasing his tail, then looks at it.
  • Down: Waves to the screen, saying “Yoshi! Yoshi!” This is an update of the taunt he had in SSB and Melee.

Stage Entrance

  • Hops out of a Yoshi Egg.

My Thoughts

Yoshi has always seemed like a interesting and fun character since Super Smash Bros. I always would try to play as him but I could never quite get the gang of him since, well, he`s hard to play as and really difficult to learn. In addition, he never matches up well with other characters so, he seems like a character that no one uses save for dedicated players who main him. However, I propose a large buff to his attacks, his weight, and possibiliy a change to his double jump to make it les spredictable. maybe to allow Yoshi to change directions in mid-flight. Anyways, I personally, would like to see Yoshi recieve some changes and buffs in SSB4.