32 responses to “Newcomers

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  2. Please send this to Sakurai and Ninento… I CRAVE these 7particular characters being in…. your Movesets and ideas are amazing. PLEASE send it in! That being said, I am hoping for more newcomers in addition to these. SEND THIS

  3. Thanks! I am really enjoying doing this project and I hope people take more notice in since I put a lot of love and care into it. I appreciate the comments 🙂

  4. Sakurai needs to see this! I want EXACTLY these characters in! Well plus more… I’m so glad you do not have crappy Starfy or freaking Toad or someone on here. Send this to Sakurai and Nintendo. I beg of you!!!

    • Thanks! I am glad you like the roster thus far! While I don`t mind Toad being in the game, I prefer Bowser Jr. Toad has, well, lost his individuality. Starfy, on the other hand, is just a star and I don`t see him going over to well in a Smash bros. game. I personally don`t like him.

  5. Hey do you think you could add CommanderVideo from the Bit Trip Saga as a character? His franchise is pretty popular.

      • Well, he’s black (the color not the race), skinny, has combining eyes that are white and look like a rectangle. He runs really fast, but not as fast as Sonic. He can spring in the air, kick, slide, shoot lasers, and his most famous game is Bit Trip Runner, where he runs with a rainbow behind him. His games are on WiiWare for free demo.

  6. I look at this and I’m like “All the Assist Trophies are playable now.” I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shadow, Samurai Goroh, and Jill on here. 🙂

    • Sakurai seemed to indicate on Saki’s AT release update that Saki would fit right in with Brawl. That leads me to assume that one of the criteria that Sakurai had for picking AT’s where characters he wanted in the game but either couldn’t or their spots were taken by more important characters.

    • I assume he was thinking of adding Tingle and Waluigi. Sakurai seems to like the tall, evil plumber. However, I don’t think he intended to add characters such as Babara, Resetti, Nintendog, and Helirin. I think some of them he added in because they were originally designed to be playable or they were both popular and fit the AT status (Nintendog, Resetti, Army Tanks, etc)

  7. I really don’t like Waluigi all that much, he’s only been in sports and party games. Even as an assist trophy, he was holding a tennis racket ( hence his first game being Mario Tennis), and all he did was stomp to ground characters. I suppose he could make have a moveset, and his Final Trio could be made up like what they did with most characters (Mario, Luigi,etc.).

  8. What if Fawful made it in? I bet a lot of people would go nuts, that guy is popular. And what do you think the chances of a third party Mega Man are?

  9. What about Popeye? I’ll tell you why, because Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo) bought the Popeye license and Donkey Kong was originally going to be a Popeye game. But they changed them to become new characters: Popeye became Jumpman, Olive Oyl became Pauline and Bluto became Donkey Kong. Popeye is the only non-video game character to get in Due to the importance of Nintendo and such.

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