Level Exclusive Assist Trophies

Name: Tarantula

Universe: Animal Crossing

Debut: Animal Crossing: City Folks

Stage: SmashTown

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Tarantula is a fast, moving arachnid found in the Animal Crossing series. He is initially passive until the player brings out the Bug Catching Net. It will then chase the player down until it can sting them.

Tarantula will not attack players unless a player does an attack. Once a player, even the one who summoned it, does an attack, it will start to chase the player down until it stings them. The tarantulas attack is devastating. It can do around 55% damage and very high knockback. It is almost always a OHKO. However, stepping on it can squash it but that takes some skill.

King Hippo

Universe: Punch-Out!!

Debut: Punch-Out!!

Stage: The Ring

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

King Hippo is one of the more prominent and famous boxers in the Punch-Out!! franchise. He has amazing strength and durability.

King Hippo appears as an exclusive assist trophy. He will lumber onto the stage and deliver a powerful punch attack that will OHKO if it connects. He will then rush forward and deliver a series of shorter punches and jabs that do around 15% each. His final attack is that he slams his fists down for 25% damage and can KO most opponents.

Name: Rundas

Universe: Metroid

Debut: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Stage: Phaaze

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Rundas is a ice-based life form that can utilize ice in his attacks. He is a Bounty Hunter and tasked by the Space Federation to eliminate the viruses found in the Aurora Units.

He emerges onto the battlefield, jumps high into the air, and then lands back down. When he lands, the entire stage erupts in spikes of ice and go in every direction. It can deal between 20-40% Ice damage and deliver above-average knock back. Rundas will then vanish along with his ice.

Name: Heavy Lobster

Universe: Kirby


Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Heavy Lobster is a power mech-type suit that can blobs if paint, can jump high into the air, missiles, and has flamethrowers.

Heavy Lobster appears and will begin walking around the stage while using it’s flame throwers. The flame throwers do around 15% Fire damage. It will then begin jumping around the stage trying to squash opponents. It does 20% damage if it jumps on a player. Lastly, it will release a barrage of missiles that travel across the stage and does 6% Fire damage each hit.

Name: Matthew

Universe: Golden Sun

Debut: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Stage: Sol Sanctum

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Matthew is Isaac and Jenna’s son in Dark Dawn. He is powerful in his Venus element and is an accomplished sword fighter.

Matthew appears and does Earthquake. He causes the entire stage to shake violently and induce tripping and falling during the attacks duration. It does 3% damage during it’s duration and lasts for 10 seconds. The player who summoned him is unaffected.

Name: Pegasus Knight

Universe: Fire Emblem

Debut: Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi

Stage: Castle Crimea

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

The Pegasus Knights are a type of unit that fights upon Pegasus steeds. They are mostly females and wield lances and spears when they attack. They utilize mostly dive bomb and swooping attacks.

Pegasus Knights appear and instantly begin swooping and striking opponents. Ten Pegasus Knights appear and begin striking opponents. They deal more damage in the air than on the ground. Opponents hit in the air receives around 25% damage while those on the ground receives 20% damage. They do two attack sweeps before disappearing.


Assist Trophy: T-Rex, Mike Jones, and Warrior Mech Gauss

Name: T-Rex

Universe: Fossil Fighters

Debut: Fossil Fighters (2008)

Type: Offensive

Rarity: Uncommon

Availability: Starter

The T-Rex is one of the stronger Fire-type vivosaurs you can dig up and revive in the Fossil Fighters game. T-Rex attacks with its fangs and claws and deals Fire based damage. The T-Rex appears in all its glory and starts stomping across the stage while gnashing its teeth and swiping its massive tail back and forth. It does around 10% damage. T-Rex will then turn around and charge forward and bites down hard with its teeth. It does 25% damage if its a full bite and 15% damage if its half a bite. T-Rex then vanishes.

Name: Mike Jones

Universe: StarTropics

Debut: StarTropics (1990)

Type: Offensive

Availability: Starter

Mike Jones appears an a assist trophy. Mike Jones says Batters up! He then rushes forward and starts whacking opponents with his trademark bat. Does 6 to 8 hits, each dealing 5% damage each hit and little knock back. Mike Jones then whistles, winds up, and smashes his bat into the closest opponent. It does very high damage at 50% and very high knock back. He then says All right! and jumps away.

Name: Warrior Mech Gauss

Universe: Chōsōjū Mecha MG

Debut: Chōsōjū Mecha MG (2006)

Type: Offensive

Rarity: Uncommon

Availability: Starter

Warrior Mech Gauss is a robotic Marionation Gear or MG for short. It is piloted by the 13 year old Martin. It has an array of weapons and boasts some of the best specs in all of the Marionation Gears. Warrior Mech Gauss appears on the battlefield and readies his special beam attack which fires from the tip of his sword. He then fires it and it tears along the ground. It functions much like Lucario’s Final Smash in SSBB however, unlike that, it is unable to be controlled. It boasts high knock back damage and does upwards to 60% damage if it hits 100%. Warrior Mech Gauss then jumps up and vanishes.

Returning Assist Tropies


Universe: Devil World

Debut: Devil World

Devil is the main antagonist from the Devil World series. He appears and flies to the top if the screen where he then begins to move the camera with his fingers.

He behaves exactly as in Super Smash Bro. Brawl

Dr. Wright

Universe: SimCity

Debut: SimCity (1992)

Dr. Wright is an obscure character from a smaller franchise: SimCity. He gets his name from SimCity creator, Will Wright. He is a Nintendo character though. He appears and immediately causes several buildings to spring up from the ground and tosses up players high into the air. Very rarely, the skyscrapers become much bigger and causes higher knock back.

Dr. wright behaves exactly how he did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Universe: Excitebike

Debut: Excitebike (1985)

Excitebikes are high-performance bikes that are capable of performing high jumps and incredible boosts of speed.  When they appear, they start racing around the stage while dong speed boosts and incredible jumps.  They can push players around.

Excitebikes behave as they did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Universe: Kuruin

Debut: Kuru Kuru Kururin (2001)

Helirin is a specialially designed air-craft that is piloted by Kururin.  In SSb4, it rotates slowly and allows players to jump on it as use it as an additional platform.

Helirin behaves exactly how it did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Universe: Drill Dozer

Debut: Drill Dozer (2006)

Jill is the daughter of the leader of a righteous band of bandits named the Red Dozers.  She is a capable pilot of the drill dozer.  She appears and begins drilling across the stage while damaging players.  Near the end of her time, a whirlwind affect appears for added damage.

Jill Fozer behaves exactly as how she did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Universe: Metroid

Debut: Metroid (1987)

The Metroid is a parasitic life form that survives by latching itself on to any lifeform and then begins to suck the opponent of energy.  Conventional weapons have to effect on it but freezing them seems to help defeat it.  The Metroid appears and, immedaitely, begins sucking the opponent of energy and health.  It also causes flinching in the opponent.

The Metroid behaves exactly how it did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Mr. Resetti

Universe: Animal Crossing

Debut: Animal Crossing (2001)

Mr. Resetti always appeared when the player would turn off the power while playing Animal Crossing without saving.  This act would always warrant a irate response from the mole.  When Mr. Risetti appears, he begins to lecture the players, mock, and yell at them.  His dialog, while humorous at times, can be down right abusive.  If he is hit enough times, he may even explode.

Mr. Risetti behaves exactly how he did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Name: Tingle

Universe: Legend of Zelda

Debut: Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (2000)

Tingle is a thirty-five year old man who is obsessed with faeries and believes faeries exist.  He is a skilled cartographer and adventurer who is always trying to dig up some type of treasure.  Tingle appears and summons random items such as a plethroa of Hammers and Golden Hammers, healing items, banana peels, Lip’s Stick flower affects, Superspicy Curry status, Watermelon status, or he might just vanish in the air in a puff of balloons.

Tingle behaves exactly as he did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl which the exception of giving out healing items and the Watermelon status.  He also takes on a Skyward Sword appearance.


Level Exclusive Assist Trophies

As before, I mentioned that Super Smash Bros. 4 will level exclusive items. These items only appear in certain stages and have a profound effect on the battle. Well, I am not introducing level exclusive Assist trophies. These assist trophies are stronger than other ones due to belonging in that universe and stage. They can only be summoned once unless a match drags on after 10 minutes, in which it has a 10/100 chance of being re-summoned. Here is the first batch of assist trophies that I will introduce.

Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy

Name: Rosalina

Universe: Super Mario Bros.

Debut: Super Mario Galaxy (2009)

Stage: Starship Mario

Availability: Starter

Rosalina is the cosmic princess and lover of Lumas. She uses her star-wielding powers by blasting the stage with stars. She directs the direction of the shooting stars by her star wand. When she points up stars begin shooting upwards, when she points to left, they start shooting from left to right. She has four directions: up, down, left, and right. This creates a powerful storm of stars. She will stay on the field for 12 seconds. The stars do 2% damage for each hit and the entire attack can do 85 hits during the entire attack resulting in 90% damage; depending on how many hits. The starts can drain shields and causes opponents to flinch.

Fi from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Name: Fi

Universe: Legend of Zelda

Debut: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Stage: Skyloft

Availability: Starter

Fi is the minsfestation of the Master Sword and aids Link in unlocking its potential. Fi seems to have a ominipotent-level of knoweldge and guides Link in his quest. When summoned, Fi begins skating about the stage and, in a instant, the entire stages freezes with crystal. The entire view of the stage is distorted and everyone is frozen in place – even the player who summoned her. As soon as the frozen crystal appeared, it vanishes and everything cracks apart. Everyone besides the summoner is dealt high damage between 55-65% damage and can easily KO.

Bandanna Waddle Dee from Kriby's Return to Dreamland

Name: Bandanna Waddle Dee

Universe: Kirby

Debut: Kirby Duper Star (1996)

Stage: Lor Starcutter

Availability: Starter

Bandanna Waddle Dee appears and begins striking opponents with his spear. Each attack from his spear does 12% damage and high knock back. He then does a rapid strike that does 3% damage each hit can hit 10 times. Lastly, he starts twirling his spear above his head and begins to fly to the top of the screen. He then takes his spear and drops down in a thundering slam on the stage. It does 50% damage overall.

NS Ironbat from Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Name: NS Ironbat

Universe:Sin and Punishment

Debut: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (2009)

Stage: Urban Ruins

Availability: Starter

The NS Ironbat is one of the first bosses encountered in Sin and Punishment: Star Successor and then a later re-occurring difficult enemy. The NS Ironbat is capable of attacking players with bombs, gunfire, and missiles. While the boss version in Sin and Punishment is in-capable of firing missiles, this one can. The NS Ironbat appears behind the stage and starts bombarding it with rocket fire. Each rocket can do 20% Fire damage and high knock back. It will then disappear and then re-appear by flying over the stage and dropping bombs. The bombs do 30% Fire damage and above-average knock back. However, they are slow, predictable, and have a small blast range. It’s last phase it will appear behind the stage again and it will start firing it’s wing guns at opponents. It does 5% damage for each hit. After 5 seconds, will will take off and above the screen.

Xord from Xenoblade Chronicles

Name: Xord

Universe:Xenoblade Chronicles

Debut: Xenoblade Chronicles (2011)

Stage: Gaur Plains

Availability: Starter

Xord is one of the Faced Mechon and ally of the leader, Metal Face. He is a lumbering mechanical beast and has Lightning based moves. He can strike and crush opponents with it’s mighty hammer. He appears on the stage and immediately performs it’s signature attack, Xord Crush. He activates his jet booster and crashes along the length of the stage. This attack is capable of doing 35% Lightning damage and deal high knock back. He then lumbers forward and starts striking with his massive hammer. Each hit does 18% Lightning damage and high knock back. He is a slow but very powerful assist trophy.

Name: Mona

Universe: Wario

Debut: WarioWare, Inc: Micro Megame$!

Stage: Diamond City

Availability: Starter

Mona is one of the employees at Wario’s company WarioWare Inc. Most of her games are considered weird and spastic but maybe that is due to her bubbly and random personality. She has other various odd jobs and positions such as a cheerleader, a adventurer, a delivery girl, and a pro muscician. She appears on her trademark scooter and begins driving back forth on the main platforms. Getting hit by her only does 15% damage and very low knock back. However, she stops looks at her watch and says “I’m late!” and begins rushing about the stage in a panic. She drives much faster and drives fairly recklessly. She does 30% damage and very high knock back. After 6 seconds, she vanishes.

Ballywhoo and Big Top from Mario Party 8

Name: Ballywhoo and Big Top

Universe: Super Mario Bros.

Debut: Super Mario Party 8 (2007)

Stage: The Board

Availability: Starter

Ballywhoo is the host and emcee of the Star Carnival. He overflows with excitement and often loses himself with all the commotion involving the games. When he appears, he flies around the stage while speech bubbles (much like to Mr. Resetti) appear to convey his excitement. He usually comments at things like “Everyone is fighting brilliantly!” and “(Characters Name) fighting spirit is START-TACULAR!” His speech bubbles and antics can distract players and cause visibility problems. He will then fly to the top of the stage and one of five things will fly out of Big Top’s head:

  1. A large amount of coins, rupees, and bells.
  2. A large amount of Starman
  3. A large amount of Cracker Launchers
  4. A large amount of stickers, several trophies, or a CD
  5. A large amount of healing items.

Then bids the match farewell and vanishes.

My Thoughts

As with Stage Exclusive Items, I feel that Assist Trophies help stages stand out from one another; especially since the amount of stages in SSB4 will only increase in amount. I feel this insures that stages will continue to have a sense of uniqueness and individuality in terms of design and playability.

Assist Trophies: Kumatora, Magnus, Micaiah

Here is the next update of Assist Trophies fro SSB4.  These three sets of Assist Trophies are from pre-existing Universes and help represent those universes as an Assist Trophy.

Name: Kumatora

Universe: EarthBound

Debut: Mother 3 (2006)

Availability: Starter

Kumatora appears and immediately uses one of her signature attacks, PK Starstorm.  The attack is much alike to Ness and Lucas’ attacks in Super Smash Bros. Brawl but in a very weaker form.  However, the comets are very fast and whistle past characters.  It has the ability to inflict wide damage and juggle characters in the air.  After 9 or 10 comets pass by, the attack ends.

Magnus from Kind Icarus: Uprising

Name: Magnus

Universe: Kid Icarus

Debut: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Availability: Starter

Magnus appears and slams into the closest opponent with his shoulder.  This attack does 12-15% damage.  He than slams his sword down and then up for a combined attacked of 10% altogether.  He then begins to attack the opponent unmercifully in the air with rapid attacks that does up to 25% damage with a final diagonally slam into the ground that does high vertical knock back and a explosive radius (not unlike the Final Aether) that can damage nearby opponents,  A very KO’able attack.

Micaiah from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Name: Michaiah

Universe: Fire Emblem

Debut: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Availability: Starter

Micaiah appears and casts a glowing white ball of light onto the top of the screen.  It starts to pulsate and rotate.  It finally starts to shoot random rays of light around the stage.  That can bypass platforms and solid objects like PK Starstorm and will destroy breakable objects.  Opponents to are hit by the attacks receieve 20% Light damage and does moderate knock back.  If the rays hit the person who summoned Micaiah, it does heals 10% worth of damage from the player.  The attack lasts for 10 seconds in which, the rays will diminish and Micaiah will disappear.  You can tell when the attack is almost finished when the rays intensity diminishes.

My Thoughts

I felt these characters could be possible candidates as playable characters in SSB4 but, due to several factors, they did not make my roster.  I always thought Kumatora would be interesting as a character.  Since I took them off from being playable, I put them as possible Assist Trophies.

Assist Trophy: Mach Rider, Takamaru, and Chibi Robo

Mach Rider

Universe: Mach Rider

Debut: Mach Rider (1985)

Availability: Starter

Mach Rider is from the Mach Rider series. He comes squealing into SSB4 on his motorcycle. At first, he crashes into opponents with bike by driving around the stage. Each hit does 25% damage and has high knockback. He then pops a wheelie and begins attacking opponents with the spinning tire. It does 3% damage each hit. He finally goes flying across the stage in his motorcycle for a final 25% damage. It can OHKO as low as 40% health.

Name: Takamaru

Universe: Nazo no Murasme-jō

Debut: Nazo no Murasme-jō (1986)

Availability: Starter

Takamaru is from the Shin Onigishima series. He is a powerful samurai warrior with lightning fast attacks. He appears and begins slicing rapidly. Each hit does 12% damage and little knock back unless about 60% damage. He then flips over and vanishes suddenly. Within 5 seconds, he re-appears and strikes the opponent with a cutting slash attack. It does between 30-40% damage and has high knock back. It can OHKO as low as 15%.

Chibi Robo

Universe: Chibi Robo

Debut: Chibi-Robo: Plug into Adventure (2005)

Availability: Starter

Chibi Robo appears in his universe Chibi Robo. Chibi Robo will appear, small and tiny, and start throwing random household items around the stage. Some of which are paper clips, fingernail clippers, ping pong balls, bottle caps, Q-Tips, and other items. Each item does 18% damage and has very high knock back. Chibi Robo lasts for 10 seconds before it vanishes.

My Thoughts

These are all characters that can be considered as viable playable characters in the Super Smash Bros. Series

Assist Trophy: Baby Mario and Luigi, Anthony Higgs, and Ayumi Tachibana

Here are the next set of Assist Trophies! I hope you enjoy them!

Baby Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Kart Double Dash

Name: Baby Mario and Luigi

Universe: Yoshi

Debut: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995)

Availability: Starter

Baby Mario and Luigi enter the scene and immediately transform into Super babies. They begin to jump every where and run into opponents. When they run into an opponent, it does high damage with high vertical and horizontal knock back. Baby Mario always leads with Baby Luigi trailing behind. It does 18% damage with Baby Mario hits and Baby Luigi does 18% damage. Since Baby Luigi drags behind, they usually hit twice instead of once. The assist trophy usually lasts for 12 seconds.

Anthony Higgs from Metroid: Other M.

Name: Anthony Higgs

Universe: Metroid Debut: Metroid: Other M (2010)

Availability: Starter

Anthony Higgs, Samus’ friend and ally in “Metroid: Other M” makes his first appearance in SSB. He jumps into the fray and begins firing gun rounds at opponents. He walks forward,slowly but surely with guns blazing. He then does a dramatic back flip while firing his pistol. He then charges forward and does a impressive shoulder charge for one last hit. The gun round bursts do 5% damage each hit. They hit between 8-10 times. The pistol does 3% damage and hits twice. The shoulder rush then does a final 20% damage. If hit altogether and with each hit connecting, it can do 76% damage but, most likely, it won’t connect every hit. The gun round and pistol shots do little knock back but the shoulder ca Harte has the highest and can KO at mid to high percentages.

Name: Ayumi Tachibana

Universe: Nintendo

Debut: Famicon Tantei Club: Keita Kokeisha (1988)

Availability: Starter

Ayumi Tachibana is a high-school student/detective. After the death if a dear friend, she sets out to find why she died. In SSB, she attempts to discover truths. She investigates who has been cheating/playing dirty while during the match. She searches for: – Edgehogging – Projectile Camping – Excessive taunting – Move Spamming – Kill Stealing – Friendly Fire – Item Stealing – Stalling She then compares amongst the other players. If a player has done thus more than the others, she will accuse them which appears as a giant gavel that crashes onto the opponent. It is almost always a OHKO. But be careful because she may judge you as well! Play nice now!

My Thoughts

These three characters were possible playable characters in my roster. I axed Ayumi due to move set problems, relevancy, and lack of importance overall. I then axed Anthony due to lack of importance in “Other M”, his over-reliance on guns (which Sakurai dislikes), and better Metroid newcomers. My last axe was the Babies which was difficult. I really would like to see them as playable. I axes them due to move set problems, story mode problems, and overall popularity. I still think they’d make great playable characters though.

I hope you enjoyed these three ATs. I enjoyed writing them and hope they make an appearance in some form.