Blog News: Removal of Krystal and Lyn

Hey everyone, I hope everyone has been enjoying the updates!  I have been enjoying putting this project together, doing the research, and find excitement in speculating the new series.

With that aside, I decided to axe two characters that I felt wouldn’t make it into the game, make way for more important characters, and to trim the roster a bit.  I have decided to axe the following charatcers:

Krystal and Lyn.

The decision came very hard and, after some soul searching, I decided it was best to remove them from the roster in order to add characters that I felt were more deserving of a spot.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!


Thank you



The Nightmare Begins….

Today, the light will falter

Tonight, darkness will conquer

Tomorrow, the day will never come

And in the darkness, those weary souls will find rest in the Void.

Eternally Retold.