Assist Trophy: Mach Rider, Takamaru, and Chibi Robo

Mach Rider

Universe: Mach Rider

Debut: Mach Rider (1985)

Availability: Starter

Mach Rider is from the Mach Rider series. He comes squealing into SSB4 on his motorcycle. At first, he crashes into opponents with bike by driving around the stage. Each hit does 25% damage and has high knockback. He then pops a wheelie and begins attacking opponents with the spinning tire. It does 3% damage each hit. He finally goes flying across the stage in his motorcycle for a final 25% damage. It can OHKO as low as 40% health.

Name: Takamaru

Universe: Nazo no Murasme-jō

Debut: Nazo no Murasme-jō (1986)

Availability: Starter

Takamaru is from the Shin Onigishima series. He is a powerful samurai warrior with lightning fast attacks. He appears and begins slicing rapidly. Each hit does 12% damage and little knock back unless about 60% damage. He then flips over and vanishes suddenly. Within 5 seconds, he re-appears and strikes the opponent with a cutting slash attack. It does between 30-40% damage and has high knock back. It can OHKO as low as 15%.

Chibi Robo

Universe: Chibi Robo

Debut: Chibi-Robo: Plug into Adventure (2005)

Availability: Starter

Chibi Robo appears in his universe Chibi Robo. Chibi Robo will appear, small and tiny, and start throwing random household items around the stage. Some of which are paper clips, fingernail clippers, ping pong balls, bottle caps, Q-Tips, and other items. Each item does 18% damage and has very high knock back. Chibi Robo lasts for 10 seconds before it vanishes.

My Thoughts

These are all characters that can be considered as viable playable characters in the Super Smash Bros. Series