Stage: Diddy’s Island

Name: Diddy`s Island

Universe: Diddy Kong

Debut: Diddy Kong`s Racing

Stage Size: Large

Hazard Level: 2 (out of 5)

Availability: Starter

Diddy`s Island is technically Timber`s Island from the Diddy Kong Racing series.  However, it is unknown when or if ownership ever switched hands between the tiger and money.  That being said, the island is known in the Super Smash Bros. universe as Diddy`s Island.  The island is a drivers sanctuary with rolling hills, caverns, and waterways for hoverboats.  located in and around the island are portals that lead to different aeras of the island that plays host to themed-race tracks such as beach, winter wonderlands, or dinosaur parks.  This peace was hsattered when the evil alien Wizpig enslaved this sanctuary, put is denizens into slavery, and set himself as ruler.  Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong set off to fight against Wizpig in the 2nd installent of the game Diddy Kong`s Racing DS.


There are 6 zones that the stage appears in.  The first zone is the Lobby Zone and is the main courtyard in front of Wizpig`s statue.  Frogs jump around, birds fly overhead, and waterfalls splash down into crystal like pools.  The players fight on the ground in front of the statue.  Ocassionally, the racers like Tiptup and Pipsy will appear.  A warning will show and the stage (a piece of racetrack) will elevate and the background will distort and then fade in to the next zone.

The second zone is the Dinosaur Zone.  This represents Dino Domain from the series.  The track itself resembles Ancient Lake the most with elements from Fossil Canyon (a evening sun), Jungle Falls (crumbling ruins and waterfalls), and Hot top Volcano (a volcano in the distance).  Somewhere during the track, Tricky the Triceratops appears and charges the stage.  The stage itself follows a specified track that zips around curves, underneath dinosaurs, through ruins, and around ancient rocks.

The zone vanishes and the next zone Ice Zone will appear.  This represents Snowflake Mountain from the series.  The track itself resembles Frosty Village the most with some elements from Everfrost Peak (a frozen river), Walrus Cove (a ice loop track portion that the stage flies through), and Snowball Valley (giant snowballs that come crashing down in the distance).  During the race, Bluey the Walrus will appear and will run in front of the stage for a little while.  The stage follows a specified track that flies down snowy hills, blasts through quiet village, zips through a icy loop, and barely misses massive snowballs.

The next zone is the Beach Zone.  It represents Sherbert Island from the series.   The track itself resembles Pirate Lagoon mostly with some elements taken from Whale Bay (a partially sunken ship and topical foliage), Crescent Cove (a floating ship and beautiful waterfalls), and Treasure Caves (patches of green goo).  During the race, Bubbler the Octopus can be seen floating in the water.  he will lunge at the stage but miss.  The stage follows a specified track that splashes into the water, goes through waterfalls, zips past sunken and floating ships, and plays in the waves.

The next zone is the Dragon Zone.  It represents Dragon Forest from the series.  The track resembles Greenwood Village with some elements taken from Windmill Plains (massive windmills in the distance and hills of hay), Boulder Canyon (dark sewers with algae), and Haunted Woods (a dark area with ghosts that resemble Wizpig).  During the race, Smokey the Dragon will appear and fly overhead.  He will fly high into the air, circle, and then return back and soars right above the stage.

The last zone is Space Zone.  It represents Future Fun Land from the series.  The track itself resembles Star City with some elements from Spacedust Alley (lasers), Darkmoon Caverns (a loop in the track, craters, and Wizpig`s spaceships), and Spaceport Alpha (a powerful fan).  Oddly, Wizpig himself doesn`t make a appearance but his mug shows up on televised screens has he mockingly laughs at the players.

Going through all the zones and re-looping back to the Lobby Zone takes around 6 minutes and 30 seconds.  Each zone takes one minute and 5 seconds to change the zones.


There aren`t too many hazrads in this stage and it is pretty straight forward.  However, the camera changes and moves to go along with the shifting of the stage.


Title Theme (Diddy Kong Racing)
Ancient Lake (Diddy Kong Racing)
Hot Top Volcano (Diddy Kong Racing)
Greenwood Village (Diddy Kong Racing)
Whale Bay (Diddy Kong Racing)
Center Area (Diddy Kong Racing)
Darkmoon Caverns (Diddy Kong Racing)
Walrus Cove (Diddy Kong Racing DS)
Pirate Lagoon (Diddy Kong Racing DS)
Meandering Mount (Diddy Kong Racing DS)


Taj the Genie
Tricky the Triceratops
Bluey the Walrus
Bubbler the octopus
Smokey the Dragon

My Thoughts

Diddy Kong Racing was popular when it was first released and while a sequel wasn`t released until much later, it still remains a very important game for the Nitendo 64.  This is why I propose for it to become a stage as well as Diddy and Dixie`s home stage.  To me, this stage is solely Diddy`s stage and has no Donkey Kong influence.

Chances of it being in SSB4

?% – This was a idea I had and honestly cannot predict if sakurai will includeDiddy Kong Racing into a SSB ga,e.  However, with the recent Diddy Kong Racing DS game, it has a decent shot at having some representation.