Game Mode: Game Arcade

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, we had the Lottery feature which allowed players to enter so many coins into a machine. My pulling the lever,t he player may or may not receive a brand new trophy or a trophy they may already have.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Lottery was replaced with a more interactive feature called the “Coin Launcher” which allowed players to use coins collected throughout the game to fire at enemies to get stickers and trophies.  It was the first step in an interactive mini game-feel in Super Smash Bros.  In SSB4, I have decided to take it a step further with the new feature: The Game Arcade.

The Game Arcade is modeled off a Japanese Game Arcade in Japan.  It has five modes but only two modes are availabe right at the start.    However, as the player continues playing the game, further additions will unlock.

The main interface appears to be a game arcade and will play a techno/rave song.  It is a lobby area and, moving the control stick to the right or left, will direct the camera to that game machine.  The first available two are visible to the player but the other three locked games are covered with a sheet.

The first game unlocked is:

UFO Catcher Mini Game

Name: UFO Catcher

Availability: Starter

Accepts Only: Coins

Prizes: Trophies

Cost: 3 coin = 1 play, 6 coins = 3 plays

Inside the UFO Catcher are various trophies which randomize every time you access the game.  It only accepts Coins so safe your coins for this machine.  One play costs 3 coins will three plays costs 6 coins.  You only get two moves to get a trophy.  Your first move is to move forward with the player does by moving up on the control stick.  Calculate where the trophy and then hit right in order to move the claw horizontally.  Remember, you get only one try each so be careful!  When you stop, hit A and the claw will descend to grab a trophy.  If you successfully grab a trophy, a siren will sound off and confetti will fall down from the stage.  After receiving the trophy, it will say if it’s new or old and how many of them you have it if is old.  The player can get a better view of the machine by moving the the second analog stick to move the angle of the machine to get a better view.  It does not affect the mini game in anyway.

Occasionally, a Bomb will appear and, if you touch it with the crane, it will explode and resets your try as well as deducts 10 coins.  You may also grab a pouch of coins which may contain between 20, 50, and 100 yellow coins.

Capsule Vending Machine Mini Game

Name: Capsule Vending Machine

Availability: Starter

Accepts Only: Coins

Prizes: Stickers

Cost: 1 and increments of 5

The Capsule Vending Machine is based off those amazing machines where you put in 50 cents, cranked the lever, and a prize like a sticker, sticky hand, or toy ring popped out.  I used to love to collect these as a kid.  This mini game makes an appearance in SSB and works much like the Lottery.  However, instead, you crank the lever and turn it to release the capsule inside.  You can either put in 1 or increments of 5 coins into the machine.  Pytting more money may or may not ensure that you get a new trophy.  After cranking it, a capsule with a sticker inside will be released and appear in the prize slot.  It will either say if it’s new or not and if it’s not new, how many of those stickers you have.

Occasionally, you will receive a bomb which will explode and deduct you 10 coins.  You may also receive a capsule that has coins up to 5, 20, or 100 coins inside them.

Whack-a-Mole Mini Game

Name: Whack-a-Trophy

Availability: Unlocking 150 Trophies

Accepts Only: Rupees

Prizes: Trophies and Stickers

Cost: 5 rupees = 1 minute play, 10 rupees =2 minutes play, 15 rupees = 3 minutes play, 20 rupees = 4 minutes play

The Whak-a-Trophy Mini Game only appears have unlocking 150 trophies.  Upon entering this mini-game, trophies will begin popping up on the controller’s screen.  Pressing your finger and hitting the trophy will cause it to jump out and float to the bottom of the screen.  A big yellow “NEW” will appear if it’s a new trophy.  If you do not hit the trophy hard enough, you may not win it.  However, hitting it again quickly will guarantee you a trophy.  re rarer or newer trophies appear and disappear quickly while older ones that you have are much slower.  Hitting older ones will increase your chances of getting a new one to appear.  Sometimes, hitting a trophy may cause a sticker to float out.

Ocassionally, a bomb will appear.  Hitting that will deduct you 15 rupees.  You may also whack a treasure chest that will cause rupees to pour out.  Up to 100 ruppees can appear at once.

Nintendo Rhythm Mini Game

Name: Nintendo Rhythm Mini Game

Availability: Unlock 200 trophies

Accepts Only: Bells

Prize: Trophies and Stickers

Cost: 8 bells = 1 round, 16 bells = 3 rounds, 24 bells = 4 rounds

The Nintendo Rhythm Mini Game is much like a lot of mini games.  On the controllers screen, several lighted blocks will appear.  The player must press the blocks in time to the music which can be chosen from a list before playing the mini game.  The full list will be revealed in a later update.  When you hit the lighted block, it will turn a darker color.  Hitting the block at the exact beat of the song affects your score and your chances at getting trophies/stickers.  In the mini game, there are degrees of hitting a block.  There are: Perfect, Very Good, Good, Ok, Fair, Bad, Very Bad, Awful.   Hitting a Very Good or Perfect score may award you a Trophy or a Sticker while hitting a Good will give you a sticker.  However, hitting a Awful will deduct 5 bells, a Very Bad will deduct 3 bells, and a bad will deduct one Bell so be careful!  Hitting a Perfect or a Very Good will give you a trophy.  Getting good scores in a row will increase your chances of a new trophy.

Hitting a space that is not lighted or after the lighted space has switched to a new one will result in a deduction of 20 bells.  However, sometimes when you press a lighted square that is an Ok or above a sticker will float out and be given to you.  You can view it afterward along with any new trophies.

Purikura Mini Game

Name: Purikura (Photo Both) Mini Game

Availability: Unlock after 250 trophies.

Accepts Only: Coins, Rupees, and Bells

Prize: None

Costs: 100 Coins, Rupees, and Bells

The Purikura (Photo Booth) is the last feature to unlock and doesn’t actually give any rewards or prizes in the end in the terms of trophies and stickers.  The Purikura feature allows the player to use the built=in camera on the controller to take a picture of him or herself along with any friends.  First, the player chooses a backdrop and theme.

You can choose between a picture for one person, two persons, three persons, four persons, or group of 5 or more.  After choosing how many people will do the picture, you can choose the theme and layout.  Each Universe is prerpresented with several themes that players can choose such as:

A Mario and Luigi Brothers Theme

A Mario and Peach Romance Theme

A Ike, Isaac, Shulk, and Link Hero Theme

A Bowser Jr. and Bowser Children/Father Theme

A Fox and Samus Space Theme

A Nintendogs Theme

After the player chooses the feature, the camera will start and has a 15 second timer.  Get ready and then have your picture taken.  After the picture is taken, the player can go into the Edit feature to add any special affects such as:

Lighter image/Darker Image

Red/Blue/Green/Yellow.Pink/Purple Tint/Gray Scale

Add sparkles, stars, mushrooms, ribbons, fairies, firework explosions, apples and cherries, eggs, flowers, etc.

Cute icons of every character, assist trophy, Poke Ball, Djinn, and Boss that is in the game.

Put on icons from the Universes.

Draw with a Pen tool messages, pictures, or anything else.  You can adjust the size, color, and style of the pen.  It has many of the same functions like real purikura.

You can them store purikura on your WiiU, a SD card, or in your controller.  As well, you can email them or trade them with friends through the WiiU.  By storing them on the controller, you can carry it wherever you go.